Omniframe build types: Post your ideas here!


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Jul 25, 2016
So @Takahama over on Discord started dreaming up some build types. In Em-8ER you can build out any type of frame you wish.

1) Choose a light, medium or heavy frame (light can dual wield melee, medium can dual wield ranged, heavy can have a shield arm)
2) Decide on if your base frame will allocate power between defense, offense, mobility
3) Choose a reactor size (small, med, heavy) and keep in mind larger frames have more power so a heavy frame "small" might be as much as a light frame "medium" etc.
4) Pick 2 abilities
5) Pick a shoulder mount weapon
6) Pick primary and secondary weapon
7) Name it and give a brief description of how it looks, feels and acts.

Have fun!


Jun 20, 2017
1) Heavy
2) Offense
3) Heavy
4) Bunker (Allows the frame to mount into the ground and go into a birds eye view of the near by area) and Artillery (Allows the users to lay down a large AOE of damage to a certain area)
5) Heavy Railgun
6) Primary: Combat shotgun (Looks like the SIX12 that legion from Rainbow 6 uses, kinda of a mag based shotgun)
Secondary: Flare gun (Allows the user to mark a location or tag and enemy with red and fire if hit by it.
7) The Dora: A large black Omni-frame bigger then most sporting a large rail gun on its back. This monster giving up most of it's speed for the long range and AOE attack power of a real Artillery gun towers over the field. The armor it self looks like a small Gundam Flauros (Ryusei-Go) but with black paint and only one shoulder mounted gun with a more Omni frame design of smoother limbs and a cockpit in the middle. (Can't draw so works will be my canvas)


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May 6, 2018
Light class!
1) Light frame for best mobility
2) Frame will be focused on speed with hit and run tactics
3) Medium core to keep air time long without affecting wheight too much
4) Quick Boost Recharge and Teleport ability (around 18 meters for teleport range)
5) Shoulder SMG on right + Shoulder SRM (Short Range Missle) on left or AMS(Anti Missle System)
6) Sniper Rifle + SMG(Something that looks like Mp5A3
7) "Scout" Designed for quickly getting in action and leave if necessary, focused on hit and run or assassinating targets. With light design it can reach high spots for better assist and scouting.


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Apr 23, 2017
Just look up, can't miss him
2)Sacrifice Mobility for the first two
3)Unsure of the drawbacks of using a heavier reactor, but ideally the largest one I can fit
4)A reconnaissance drone to help with spotting targets and some sort of jump ability to allow me to reposition better as needed or put some distance bewteen me and an enemy if they get close
5)Long range artillery weapon. It would fire an arcing and slow moving sphere of magnetized plasma which explodes on impact for high damage.
6) Short ranged weapon on the right arm which fires a stream of super-heated plasma. Sort of an energy flamethrower. Shield arm on the left.

7)Icarus(A very solar theme for the weapon FX). This frame would serve primarily for long range bombardment of enemy positions. A higher skill requirement in leading targets would pay off with more AOE damage potential. You would use the recon drone to find enemies and the jump ability to get to higher ground quickly to rain death from above once you had located them. The Shield and Flamethrower discourages the enemy from swarming you and buys time for your more mobile friends to back you up.
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Jul 26, 2016
1) Dream frame would be based on Medium.
2) The frame will allocate offense powers.~
3) The reactor size would be a Medium as well.
4) First dream ability would be overclocked charged shot in which can deal a heavy damage on a single target far away. Second dream ability would be a first-aid related ability. Can be used to recover status affected like poison or stats loss in general(losing accuracy) and immune to any status & stats for a limited time(like 5 minutes for beginner, 10 min for level 20 etc..)
5) A dream shoulder mount weapon would be an Electric Grenades and can deal a large area the further it flew.
6) Primary dream weapon would be a Sniper Rifle, large and deadly. Secondary dream weapon would be a famous or legendary fantasy sword like Masamune.
7) The dream name for the frame would be Dark Lotus.
The frame will have blue colors at the bottom legs and both King and Queen black chess pieces decal on the top for both left and right shoulders with a white background color. When riding the frame you will feel as if you are a Knight piece in a chess board protecting the King and Queen. The acts of the frame will be fast and strong in offensive, but very poor in defense. Using Electric Grenades as a last resort weapon to stun enemies and escape any harm or danger outcomes.

