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Jul 26, 2016
Greetings Reapers,

Are you all ready for a chief Chat? I certainly hope so! Today we are celebrating something wonderful. The forum has officially reached over 10,000 members! That's right, this community keeps on growing and the love for em-8er just keeps on flowing.

So join us on the official em-8er discord today at 3 PM, pacific standard time. We will be doing some give-aways as well. Don't miss your chance to get some M3 goodies!

See you there – Ronyn

0:00 to 14:30 TEN M3 One Dollar Pack Giveaway
@14:32 What's included in subscription begins

- New Patreon-like subscription goes live MONDAY, MAY 6TH, 2019, USA, PACIFIC TIMEZONE.
- Cost is $7.95 USD per month.
- Subscription will be hosted on; NOT using any 3rd party sites.
- The Subscription will include:
+ The work-in-progress of the tabletop game rules; chapter by chapter.
+ A series of novels; chapter by chapter. They will be in .mobi and .pdf formats.
+ Includes access to prior demo builds one release behind backers to preview changes.
+ Receive a custom skin - a weapon or a frame skin. First one is going to be a weapon skin for the plasma cannon.
+ Access to private forums to give feedback on the book, the tabletop, and the game.
+ Access to the Vision Book, which will be updated over time during development of the game.
+ Does NOT include any items from backer packs - custom skins, copy of the final game, alpha, or beta access.

- Grummz Attended the Archers Rest Society Summit - an annual gathering of sci-fi/military sci-fi and fantasy authors.
- Writers in attendance of note: writers for Gears of War 3, Star Wars books, Karen Travis, Kevin J. Anderson, and Frank Herbert's son.
- The authors discussed how they are revolutionizing publishing by going Indie; they're going direct to Amazon to publish.
- Grummz got a lot of questions from the authors - what about Em-8ER, where is the cross-over there?
- He received a lot of advice from the authors on how to create this.
- Grummz believes there's going to be a revolution in game publishing along the lines of what's happening in book publishing.

@ 19:36 What the community really wants

- Grummz & Team want to create the games the community really wants.
- The theme Grummz hears the most from the community: Please give us as much of the original Firefall as you can; the spiritual successor.
- Working on tuning the Jetpacks & working with the omniframe; and getting some animations worked in with that.
- Talking with Justin Hanson, the original designer of the jetpacks in Firefall; so they are tuned very similar to the ones in Firefall, to get the freedom of movement everyone wants.
- ALL Firefall abilities will be included in Em-8ER; Grummz is porting all of them over, with different names of course.
- Players will be able to mix and match EVERY abilty; rather than being limited to specific ones.
- This means players willl be able to create a LOT of new build types as well as their favorite build types from Firefall.

@22:20 The community wants Firefall.

- Big take away from the summit: Give people what they want. The community wants Firefall.
- Other take aways:
+ People want new themes and some tropes.
+ To attract new fans too: Em-8ER is really going to go after the military sci-fi aspect and exo-suit mecha theme; the invasions, the warfare.
+ Indie is the way to go.
+ We need more frequent drops to our users (re: books).
- More frequent drops from the Em-8ER Dev Team; they may not be as polished as the Art Demo. They could have some test pieces or grey levels.


- Where is the money from Newcomer packs going to?
+ It's going to the fact the Team is late.
+ To multiplayer.
+ The additional runway and time allows us to keep the lights on and things running.
+ The multiplayer demo is up and running.
+ Fillmore is working on the multiplayer demo. John Galt provided some matchmaking code for that on scene, which provided a template for what we used.
- The Em-8ER Dev Team is working on "things" Grummz couldn't talk about yet.

@25:40 Animation is the final bottleneck

- With most of the art done, animation is the final bottleneck. So we're going to be using our MoCap suit the community funded.
- We're going to be adding some additional animations for some of the creatures.
- You're going to see more frequent builds from us.
- Grummz would like the flexibility to do things like bring other authors in to do an anthology of short stories.
- A lot of possibilties for the IP of Crixa and Em-8ER before and after the KS.
+ Grummz does not want to go as crazy as Earth Defense Force (EDF).
+ Some of the community has said they want EDF.

@27:40 Wants to show additional things in the Playable Demo.

