Omniframe build types: Post your ideas here!


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Jul 27, 2016
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I mean, there would obviously be limits in place to balance it, which could also hold to prevent griefers from just randomly leeching all your health.
Alternatively, could have it so it only leeches from enemies, or have it's most powerful ability cause a target's health to match the health percentage of the highest-health friendly target nearby.

tbh, I thought that up fairly quickly and didn't spend too much time thinking of how people could abuse it
Its good thoughts, some can be overlooked and remind us of issues, even ways to prevent them occurring.


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Jun 25, 2017
1) Heavy with shield and Melee big as weapon
2) defensive power allocation
3) not sure how reactor affects frame so heavy one should do
4) Teleport shot (exactly how it worked in firefall but lower cooldown)
Absorb bomb
5) No shoulder mount weapon, instead module called Retribution Engine (Right clicking raises shield, attacks from front reduced by high amount, sides and behind by less. All damage taken when shield is up charges a meter visible on HUD.
Next action (ability, shooting gun, swinging a melee weapon, raising shield, jumping) performed while bar is full is empowered.
Next ability used: 50% increased damage, aoe, duration, effect but also cooldown.
Melee swing: releases a slow projectile in straight line that pierces enemies and returns to you, will also harm you so raise shield to gain some charge back!
Railgun shot: Damage on shot increased by 50% but the blowback from weapon knocks you back a fair distance (railjumps yes)
Jumping: massively increased jump height, damages enemies if you land on them.
6) Primary weapon: Gravity Hammer Secondary Weapon: Railgun (just like in quake 3)
7) Name, thats a tough one but i think Paladin would fit it pretty good.

How it feels like:
You are slow. But you have burst mobility from teleport shot.

Gravity hammer is used to dispatch everything that is smaller than you by mere swing, and for bugs that cant be stomped a simple and elegant overhead swing should even them with ground.

Playstyle revolves around happily killing stuff with wide arc swings of hammer in non threatening situations, and shooting down ranged enemies with railgun if you cant reach them on foot, but thats not your niche.
Threatening situations require active use of shield and charging up shoulder module that unlocks additional effects on attacks.

Advanced gameplay includes constant comboing of empowered abilities whilr dishing out damage and zipping around the battlefield.

Im going to flesh out ideas later so take it with grain of salt
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Dec 15, 2016
Necromancer (medium, medium reactor)
Uranion (heavy, heavy reactor)

Default: attack power

Zombiosis (target ability) - Target enemy corpse to fight for you as a reanimated zombie. Lasts for 5 minutes. Limit: 4

Choose one specialization:
*Pathogenic Zombiosis - Zombiosis now becomes a lingering AOE Ability. Any enemy crossing the affected area will be afflicted with Zombie Infection. Upon death, Infected enemies rise up again as a reanimated zombie.
*Disperser Zombiosis (passive) - Your omniframe releases Zombiotic gas around you at every 4 seconds within 10 meters.
*Zombiosis Injector (passive) - Your primary weapon has 10% chance for each shot to cause Zombie Infection against the enemy.

Mutagenic Shot (active ability) - Loads mutator ammunition on your primary weapon. Afflicted has decreased speed, and become Weakened. Weakened enemies cannot change to their beast form as well as cannot regenerate health.

Choose one specialization:
*Toxic Mutation - Upon death with Weakened debuff, afflicted explodes releasing infectious gas that Weakens enemies.
*Mutated Titan (synergy ability) - Kaiju up to Category 1 who are affected with Zombie Infection upon death becomes Mutated Titan. Lasts for 5 minutes. Limit: 3
*Corrosive Mutation - Affected enemies will have their armor Degraded and suffers more from kinetic damage. Stacks up to 10. If there are 10 stacks, target has Corroded Armor which causes all kinetic damage from any source a guaranteed critical hit.
*DNA Ripper - Replaces Weakened debuff with Mutated Vulnerability. Enemies who change to their beast form will take damage more from all sources. Explosive damage has 10% chance of critical hit to those affected with Mutated Vulnerability.
Desolate (toggle ability) - Uranion anchors on the ground and releases a high dose of radiation around the frame. Radiation damage increases the longer Desolate stays active. Reaches a maximum stack of 7.