(I might edit one of the frame concepts and post the image later here)
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Paul Le

Jan 27, 2017
1. Heavy Frame (with shield arm)
2. Defense and mobility (probably 2:1 or 3:1 ratio unless healing abilities scale off of offense, in which case scaling would be 3:1:1 for defense, offense, and mobility respectively)
3. Medium reactor
4. Abilities:
1) Something like the ODM Mammoth's Thunderdome would be awesome for how much protection it can give the party (15 second cooldown starting from casting, duration about 6 seconds, allies will not be able to shoot through the dome however)
2) A tether ability where you can tether up to 5 allies depending on the skill level and the tether will allow allies to continuously regenerate a flat amount of health (tether will break upon receiving >5% maximum health damage within 1.5 seconds, will drain energy constantly during cast, 5 second cooldown starting after tethers broken either by lack of energy or by taking too much damage)
5. Shoulder Mount Weapon: Nanite Rocket Launcher (deals significant damage to enemies, gives a moderate burst heal to allies, 15 second cooldown between shots?)
6. Primary: LMG (something like the Imperator from Warframe?)
Secondary: Tether Spear (allows you to either heal or buff the damage of one ally at a time, when tether is broken there is a 1 second cooldown before you can tether again to another ally; will drain energy with use instead of using ammo), deals high piercing damage and can be thrown from range (spear will automatically return to wielder once wielder goes a certain distance away from the spear)
7. Phalanx (think a white and gold, the Arclight skins from League of Legends kind of color palette). This frame is a kind of marriage between a Cleric class and a Tank class. Able to both jump into the fray as the tank or support the whole party from the middle, this frame does sacrifice offensive ability, preferring instead to enable others to dish out even more damage. Always the first to dive in and the last to leave, the Phalanx stands its ground in combat with strict discipline and constant awareness of allies' conditions.

(sorry if I made this a little too specific, this is kind of the ideal frame and playstyle that I would like to go for)
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Jan 26, 2017
1 - Heavy Frame, with shield arm
2 - Almost entirely Defense (50% of power)
3 - Heavy
4 - > Sonic Cannon - like a massive foghorn that "shoots" powerful sound waves that confuse and stun Kaiju for a few moments.
> Electron Field - A supportive ability that casts an AOE "dome" field that blocks damage towards friendly omniframes within it for a short period of time.
5 - Shoulder Rockets - like the ones in the latest update video (I affectionately call them the "Joeys" as an homage to our very own Torgue)
6 - Primary: Anti-Material Heavy Sniper Rifle. A massive, huge-caliber sniper rifle with a barrel that makes it taller than even an Omniframe. Massive damage, enormous range, but only one shot. Lengthy reload and extremely high recoil. This weapon can only be fired when scoped in and the target locked on. The player cannot move while scoping in.
Secondary: Gatling Gun - High damage, but only effective at medium to close range. Takes a moment to spin up and overheats with use. Large ammo reserves, but lengthy reloads.

7 - Battle Entrenching Armor - Kaiju Neutralizer, or "BEA-KN" (Beacon) for short
A heavily armored, heavily shielded bulky omniframe, mostly green and dark green with gray highlights. its main goal is to act as a beacon for the team (hence the name). Sitting in the backlines, it can act as an offensive sniper with its huge anti material rifle and provide a safe retreat for low health comrades to get back on their feet in the form of the Electron Field, or bring its Electron Field defenses into the middle of the fray and use its Gatling gun for medium-range damage. Its Sonic Cannon disables Kaiju for a moment and is very versatile, as it can allow the team to retreat and heal, or creates a huge opening for a moment of all out offense. Its weakness lies in its low mobility, meaning that this frame must commit to any positional decisions it takes. However, its strong and versatile tools allow it to dictate the pace of a Kaiju encounter.
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Jun 22, 2017
2)Moblity+ defence+ offense-
4)''vanguard shield wall'' place down shield in front with expanded energy shields moving to the front, taking less damage from frontal hits and increases movement speed, will leave the back open to attacks. Meant to push the front line or moving in to aid allies.
''bravery of the vanguard'' a passive skill that will give a regeneration boost to the vanguard and those whom it protects, can be activated to inspire troops around the vanguard sending them into overdrive, during the duration the regeneration boost is halted and the surrounding troops gain increased damage and mobility.
5)2 ideas here
''bulk of the bunch'' replacing the shoulder mounted weapon for more bulky armor around and arms, trading offensive capability for increased health and defense.
''Pangolin's edge'' inspired by the defense and offence of an ancient creature, this medium to close range weapon is a Particle beam shoulder LMG primarily meant to be fired over or around the shield while in use.
6)most vanguards prefer the use of solid projectile auto-cannon type weapons and mostly comes equipped with one as their primary weapon.
Almost all vanguards use the a heavy shield that can protect most of the frames body, however while in use will reduce the amount of energy supplied to the primary weapon for an increase in defense while decreasing damage through either fire-rate or direct damage dealt. (instanced of vanguards with smaller or entirely without shields have been known to occur)