- Grummz wants to raise enough money (via subs) to show addtional things in the Playable Demo.
+ Show this is an actual military that is fighting against giant kaiju; and ridiculous types of giant kaiju.
+ Show that players are fighting back not only with exo-suits but, also with tanks, aircraft, and giant mechs available during invasions (dependent on category/size of invasion).
^ Functions as a resource sink similar to capital ships in EVE. Must be player-made.

@30:36 FIVE M3 One Dollar Pack Giveaway

@34:24 Twitch Controls of a Giant Mech

- If there is enough to do all this, then Grummz wants to do the Twitch Controls of a giant mech.
+ Players get to control different body parts of a giant mech; see if they can work together.

@35:33 Art Style

- THMPR and Omniframe are an anime style.
- Grummz knows the some of the community likes miltary, front mission, and Mechwarrior type stuff.
- Players will be able to choose between realistic and stylistic appearance for their mechs.
- Borrow the idea from Firefall to have different corporations which will have different looks for their mechs.

@36:38 Male & Female Human Characters

- There will be some tweaks to the human male & female characters.
- Grummz is not sure if this will be done before or after the Playable Demo but, definitely post Kickstarter (depends on how well packs & subs do).
- Going with more stylized and less photo realistic look (NOT full on anime).
- Ability to change pilots into potential waifu/husbando candidates for weebs (like Grummz).
+ Will be Rule 34 friendly.
- More wifu pics, possibly 3d printer files for it to be sold.

@43:16 Here is what Grummz would like to do ...

- Grummz would like to:
+ Show the stylized human male/female characters.
+ Show the anime vs. military versions of the Omniframes.
+ Show the tanks and the air vehicle.
+ Show the giant mecha.
+ Show a base being destroyed by a kaiju, in a big effing battle between the mecha and the giant mech.

- These items will be done at least post KS but, Grummz would like to do it before hand but it all really depends on the community.
- The Em-8ER Dev Team has the art for the original scope ready to go.
- The Dev Team is working on terrain, jetpacks, and they're working with the original ff designer on those jetpacks.
- Grummz has NO ETA on KS. Let's see how we do on subs and packs.
- Then Grummz will have to make a decision whether or not to do the KS without the additional goodies he wants to get in there.
- Not sensing a lot of excitement about the character design so far. So pushing it to a more stylized realm.
- Grummz was going to save it for another game but, why not do it now?
- Grummz is not sure he's going full on cartoon like Firefall. He isn't sure yet; needs to explore the visual style.
- Is thinking possibly something like Overwatch?

- There is going to be a retcon in the lore because of additional characters; that will make its way into the game.
- tank armor plating OR swoopy curves like anime ... in terms of mech skins.
- The look of the game is NOT changing.
- The stylistic differences of the human male/female characters FACES, HAIR, and variable OUTFITS are changing to give more VARIETY.

images of the stylized human female character below

@51:41 Genre here is Firefall

- You gotta satisfy the tropes of your genre and the genre here is Firefall.
- Grummz & Team are bringing the weapons & abilties from Firefall, plus they're bringing in a TON more.
- You can mix and match them on your Omniframe; unlike Firefall where you were stuck with the abilities that are on the frame.
- You can mix your crater with a healing beam, for example.
- No plan to support VR right now.
- No PvP plans right now. Em-8ER's concentration is PvE.

@54:54 FIVE M3 One Dollar Pack Giveaway

- Cat ears are absolutely going to be in the game, at some point.
- Question: Possibility of FF battleframe style geesuits? Maybe? It has Grummz thinking.
- Grummz has often liked the idea of stylistic characters in a photorealistic world. It stands out in a pleasing way.
- Grappling hooks when? The Tsi-Hu have that. Players should, with sufficient research, be able to unlock that item.
- Wifus/Husbandos possibly a 3D printable and/or a downloadable purchase.
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Jul 26, 2016
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Jul 26, 2016

As most of us know, Mark Kern (AKA Grummz) has many years of game development experience. He has worked on hugely successful titles such as World Of Warcraft, Starcraft, and Diablo. Let's also not forget about the spiritual inspiration for Em-8er, the late great Firefall.

Mark has recently begun a series of videos where he breaks down some key information on the game industry. These videos could be extremely useful for people with anyone from a passing curiosity in game development to those who are passionate about breaking into it.

So if you fall somewhere in there, sit on down and open up your mind.

If you have thoughts, questions of feedback, post them below!