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    sometimes past me really earns my respect.

    · Priest of envy

    -a wooden effigy of a large humanoid with a long, 21-jointed neck. it is fully articulate otherwise, but a rectangular rock slab is fused into its back; from shoulders to pelvis. Its torso looks like it is covered in burnt skin, and in the middle of its front there is a vertical slit from about halfway up its ribcage to halfway between its navel and crotch. This opens to reveal a ritual circle for resurrection drawn on smooth rock, a wooden cutting board, a set of butcher’s tools, woodworker’s tools, an attachment-tool suitable for attaching skin to wood.(screwdriver and screws, staplegun, hammer and nails, ect.), and one for mending skin. What is inside this slit will always be clean when opened, even if it is opened within seconds of getting filled with blood.

    -A priest of envy is always untiring and has amazing strength and manual dexterity, but extremely poor full body dexterity and move-speed. It can see its immediate surroundings perfectly in 360°, but is otherwise blind and deaf unless it takes senses from someone else. It has an excellent sense of smell through its chest-slit, specially tuned for detecting corpses. The inside of its hands and undersides of its feet, unless replaced, are of spongier wood than the rest of this body. These have a sense of touch, but it is not amazing. The rest of it wooden parts do not have a sense of touch. If damaged, it will regenerate as wood for the extremities and burn scars for the torso. A priest of envy that hasn’t consumed anyone has a one in every mental stat, but after it has it will always have mental stats that match the highest any creature it has consumed had.

    -when it comes across a corpse of a creature at least one size-category smaller(as long as it is not in immediate danger), it will lie down on its back, open the slit and lift the corpse onto it, looking down on it with its long neck. It will then expertly remove the creature’s bones and organs and put the rest of it aside. The slit will close, resurrecting and absorbing the creature. When this is done, the priest of envy absorbs all the creature’s mental qualities except-

    - -the priest of envy will never see anything wrong with itself doing priest of envy things, but will not always be ok with others doing them.

    - -the priest of envy will always remember the things its previous personalities liked. When it discards a personality it does not discard those.

    -After absorbing the creature’s soul/personality, it will lift its corpse back onto the slab and take the physical parts it wants. It will then remove those parts from itself and crudely attach the replacements. if it wants extra of something it can take those from anywhere, even if the source didn’t have extras (can take someone’s arms in order to have four arms, even if they didn’t have four arms; but that doesn’t necessarily give it the ability to use them effectively.). A priest of envy will replace its neck part by part, until it has three flesh necks stacked on top of each other.
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    VOTE SOOO-ooo-OOO-oooNN!!!!!! (Not TM)
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    steam have taken insufficient care when translating the text on their money-cards into norwegian, disregarding how the word "game" and the imperative of "play" look and sound precisely the same in this language. interestingly, while game is just play or computer-play, the english play(noun) is always called a look-play or role-play; norwegians will play plays, but will not go to them or act in them.
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