''Strider vanguard'' a frame meant to push the front lines and aid others in the middle of battles, a vanguard is always a welcome sight on the battlefield as their support and protection means that others may focus on hitting the enemy where it hurts them the most.
a Strider vanguard is a large, heavily armored frame meant to take the damage the enemy's deal out while having the mobility to be where they are needed in a fight and should feel like a mobile wall. they will change between 2 modes (maybe?). in default their shield covers their left or right side depending on the user, in this mode their primary weapon deal normal damage and they have a fine amount of mobility.
in the second mode their shield is placed in front granting the changes listed on 6)


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Jul 27, 2016
1. Medium
2. Mobility
3. Medium

4. Multi charge Afterburner: boostjump into the direction you're aiming, multiple charges, 12sec recharge per boost. *Edit: each charge its own timer*

Backflipvcrater: boostjump into the opposite direction of the general direction in where you are looking, leaving a crater of aoe damage behind, can be activated in mid air but leaves less devastation behind and the distance traveled is also less. 25 sec cooldown.

5. Scattered projectiles stun shoulder cannon. No lockon or auto aim, a quick wide barrage of stun electrical projectiles doing no to little damage but stun/ blinds enemies. Long cooldown, ideal for beginning an attack or retreat at the end.

6. Dual wielded mini plasma cannons:
Primairy fire are the alt of the FF thermal cannon tripple dot but four balls per shot (2 each) bounce once of the ground or objects, mid range, airial attack, no dot. Secondary fire short range plasma buck shot.

Assault rifle: good for picking of small mobs or pulling agro from from further away.

7. Sabertooth. Mid to short range frame focused on movement while still retaining some durability in combat. Mid-range attacks with plasma cannons, close range alt fire. I ideal for arial, death from above gameplay, sacrificing some offensive and defensive power for mobility but not a full glass cannon either. Jack of all traits, master of none. Relatively standard frame for the front line.
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Mar 16, 2017
1) Heavy
2) Hi defense, mid-low offense, low mobility (vehicle recommended)
3) Medium
4) Ability one - A stasis projectile is shot out of the frame, slowing down time for the enemies it hits. The bigger the enemy, the shorter stasis works on it. Ability two - Call down parts from orbit to transform the frame into a small repair and restock station. You control turrets, allies can heal and restock at special ports on the side of the frame. Placement is key. You can exit the station without the frame, your character can boost power of allied frames, but is vulnerable having low health and armor. You are armed with a small assault rifle, almost useless against bigger enemies.
5) Laser cutter - It was used for cutting strong alloys for repairs. Nowadays, it's used to cut down armor and entire parts of mechanical enemies. (High damage, low range. Cuts off mechanical parts and armor if aimed at a weak point.)
6) Primary - Pylon launcher - In the past, used to fix parts to constructions with big pylons. Nowadays, with safeties off, using smaller ammo, they are used to impale enemies (low-mid range, medium damage). Secondary - Plasma torch - Used to repair machinery. Repair allied Omniframes and constructions. (low range. low damage.)
7) IS44C - Engineering omniframe repurposed for combat. Bulky and industrial looking, many warning signs, floodlights. Used for support, you won't be able to do much without allies. Weapons are used mostly for self-defense rather than direct combat.
(edit: fixed it up a little with the advice from the discord guys. thanks for help!)
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Omni Ace
Jul 26, 2016
Baal Secundus
I've got 2 frames i want to make, and i'll probably have to modify a few of the rules from the thread, mostly for my first one. I'll post the other one later in another comment.

