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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Nunaden, Jul 30, 2016.

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    Currently doing a lot of research on bioenergetic therapy and grounding therapy. A lot of this is based on things like yoga and dynamic meditation.

    Seems like completely bizarre sh*t, but the more you look up the science behind it. The reason why it works etc, the more it makes sense. I'm really starting to turn into a bit of a hippy lately, i guess. But i'm kinda glad for that.

    -Grounding often takes the form of focusing on the present by tuning into it via all your senses. For example, one technique could involve focusing on a sound you hear right now, a physical sensation (what is the texture of the chair you are sitting on, for example?) and/or something you see. Describe each in as much detail as possible.
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    This seems like the only place I'll ever get to post this one, so... might as well.
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    virgin-killing sweaters? Why's it called that? Does a virgin ejaculate in his pants the instant they see a woman wearing that? Or do virgins die after seeing that?
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    second scene: RED infiltrates the Dove apartment, is held at gunpoint and mistaken for a buddhist.
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    Seems like GTA in Japan.
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