Choose one specialization:
*Salted Ground (passive) - Desolate becomes wider and increases the radius by 50%.
*Neutron Bath (passive) - Desolate releases a critical damaging pulse every 6 seconds.
*Dust Cannon (synergy) - Desolate arms the frame with a dust cannon for your primary weapon alternate fire. Uses irradiated dust particles as ammunition and recharges as long as Desolate stays active or within an irradiated area.

Sulfur-35 (passive, synergy) - Uranion is fatal to be approached at melee range once power allocation to attack reaches 70% and Desolate is active.

Choose one specialization:
*Radiotrail (passive, synergy) - Desolate no longer needs to be anchored to be active.
*Nuclear EMP (passive) - Sulfur-35 is capable of disabling enemy shields within 7 meters.
*Radiocancer (passive) - Enemies approaching Uranion within 8 meters become Irradiated. Irradiated enemies cannot receive healing or regenerate and become twice as vulnerable to energy type damage.

Shoulder mount weapons:
Necrodome - Necromancer emits a highly toxic aura within 10 meters. Any enemy inside may be inflicted with Necrotic Chaos that causes the affected to turn against their allies and pass it to them.

Gamma Ray Cannon - Fires a massive beam of light powerful enough to set its wake on fire.

Plaguescythe (Necromancer)
Radscythe (Uranion)
A two handed melee weapon that occupies a slot of your secondary weapon. Swings from its blade causes nasty effects from its wake and leaves lingering damage to whom it strikes.

Plaguescythe can zombify a live enemy and even turn against its allies.
Radscythe can irradiate an enemy and disables the enemy's health recovery.

Primary, secondary, and shields are up to the pilot’s choice.

Former bio-nuclear terrorist Velah Balkarou was sentenced to life in prison for illegal procurement of weapons of mass destruction. She broke out of jail when the Enshigi destroyed the Gatestriders’ homeland then used the event to hide from the authorities. When the heat cooled down, she boarded an arkship as a stowaway enroute to EM8ER. As she arrived on the planet, there was no centralized police force due to the fact that the Reapers are busy fighting off the aliens. Velah based her omniframes on her knowledge and made them available to anyone. To make a new name here, Velah changed her path so that few would know who she really was. Since the Geneva Conventions is pretty much null and void at this point and everyone doesn’t honor that treaty, Velah has no qualms about violating the spirit of the Conventions against the aliens.

Zombie apocalypse made easy. Why not start now?
-Velah Balkarou as she described Necromancer to the more chivalrous reapers.

If the Geiger Counter starts making TV static noises, ‘double dead’ doesn’t even describe you much.
-One of the warning advice from Velah for mishandling Uranion.
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Feb 28, 2019
1) Light
2) Mobility 100%
3) Small or Large, whichever one gets the frame moving the fastest.

Ability 1: Invisibility-Your frame becomes invisible for roughly 15 seconds on a 30 second cooldown (cooldown starts when invisibility starts). When you deal or take damage you become visible again.
Ability 2: Teleport Beacon-First activation drops a beacon that lasts for 30 seconds. Second activation teleports you to the beacon and starts its 30 second cooldown.

5) Satchel Charge-First activation delivers a large explosive charge nearby. Second activation detonates it dealing massive damage to enemies and structures.

Primary: Grenade Launcher
Primary Fire-launches a grenade that explodes on impact dealing damage to enemies and structures
Secondary Fire-launches a sticky grenade
Tertiary Fire-detonates all sticky grenades launched with the secondary fire

Secondary: Melee daggers that bypass shields

7) Saboteur: Slipping through even the tightest of enemy lines to assassinate high priority targets or take out valuable pieces of infrastructure, the Saboteur is a one man weapon designed to slowly chip away at enemy morale. Its high movement speed and invisibility allows it to infiltrate the enemy's bases wreck havoc with its large number of explosives before teleporting back to safety leaving the Tsi-Hu with nothing but a smoking crater and the certainty that this is but the first of many debilitating strikes aimed at their most crucial assets.
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Sep 24, 2018
1) Light
2) Mobility
3) Medium
Bone Wall - Kaiju bones laced with nano transducers and triboelectric material to generate and amplify electrostatic potential. Place bone barrier down from Kaiju Bones stored on frames back. This acts as a sort of electric fence dealing damage to attempts to cross the barrier and blocks passage. primarily meant for zoning. They return to the back of the omniframe after distance or time dealing damage on the return.