1) Light omniframe

2) Go all out on defense

3) Heavy power core to meet my omniframe's needs for power

(going to get rid of my mounted weapon and secondary for 2 extra ability spots)

4) First, Heavy turrets, a deployable heavier variant of the turrets that can't move but hold a ton more firepower, perfect for defending a precise location.
Second, Default turrets, the kind of turrets that can move around, with less firepower than the heavy variant, while still being a great defensive tool. Can hold position or follow it's owner.
Third, Resupply pods, deployable resupply pods that can refill weapons with limited ammo, heal wounds and repair damage done to omniframes (including omniframe parts critically hit), a blessing to any prolonged fight, especially on defense.
Fourth, Repair nanites, The Omniframe releases repair nanites into the air around him, repairing buildings and other omniframes in an area around him for the duration of the ability. Omniframes do not get as much repairs but critically hit parts return to normal function.

6) Weapon : Quad-scatter grenade launcher, a grenade launcher that shoots 4 grenades per shot, good for keeping enemies at bay.

7) "Guardian" A frame made to hold the line and keep others fit for combat. THE frame used to defend bases and such during invasions, also sometimes used to defend THMPR in mining expeditions under certain conditions.


Aug 4, 2016
I have ideas for all of the omniframe types. Alot of them actualy. But back to the point.

1) Heavy
3) (i don't know what the pros and cons will be for the different reactors will be) Heavy
4) "Passive". If Hp hits 0 you enter a "DOOMED" state. When pilot edjects the omniframe gose nuclar...KABOOM!! (Like in Titanfall)

The rocket bosters will charge for 2-3 sec and then lunch you forward, insta killing any "normal" enemy. While heavy enemys and bosses will only be knocked back a few meters and stuned for 1-2 sec and take damage. If a hitting a kaiju withe this will only damage it and make it flinch. And If the shield is equiped, there will be a shockwave that knocks back and down enemys when reatching max range or a heavy enemy or object. Blocking all damage taken from the front. If any knocked back enemy hits a wall it will take additional damage.

The reactor will go critical. Amplifying any damage by 50% to 200% extra damage. If the abillity is reactivated whitin a small time after first you will not be able to shoot, only smash things like a gorilla or Hulk. And you lose all your shields (not arm one). When the timer hits 0 you will lose 80% of max Hp and all shields, if your in first stage. And if in second stage you lose only 60% (but remember your shields will be gone during second stage). But if you already have lost 20% or 40% you will enter a crippeld stage and you have only 10% of max Hp and 50% rocket energy that will not refill untill you are repaired (get away during this). And if your doomed during one of the two stages the exploation will be doubeld. The damage in the extra range will be 50% less.

5) A canon that shoots a canister that exploads on impact, proximety, time or manual shooting of molten slug that burns the enemy (like Scorch weapon in Titanfall 2 but the size of the heavy Javelins in Anthem).

6) (The Heavy can have a primary sized gun as secondary or the arm shield) Primary: A mini-gun, the ones that has a spinning parrel, but more slim then Firefalls but still big as hell. Secondary: The shield or a two handed canon that arcs the projectile. You can switch betwen different types of ammo.

