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Jul 26, 2016

Greetings Reapers!

This Tuesday, November 17th at 11:00 AM PST (UTC -8), Grummz and I will be hosting a Livestream on Twitch AND a Chief Chat. In this demo, for all eligible backers, we will be releasing The Resource Scanning & Mining Demo. You’ll be able to punch the ground and get scan reports, find resources, mine them with your THMPR, and SAVE them to our new player inventory system!

Join us, and bring those Em-8ER questions you've been waiting to ask! There will be raffles and maybe even a surprise or two!

The Chief Chat RAFFLES & PRIZES will be right here in Discord!
Invite Link:

For those who need it- here is the timezone Breakdown below:

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Jul 26, 2016
Hey there fans of Em-8er lore.

Grummz, Em-8ers game director, will be LIVE in the official Em-8er discord to read Chapter 2 of the Gatestriders novel. It is this coming Tuesday, November 10th, at 11 A.M. P.S.T.

Come listen to the exciting next step in this ongoing saga of action and discovery.
We may even have a surprise or two in store.

For those who need it- here is the timezone Breakdown:

***DATE: Tuesday, November 10, 2020***
***TIME: 11:00 AM (PST)***

New York, USA Tue, Nov 10, 2020 at 2:00 pm EST
Minneapolis, USA Tue, Nov 10, 2020 at 1:00 pm CST
Salt Lake City, USA Tue, Nov 10, 2020 at 12:00 noon MST
Uruguay Time, UYT Tue, Nov 10, 2020 at 4:00 pm UYT
London, United Kingdom Tue, Nov 10, 2020 at 7:00 pm GMT
Copenhagen, Denmark Tue, Nov 10, 2020 at 8:00 pm CET
Berlin, Germany Tue, Nov 10, 2020 at 8:00 pm CET
Zürich, Switzerland Tue, Nov 10, 2020 at 8:00 pm CET
Helsinki, Finland Tue, Nov 10, 2020 at 9:00 pm EET
Moscow, Russia Tue, Nov 10, 2020 at 10:00 pm MSK
Dubai, United Arab Emirates Tue, Nov 10, 2020 at 11:00 pm GST
New Delhi, India Wed, Nov 11, 2020 at 12:30 am IST
Beijing, China Wed, Nov 11, 2020 at 3:00 am CST
Tokyo, Japan Wed, Nov 11, 2020 at 4:00 am JST
Perth, Australia Wed, Nov 11, 2020 at 3:00 am AWST
Sydney, Australia Wed, Nov 11, 2020 at 6:00 am AEDT
Auckland, New Zealand Wed, Nov 11, 2020 at 8:00 am NZDT


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Jul 26, 2016
Greetings Reapers,

In the near future we will be offering a male skin for our monthly subscription. We have a group of ideas being considered, so the question is which one should we make? Welp, that's where you fine folks come in!

Select your favorite one, and let's see who wins!


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Feb 21, 2020
Hi! Nethril here, a new writer on the EM-8ER staff.

For this month, we have a new skin, and new lore for you all to enjoy! This month, the lore and images will be related to a brand new character.

Download this free(!!) wallpaper at

This skin is available for your pilot if you become a monthly subscriber at,


Born amongst the ashes of her home world, on the last ship to scan the rubble of their once beloved home, born to a race of orphans. That was the lot in life for Lucretia. Soon after the violent destruction of her home world, she came to understand what it meant to be an orphan after her Reaper parents were killed exploring a potential new home world.

Orphaned, alone and bitter, Lucretia found a surrogate family with the Reapers, the bravest of the brave. Seeking to join their ranks, Lucretia applied herself and learned everything she could about exploring new worlds.
But she was never meant to walk the reaper path. Because of her more… Unsavory tendencies, she was never fully accepted into the ranks of the Reapers. They cast her out a scant year before the discovery of EM-8ER and fell in with a group of bandits who recognized her tendencies as an advantage, not a curse. Finally, she had a home.

Now 32, and a captain of her own ship, the Hawkwing, Lucretia soars through the skies of EM-8ER selling her misbegotten articles to anyone with a credit and a pulse. All in the name of the survival of herself and her people.

“Tell them our price. If they pay it, good enough. If not… Well their meks are made of metal too.”

LORE DROP - Captain Lucretia

Meeting of Minds

Lucretia slammed the door of her of her cabin shut, looked around the narrow corridor and frowned, “You’re supposed to be on the bridge Roz.”

