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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Nunaden, Jul 30, 2016.

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    In some random hotel

    mean while an evil sumo crimminal warlord is dancing :O
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    Dragons are best at spirit, good at body, ok at grace, bad at intelligence. They are scaled, of various size and six-limbed body-plane

    They have natural affinities with magic and people, so they rarely have to strive or pick apart problems and are thus bad at technology. Zen about magic. Good at transformations and certain elements, bad at one element. Personality-dispositions based on elemental affinities?

    Earth: four legs and two arms(front), large in their prime and get larger. Dig, can swim, can’t fly.

    Air: four wing-legs and two arm-legs(back), medium in their prime and get large. Can swim and fly, but dig very poorly.

    Fire: Two legs(back), Two arm-legs(front) and two wings(middle), large in their prime and get larger. Can dig and swim poorly, fly ok.

    Water: six arm-wing-fins(back), large in their prime and get larger. Use their whole body to move fast, need to float, fall or rest on the ground to use their arms? Ok at flight and digging, best at swimming.

    Reptilians are best at intelligence, good at body and grace, bad at spirit. They are scaled humanoids with very mobile joints. They have weak immune-systems, which don’t reject implants?

    Reptilians are the offspring of a female human and a male naga?

    Reptilians are empty infiltrators, using technology. They have an affinity for water, biology and chemistry particularly, and are bad at magic. As infiltrators, they are distrusted and feared; undisguised reptilians will receive cold receptions from societies that recognize them. Anyone can make artificial disguises using chemistry, or treat the skins of others with high biology, but the flexible bodies of reptilians mean they can mimic characters with different body-types and heights to a point.
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    open question: could you learn to enjoy cleaning your lover's compound eyes?

    additionally, Skinner facts below:

    if i indicate Skinner Facts frequently and give them rarely, you will stop expecting Skinner Facts later when i stop than if i gave you Skinner Facts every time.
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    oh god that techno flute....
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    Skinner facts below.

    B.F. Skinner wrote the utopian novel Walden Two, which describes a society organized by behaviorist principles.
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    GZ DemonSlayer873 , you won a random drawing! xD (post 10 of 274 lel)
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    skinner facts below

    B.F. Skinner tried to make bombs smarter by putting trained pigeons in them. The US paid him to do so.
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    If I recall right they were quite accurate in the right conditions, also used them as a search and rescue unit on the bottom of aircraft so they'd locate people/things in the water.
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    lel skinner and his skinner box, almost as horrible as schrödingers cat...
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    Skinner facts below!


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