Electrostatic Platform - Gain elevation by electrostatic potential. While floating smaller melee enemies will find it difficult to attack while maintaining mobile superiority while in the air over difficult terrain or barriers.

5) Bone Spike - Robotic arm takes a Kaiju bone and thrusts it into a target temporarily pinning them in place. The spike returns to omniframe like an individual bone wall post.

Primary - Kaiju Bone Swords - dual wield
Secondary - Omniframe rated Submachine Gun
High mobility frame that relies on mobility, cc, and zoning to go in and out of combat. Closes in with dual blades, pins a primary target, zones others and uses float to maneuver from crowded space or rough terrain while following up attack with a hail of sub machine gun fire (to omniframe scale). The look of the frame has kaiju bones framing the arms and legs, with a kaiju skull ornamenting the "head" of the frame with a neat rack of sharp and electric discharging Kaiju bones on its back.


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Sep 3, 2018
Oh I like ideas :D hmm... how about...

1) Light Frame
2) Balanced with 1 extra toward offense
3) I'm not too familiar with reactor sizes but I would assume anywhere from low-mid if not in the middle of the two
4a) Omni Speed Hack: Increases each players movement speed based upon that players current shield (no range limit, anywhere from 30-70% each). 10 Second duration, 20-30 second cooldown ideally.
4b) Psycho Drive: Shield is halved until disabled, omni frame suddenly stops to do an animation of a grabbing it's upper half with the reactor flickering to pink then purple before the player can act, to give the entire group a set bonus to offense & air time (higher jumps & less gravity). Ideally 20-50%. Extra bonus allowing the player to store up 1 use of environment air every 10 minutes to create a small pocket of air that allow brief flight in any direction while gliding.
5a) Gravity Compactor: Charges up to Shoot a medium speed round of gravity that pulls enemies towards it then explodes into a mini black hole with a 20% chance to instead be a white hole that gives the group some health regeneration. Ideally the charge takes 3 seconds with a cooldown of 10 seconds. The regen is only 3 ticks of 10-20% each.
5b) Gravity Booster: While in Psycho Drive state Gravity Compactor cannot charge & instead allows the player a complete circle movement based on look & movements actively being pushed. To go up the player must hit jump at the same time, while down is crouch key. Duration is 2 seconds & can be curved around midway, 5 second cooldown but can be used during glide.
6) Primary Medium Speed Assault Rifle with Great stability & hip fire, however it has no extra ammo & instead must syphon already used ammo from other players (walking into other players gives a small amount of ammo) or take the clip directly from enemies (touch &/or over corpse). During Psycho drive the player can attempt a reload at the cost of a small amount of shield.
Secondary Gravity Katana that does a massive range AOE attack of the player striking the ground to reveal a giant bubble briefly that shatters with crystal bits falling downward when used from jump, the player cannot move until the attack is finished. During the animation the player's defense is increased by 50% & all group players inside bubble gain 20-30% increased defense for a few seconds. While under Psycho Drive it can charge & shoot medium-long range gravity waves in a lightning fast combo that pierces, gathers, then explodes into a mini black hole with the same as above white hole possibility. Charging would take 4 seconds, have no cooldown, & can be used without switching to Katana as main weapon (holding the secondary weapon key charges it with a sound to know when it is fully charged).
7) Type-Y Future Series. It looks like it's badly damaged with sparks randomly appearing across, both weapons have 2 floating crystals spiraling around them with a plasma burn along the left side. It would feel very support heavy, very aerial, & a challenge to master.
Jul 5, 2017
1) Medium
2) 30% defense, 70% offense
3) Heavy
4) Ability 1, Attack drone: Deploy 1-3 small combat drones (depending on stored charges) to repeatedly strafe an enemy. Reactivating the ability will send the drones to a new target or if no target is selected they will return reducing their cooldown substantially. Drones last until death after which the ability will start regenerating charges.
Ability 2, Guardian Drone: Deploy a fast moving drone to aid an ally. Upon arrival it will orbit the ally destroying all incoming projectiles for a short duration before having to return.
Both of these abilities will drain energy while on cooldown rather than on use. (this is because the drones are being rebuilt, repaired, or refueled while on cooldown.)
5) Shoulder mount, Bullet Attractor: Fires a quick moving projectile that will briefly stun medium and smaller enemies and create a small bullet attractor aura around the projectile. After the impact all projectiles that enter the aura will immediately home in on the affected enemy.
6) Primary, Mine Thrower: Tap fire will launch an explosive disk shaped mine a short distance that will detonate whenever an enemy enters its proximity. Holding the fire button will charge the next shot firing the mine at a much higher velocity and causing it to explode on contact dealing much more damage but with a much smaller explosion radius.
Secondary, Flak Cannon: A shot gun that fires shrapnel in a very wide spread. Deals massive damage up close but is largely ineffective at range.
7) The Mothership is bulky for a medium frame acting as a mobile hangar for a fleet of drones. This Omniframe wants to control the battle from a safe distance utilizing High single target damage to take out high priority targets while keeping key allies alive. Its weapons compliment this play style with the mine launcher able to deal heavy damage from afar or to set up minefeilds to keep enemies at a safe distance along with the flak cannon for emergencies.
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Jul 27, 2016
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1) light/medium frame
2) offense 45 mobility 40 defense 5
3) light or medium reactor [depends on weight so light helps for speed]
4) Ability 1: Bloodshot this unleashes some of your health as acid blood like the blood of the xenomorph
but hardens your armor. However too much health gone could make you die :O