The big man came to attention, shrugged and tapped his finger on the hilt of the sidearm he always carried, “I came to see if you were ready for today, if you needed anything.”

Lucretia eyed him, and stepped up to him, snagging the gun from the holster Roz wore on his hip, and in one fluid motion pressed the barrel to the side of his temple. She did it smooth and quick enough that her second only had time to flinch before the barrel was at his head, “I told you to keep the safety on this weapon. If it goes off at the wrong moment, you’re going to be down a leg.”

She took the gun from his head and put it back in its holster. Roz twitched once, then sighed, “Sorry boss, I was practicing with it last night down at the range and forgot to flip it back.”

She nodded and turned away, “If I see it again, I’ll space you.”

Roz’s face went a shade paler than usual and he jerked his head in a nod, “Okay boss. Sorry again.”

She wouldn’t really space him. Couldn’t really. The Hawkwing couldn’t reach space, though it could get relatively close. The best she could do would be to eject him in the upper atmosphere. Not that it was anymore survivable.

“Are they here?” She asked.

Roz nodded, “Yeah. All of them have been here for an hour. They’re getting a little upset.”

Lucretia nodded, “And their ships?”

“They’re hovering close by, but not too close.” He grinned, “Wouldn’t want anyone to start thinking nasty thoughts, eh?”

That was good. She wanted them off balance and annoyed. They’d be easier to manipulate if they were focused on their boredom or hunger. She’d have a much easier time with her plan.

She strode away from her second, expecting him to follow her. He was a good second, but lacked some instinct that made her wonder if there was someone better on her ship. There wasn’t a lack of people on board. Surely one of them could perform better.

She shook her head; it was a thought for another time. For now, Roz was sufficient to keep the ship in the air. She needed nothing else.

For now.

Roz hurried to catch up with her, “Do you want me to come in with you, boss? I’ve got Acre on the deck and he…”

She cut him off with a swipe of her hand, “No. I want you go to back to your post. I will handle the captains alone. This won’t take long.”

Roz nodded and dashed off to follow instructions. Lucretia watched him go, then walked down the corridor toward the big double doors at the other end. Inside sat the six most powerful sky captains on EM-8ER. The ones with the most influence and power. The ones she absolutely had to convince, or else they were doomed.

She took a deep breath and pushed the doors open, striding through them as if she owned the room and everything in it.

On the other side, she found the six great captains seated around a great round table. All of them were in various states of annoyance. A few of them even looked outright angry.

This suited Lucretia fine. She wanted them to be upset, annoyed, angry. She wanted them thinking about anything but what she might be about to propose. It would prevent them from coming up with arguments against it. Arguments that would achieve nothing but wasted time.

She strode to the last empty seat around the table, ignoring the stares of the seated six. Each one had brought a single crew mate with them. The rules had dictated it be so. Anymore would invite the possibility of ambush, any less would invite the possibility of kidnapping, or worse.

A suspicious, angry, cynical group of bastards she had on her hands. She stood at the remaining chair but didn’t sit down. She gazed around the table, meeting each captain in the eye. Each one of them had bled and sacrificed for his or her ship, for their crew. Each would want to lead this council. The council to decide how to meet this new enemy.

The Tsi-Hu had slagged multiple terraforming zones, killed hundreds, even ripped a nomad ship out of the sky.

Every captain at this table shared two things in common. They were Gatestriders and they were utterly devoted to their ship and crew. Lucretia would use that devotion to take control, to unite. To stand in the face of the coming storm.

Slowly she sat down in the chair, laying her hands flat on the cold metal desk, “Ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to the opening meeting of the Skyreavers. We have much to discuss.”



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Jul 26, 2016
Information from email sent out October 8th, 2020.

Update! Next Demo and Current Tasks.
We had an impromptu Chief Chat last week (don't worry, no raffles were held if you missed it) where we discussed the next demo and what we're working towards.

Our next big goal is to get our database backend up and running and to connect it to some custom Unreal Engine code for saving and retreiving data. What all this means is that players will be able to save their progress as they play through the pre-alpha mockups, just like a real MMO.