7) It will look big and strong but elegent. Almost like a lamborgini mech. Not having alot of curves, more edges (like the Lambos). For a better understanding, it's like a lamborgini tank that sudenly grew arms and legs. And a head.
It should feel heavy, every step, every punch, everyting. For exampel, when runing, you star super slow but get faster slowly. It should suport players with a temprament and "suicidal" tactics.
It's a guy (in a robot way, you say he to it) and it will have the personality of the robot in Netflixs Lost in space. He comunicates trough beebs (like bastion in Overwatch but not as hige pitch) and has a "suit lady" who can talk (the voice of Firefall Aero). Curius and kind but ruthless in battle. And the name is Edge. Because he has a very "edgy" body and naming someone Edgy is pobably very...Edgy...get it...uh I suck at jokes.
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Sep 15, 2016
The Void
1. Heavy
2. 49% Defense, 50% Offense, 1% Mobility.
3. Heavy
4. Targetting System Enhancement - Allows the omniframe's targetting system to zoom towards a target for an extremely minimal amount of energy, but this can work almost indefinitely, and draws power the more it's used to zoom in with no real upper limitations beyond sheer power consumption.
Reactor Unshakling - Essentially Overclocks the suit's on-board reactor to allow it to generate up to 300% more energy, but if used for too long, can result in catastrophic failure of the reactor, requiring a manual repair time, with a chance of just meltdown and destroy both the mech and the pilot, this chance is highly dependant upon the quality of the reactor itself.
5. Shoulder-mounted weapon is a plasma cannon capable only of firing energy mortars at an area, resulting in a medium-range AoE attack. Only fitting for a Medium-sized mech.
6. Primary weapon is a large-caliber sniper rifle jury-rigged as a railgun, with electromagnetic rails to propel bullets farther and faster than traditional sniper rifles. Weapon firing takes part of the suit's energy, although this weapon has been custom-made to take all reserves of power from the suit, but to maximize it's power and speed.
With any Secondary Weapon, this suit would be far too unbalanced.
7. I'd name it "The Reaper" or something like that. This suit would be mainly unarmored, with most of it's making being designed solely for being able to fire the primary weapon without doing twenty flips, or sending the suit into the ground at 90 mph. The suit has a mostly unprotected cockpit, using only a very small shield lining fitting for environmental protection and nothing else.
The suit itself is fairly agile and only due to excessively large hydraulics systems.
It features a very large, bulky rear part of the suit for all of the support the suit needs to move and fire weapons from.

It feels light but powerful, but as if it could easily lose balance. Looks like a Light Mech with Heavy Mech limbs, essentially.
Pilot wears a helmet at all times for mainly oxygen in any airless environments, but also for using the TSE ability described above.
Mech is horribly weak, having no real armor to speak of, and absolutely no protection for the Pilot.

This mech is designed for taking out high-health targets from safe distances, even if that distance is fifty miles or more.

But tbh, I'd never be able to have a computer so good that I could use use a mech, even if it wasn't horribly imbalanced.

IF there are going to be roles made for crafting and gathering stuff, then I'd likely have a mech designed for that.

1. Heavy
2. Mostly Mobility and Defense, Barely any Allocation towards Offense.
3. Heavy Reactor.
4. Crafting Module - This frame features an advanced crafting module that allows it to craft any composite materials, and most objects. Less efficient than a base-type crafting module, but useful for those who prefer to multi-task and don't mind time cost increases. Movement speed decreases time cost of crafting based on how little the frame moves, with higher speeds resulting in a higher time cost for crafting, if not outright pausing the crafting entirely, but this includes the movement of any part of the frame, including arms. Module can be accessed by other frames if given permission, but crafting queues pile up onto one list even if multiple items are chosen to be crafted from multiple different people.
THMPR Slot - Using the entire left arm, and shoulder, this mech can physically carry THMPRs of almost any size, but movement speed is reduced by 50% and prevents the mounting of shoulder weapons, or the combative use of the left Omniframe Arm. Allows the repeated deployment of THMPRs on the field if air drops are not allowed, or THMPRs take too long to be retrieved and redeployed. Can opt for not carrying a THMPR at any time, but the left arm still cannot be used for combat as it can only move in one direction at a time.
Back-mounted Afterburners - If for any reason whatsoever the pilot must escape an ambush, the frame and power up highly powerful thrusters located in the back to get away at a moment's notice. Movement speed increases by a factor of 3, but can take damage from hitting environmental bits like walls, boulders, etc. and this movement speed boost only works on forward movement, not even angled forward movement. Has a cooldown of 30 seconds, and lasts for 30 seconds, but while active, prevents the use of any system beyond those related to mobility. Prevents the use of a Primary Weapon due to power constraints. The more power you have, the more speed you can get.
Construction Tool - This mech harnesses a powerful construction tool for the purposes of creating base objects and repairing other Omniframes, but is less powerful than the type found on Omniframes devoted to either repairing, or construction.
Can be used as a melee weapon, unless it's a laser, then short-range weapon. Can also be used to heal the omniframe it's on, but this ability is VERY limited to the range, only able to heal damage inflicted from front-facing attacks.
5. THMPR Slot Blocks the use of Shoulder-Mounted Weapons.
6a. Back-Mounted Afterburners prevent the use of a Primary Weapon for power reasons.
6b. Construction Laser/Tool deals a heavy amount of damage, but can only be used at the tool/laser's optimal range
7. Called "The Pioneer" for a reason, it's designed as a support-role omniframe with just enough armor to give it a small fighting chance against lower-class enemies, with the sole purpose of reinforcing groups behind enemy lines and establishing forward bases. Although it is ineffective compared to base-constructing omniframes, it's other roles make it a jack of all trades for supporting more combat-effective omniframes.
Controls fairly well, having mostly an emphasis on mobility, it's movement is fairly decent, but it looks bulky and can get to a very slow speed without it's afterburners.
Looks like your typical heavy OmniFrame, with more bulky hydraulics for the legs, and more support for the mid-body areas (if possible, has 3 legs, 2 legs controlled normally, and a third more heavy leg that reacts to momentum and moves according to reactive AI, located in the back, facing towards the back.