Ability 2: Vampire this ability drains health and some power

5) Shoulder weapon: fires a dark orb that absorbs light reducing opponents visibility to see you or allies nearby for 50% until orb vaporizes (reload is slow but can fire 6 orbs in total)

6) Primary dual tomahawks these have special magnetizing properties to throw at opponents and retrieve back from medium range like thor's hammer i guess but with 2 axes!.

Secondary weapon: this gun below but more futuristic and sounds

7) the name of this frame is called The Strigoi for its vampire ways and its speed, not strong in its defense.
1) Heavy Frame

2) An even 50/50 between Power and Defence. ignore speed

3) Heavy Reactor

4A) "Portable Fortress" - Call down a bunch of static defences including turrets to secure critical areas, used as an AOE ability to scatter them throughout the area. Also drops chunks of debris or any such large objects that could be used as cover for the omni frame. Perhaps rocks would be ripped from underground or maybe some prefabricated buildings would be thrown down, sideways and whatnot.

4B) "Blaze of Glory" - Signal any and all available long range weapons to fire on your position, almost certainly dooming you to death, but also completely annihilating the surrounding area, also AOE based off the omni frames position. Maybe signal orbital weapons or dropship to fire downwards, i don't know. Maybe also puts the omni frame into a hunkered-down state with a shield to protect it from damage while the barrage is active, not allowing movement or firing 1-2 seconds before and after the barrage, to make it more than a last ditch option.

5) High Power Plasma Railgun - Fires a single slug shot that can pierce even the toughest of armor. Takes time to cool down as firing not only drains significant power, but overheats the whole suit, slowing it by 20% for a small time, maybe 2-3 seconds.

6A) Twin Gatling primary, extreme rate of fire, resulting in high dps. becomes more accurate if the omni frame is stationary.

6B) Power Sword - A large metal blade enhanced by the core of the frame, resulting in a blade that can slash through almost anything.

7) The Bulwark. The first and last line of defence for many people scattered across the world. Polished black and silver, with a vibrant accent colour running throughout, Green, Orange, or Blue. This colour is what all weapons and equipment glows with, and what illuminates the cockpit. While disliked due to its hulking nature and its very low speed, it makes up for it in its ability to turn the tide of a battle, providing often much needed cover for smaller infantry and armor units, while providing weapons and abilities that can clear the field.