What kind of progress, you ask?
The next demo will feature resources! This means resources spawning in the demo map, and players being able to SCAN and MINE those resources. Like the old Firefall Scan-Hammer, Em8ER features a resource scanning "ping" that reaches out from a spike the Omniframe slams into the ground with it's fist and returns the location of nearby resources. Resources will have rarity as well as quality, and spawn completely dynamically. You will be able to call down a THMPR mining Mek-A and have it start retrieving those resources! Your progress will be saved, and you will be able to pull up a report of what resources you have mined and their qualities!

This means we are getting much closer to Kickstarter.
After resources, adding actual enemy activity that fights against you is the one of the final steps to finishing the playable mockup. What you can expect after this is addition of enemy waves, back and forth combat, and the mini-boss encounter with the mini-Kaiju vs THMPR battle.

What happens after the demo is functionally complete?
In addition to the playable mockup, the Kickstarter trailer must be created. This includes scenes of the game not yet completed, but mocked up in Unreal Engine. Scenes such as Kaiju Prime(s) to hunt (HUGE), base-building, and simulated invasion with many, many Tsi-Hu will be featured. We've already been working on assets for this trailer, such as Crodus and our character creator, and this is what we've been working on in addition to the demos. You can also expect a full graphics, "Beauty-Pass" on all assets for the demo which will be unveiled right when the Kickstarter begins.

How's the music coming along? I heard Aero will be a voice in the game?
Michael Bross, the original composer from Firefall, will be composing for Em-8ER. Michael will be spinning his composing skills back up as we near the encounter stage of the demo. He is excited and ready to hop in! Also, voice actress Laura Post (voice of Aero in Firefall) is also ready to lend some lines to the demo. Not only will she be providing an exclusive OP-AI voice pack to eligible backers, but we are also creating a special role for her in the game so you will get to hear a lot more from her!

How much longer will newcomer packs be available?
Newcomer Packs will be on sale until 30 days before the Kickstarter, then they are gone forever. We will give plenty of advance notice of when this is coming, but for now they are still available, and PayPal has been added as an officially supported payment method for packs (but not for subscriptions).

What's happening with the Em-8ER novel and New Skins?
This month's skin is an assault rifle for the medium Omniframe, which you can see (and signup for) via our monthly patron program here! If you sign up now, you will get BOTH the assult skin as well as the new, very special and unique skin by CuteSexyRobutts that will debut on the 15th with a NEW LORE DROP.

Lore Drop!?!
It has been some time since our last Lore Drop, but this new skin was so special we decided to write one up! Nethril is a new team member who is both editing our novel and tabletop rules, as well as contributing to the writing and lore of Em-8ER. He's written a blurb and a short story to go along with the new skin to be revealed on the 15th! The Lore Drop will be availble to everyone, and will be posted to the forums. Also, a new chapter from the novel is ready to be released on the 15th along with this new skin for Montly Patrons. This chapter will add lore behind one of our previous skins, the red-headed engineer, Darla!

Support our development! Lots of stuff in the works!
We need your support. As we near the home stretch for the playable mockup, we are doing more, overdelivering, and getting an absolutely amazing trailer together for Kickstarter! Thanks to your generious support we have upgraded our demo to full on 100 player multiplayer (it was going to be single player only!), launched servers across the world, created a database back-end for persistent gameplay, fully licensed a professional sound engine, created concepts for light, medium and heavy frames (to be revealed soon!), greatly improved our character models (Firefall vs our newly re-textured V2 Geesuit models to be revealed soon!), and much more! This is what we need to stay competitive in today's tough market for Kickstarters, but we are ready thanks to your help!

Become a Newcomer today while you still can!
We have over 25,000 Em-8ER community members, but only a fraction of you are playing the game! We have had many generous patrons who have made these demos possible. If you haven't become a montly patron or newcomer backer, please check out the exclusive rewards that will only be available to pre-KS backers here! They are upgradable at any time, so you can purchase at an entry level and upgrade when you feel like it. These packs will not be available later! If you've wanted to snag a founder's special edition dropship, now is the time! Get immediate access to our server and dev builds today. Monthly patrons can also subscribe here and get access to: - Monthly rare skins - Developer builds (one version older than Newcomer backers) - Draft Tabletop rules for Gatestriders, the Space Opera RPG - Draft chapters of the Em-8ER novel series - Updates to the vision book that describe the upcoming gameplay systems for Em-8ER! - Exclusive access to a private area of the forums

Thanks again and see you in the next demo! We'll be scanning and mining and more, oh my!