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    There is no Skinner but Skinner. Who is more so a liar than them that denieth that Skinner is the Skinner? That denieth that pigeons are tools? Their names art N. Tesla and J. Woo, and they art the anti-Skinner.
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    One of my favorite posts I've seen. Someone wanted to post a picture but knew it was against the rules, so he cut it into two parts and slightly cropped out one part, before posting it as two images with the following text written between them.

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    skinner FACTS below

    Different forms of having a sun:
    Rolling one-sided disc
    Spinning sphere where part glows
    Tons of small ones
    Islands with fire below, hot metal above​
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    Mickey was chased by an invisible tishu and its evil battle cry he was powerless to defeat it
    and that was the outcome :eek:! If only he had a mech........
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    so i haven't found any new skinner facts yet, but i did find a eugenic argument for the legalization of prostitution.
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    Elaborate please.
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    wrong. that is a prostitution-motivated argument for eugenics.
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    counter argument.
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    Best indie film I've watched so far.
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    hmm, lets add to that.

    but if you want some more action in your indie films...

    and of course... the part of youtube that people shouldn't venture...

    and lastly the part of youtube that is passed out drunk in a seedy bar.

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    :)Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any mental screw-ups caused by watching this media.
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