I like support roles in wargames. My best classes in Planetside 2 are the Medic and Engineer in that order, and my sunderer game ain't half-bad either.
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Omni Ace
Omni Ace
Jul 26, 2016
Baal Secundus
Here's my second one, wew. abilities will be based off of ideas i came up with long ago on this thread :

1) Medium frame

2) balanced

3) Small power core

(sacrificing my shoulder mounted weapon for an extra ability)
Big ol copy pasting time

Pattern module

This module gives the omniframe a small boost in a system of the pilot's choice, Changing pattern lowers the omniframe's overall systems performances for a few seconds,
This module is designed for experienced pilots who knows the right moment to switch to the ideal pattern depending on the situation.
(pattern name suggestions : Movement focus=Hunter / Jumpjet focus=Scout / Ranged damage focus=Soldier / Melee damage focus=Warrior / Armor focus=Tank)

Warlord module

This module gives bonuses to other nearby omniframes, such as Extra damage and such. This module has it's own self charging power reserve, so it does not need to draw power from some of the omniframe's systems.
When ready to use, the pilot can make his omniframe pull the Warlord module out of his socket and into it's hand, then activate it, causing an energetic blast around the omniframe. All other omniframes hit by the energetic blast will have a surplus of power available, boosting themselves with the Warlord's chosen boost. Pilot will then put the module back into it's socket to let it recharge, has a long cooldown

Falcon module

The Falcon module was designed for team leaders, much like the Warlord module. It functions the same way, But instead of making a blast, the Omniframe will point the module in the direction of an enemy of the pilot's choice, said enemy will then have been scanned for weaknesses, all players nearby will also receive a marker on said enemy, who will become the main target and have a slight increase in damage taken for the marker's duration. The pilot also slots the module back in after use, with a moderate cooldown time.

6) Primary weapon : Forearm-mounted Light machine gun.
Secondary weapon : Battle banner, this is an idea i've come up with a while ago, the banner has it's normal upper half, consisting of a banner, but the lower half is usable as a spear or a halberd. When the banner is up, so not being used as a melee weapon (so in this case while using the light machine gun on my other arm), Other players will receive very small boosts (boosts to be determined) in an aoe around the standard-bearer. When engaged in melee, the player can turn the banner upside down, being able to use it as a halberd or a spear, but losing the aoe stat boost.

7) "Warmaster" The idea of this omniframe came to me, at first simply by the thought that seeing a golden omniframe with a banner in hand waving it around and screaming like a lunatic was really inspiring, then developped a bit more to it. It serves as a leader on the battlefield, giving bonuses to others around himself and having fair combat efficiency.


Jul 5, 2017
1) Heavy Frame or Medium Frame
2) Balanced distribution of power
3) Medium power supply
4) First ability:"Power shifter" As you change firing modes or change from stationary position to more mobile style the power is redistributed with the slight chance of a power overflow/overcharge giving temporary boost to speed or shields or weapon dmg or fire rate. (As a small homage to the feral druid power shifting days when you could shift from diffrent forms and gain a significant dmg increase. If you played your cards right.)
Second ability:"Unruly Drones" as you or a party member deal critical damage or a heal a small orb like drone goes off to heal a random friendly player or unit. (I miss the old leader of the pack talent from WoW so much so it's abit of a throwback to that.)
Image 2018-05-06 at 8.18.11 PM.png
(Can't help but to think of the small drone called Remote would be perfect ^^ *Star Wars Knights of Old Republic 2 Bar-dur)

5) Shoulder slot if it would be possible to change it to something like this
Image 2018-05-06 at 8.22.21 PM.png
(OZ-13MSX2 Mercurius from Gundam Wing )

Basicly a drone station of sorts serving a multipurpose between generating shields or shock fields or even minor repair tasks with small pew pew guns or maybe even a self-destruct function. (With reasonable trade-offs of course like they cannot do everything at the sametime but do one task at a time really well. I might have mentioned at one point how the drones could function like mini-pets of sorts with cosmetic options and maybe add enchanced screenshot functionality in other posts.)

6) Primary weapon shotgun/flak gun with ammunition that spread and detonate on impact. Gun's name is Sparky's Bite in honor of Sparky the dog from Fallout 4 that died heroicly charging againts a elite guy with a mini-nuke. That awesome mutt saved my early game it deserved to be remembered. (Not the German Shepard but the random dog you can find in the game)

Secondary weapon could be either a basic mix of a assault sniper rifle of sorts on zoom mode it's singular shot but while at hip-fire it's either full auto or burst with a grenade launcher or a spider mine launcher.

7) I haven't really decided upon the looks but i have a good idea how i want it to handle like a feral druid. As the combat rages on and things change the frame is gona feel like it's just drifting trough those hard curves of the battle flow and keep with the tempo either by increasing the preassure on the Kai-ju/Tsi-hu or leviating the preassure from friendlies so they get breathing room to catch the proper momentum.
The all-star feeling that's only achieved when you go up and beyond what you thought you could handle before the fight started.

I would name the frame Pertinacia ^^


Jul 28, 2016
Frame #1: The Nova Complex
1) Light
2) Mobility/offense (based on weapon used)
3) Medium
4/a) Shadow mode: Frame and pilot become nearly invisible with a cloaking technology for 15 seconds, but when they land a melee attack, become visible
4/b) Rocket salvo: Fire up 5 light/medium rockets into the target, these cannot be dodged, but can be neutralized by machine gun fire or barrier
5) Null gun: When hit target, target will become immobilized in a vertex, but can use defensive methods. Vertex lasts for 5 seconds
6/a) Primary weapon: Two-handed energy sword
6/b) Secondary weapon: Sniper rifle
7) The Nova Complex - as its name defined - would look like just as the famous character, light and elegant with a light feminine look, metallic feel with light blue engrams and pulsate leds, fast and deadly like a raptor, with an almost white yellow stripe in the head with a reinforced center piece for the pilot. It also would have five claws in the hands, not fingers. The users of this frame are the best of the best, the elite, who are capable of enjoying close combat as much as ranged support. Always aim for the head with one strike, and two for the hearth.

Frame #2: Zealot Force
1) Heavy
2) Defense/offense (based on weapon used)
3) Heavy
4/a) Unresistable dance: Charges forward in a phalanx stance (shield up, energy sword/spear pointed forward) if enemy gets hit with special attack, its get pushed forward until frame stops and gets a 3 second stun
4/b) Mind your business: Basically a shield bash but with an option to overload the shield. If this special attack is done with overloaded shield, enemies get hit by it are electrocuted. Non-overloaded special stuns enemies and knocks them back.

5) Flammenwerfer: A napalm flamethrower. Nothing more, nothing less.
6/a) Primary weapon: One handed oversized energy sword or energy spear (maybe halberd)
6/b) Secondary weapon: Gatling gun, but for this the frame needs to be stay put, however it can turn into directions.
7) Zealot force - The look & feel is brutal. You can see that this frame is designed to tear fear into the hearths (or any organs similar) of enemies as the one force which stands between them and the annihilation of mankind. Users of zealot force are the first in battle and last out. These women and men have nothing more in their lives just the thrill of combat, the unresistable feeling that if they die the human race can live one more day.


Jul 5, 2017
Name: Rocket Angel or Rocket Valkyrie
1) Light frame
2) Speed and power (Glass cannon style)
3) Heavy power supply
4) "Trough the grey'est of rock" - the typical ability that increases the damage done as you hit singular target repeadetly but as you do your accuracy decreases so there is a combo breaker moment (Reference to a old artillery saying)
"ROCKEEEEEEEEEET!" - As your get critically hit as your low health your speed can temporarily increase so you can speed off like the road runner with it's feathers on fire.
(These abilities aren't set in stone so i might change them later if i think of a upgrade)
5) The swarmer rocket option would be nice.

6) SMG of sorts could work as the primary weapon and the secondary weapon could be a target painter of sorts that increases other peoples accuracy as long as you paint the target.

7) For the looks i was kinda thinking of a mix between the Rocket Angel from Red Alert 3 and the Valkyries but less flashy. Handling could be annoying at first as the frame could be tough to handle with the speed like watching someone trying to walk on ice for the first time but as you get used to it, it would feel and look like a champion level figure skater.


Jul 5, 2017
1) Light frame
2) Delicate balance between power, speed and shields.
3) Heavy power supply
4) "Glowing tank" - As you continue to fire the dmg increases slightly while boosting the plausible damage over time effects. Making the tank glow brighter.
"Bug's bite" - Melee attacks occasionally inflict a damage over time effect (burn, baby burn!)
"Fusion splosion" - It gives you a ridiculously fast speed boost to get out of combat

5) The shoulder slot is replaced with a glowing tank filled with fuel increasing ammo capacity and giving the frame a firefly like look.

6) Main weapon would be a flamethrower that can fire diffrent color flames.

Secondary weapon would be Wolverine like flame claws.

7) Like the name suggest i want it to look abit like a firefly as a subtle reference to the show Firefly. It would be kinda reliable and sturdy and nothing really fancy the first love of omniframes if i can describe it like that.


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Jul 26, 2016
Utah, USA
A guy can dream:

1) Medium Frame
2) Low on Defense, High on Mobility and Offense
3) The guns pack a wallop, so I'm going to need a large power source, I think.
4) Drunken Master - An agility based defense. The omniframe goes through a series of bumbling maneuvers, looking for all the world like a panicking klutz, while miraculously dodging every single attack. Angel Arms - Your frame's arm transforms into an Angel Arm, a weapon with a large power up time, fires a single beam weapon style blast, with a large AOE explosion at the point of impact.
5) A missile barrage is probably good enough, or a decoy launcher.
6) Primary: Dual Wield AGL Arms .45 Long Colt, One Silver, One Black, Secondary Weapon: The Punisher, A large gun that looks like a crucifix, one end is a machine gun, the alt-fire is a rocket launcher from the opposite end.
7) The Typhoon: This frame should dance across the battlefield, never in the same spot for more than a second. When under heavy concentrated fire, it can escape unscathed using the drunken master technique. Most of the damage comes from expert wielding of the twin AGL colts, bringing out the Punisher for tougher enemies. In truly desperate circumstances you can pull out your Angel Arms nuke, dealing out insane amounts of damage, but the attack has a large build up time and drains most of your energy, and leaves you in a weakened state after. Make sure you don't miss.

Bonus points if your frame looks like it's wearing a red leather duster.

Love and peace, everybody.
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Paul Le

Jan 27, 2017
I've got 2 frames i want to make, and i'll probably have to modify a few of the rules from the thread, mostly for my first one. I'll post the other one later in another comment.

1) Light omniframe

2) Go all out on defense

3) Heavy power core to meet my omniframe's needs for power

(going to get rid of my mounted weapon and secondary for 2 extra ability spots)

4) First, Heavy turrets, a deployable heavier variant of the turrets that can't move but hold a ton more firepower, perfect for defending a precise location.
Second, Default turrets, the kind of turrets that can move around, with less firepower than the heavy variant, while still being a great defensive tool. Can hold position or follow it's owner.
Third, Resupply pods, deployable resupply pods that can refill weapons with limited ammo, heal wounds and repair damage done to omniframes (including omniframe parts critically hit), a blessing to any prolonged fight, especially on defense.
Fourth, Repair nanites, The Omniframe releases repair nanites into the air around him, repairing buildings and other omniframes in an area around him for the duration of the ability. Omniframes do not get as much repairs but critically hit parts return to normal function.

6) Weapon : Quad-scatter grenade launcher, a grenade launcher that shoots 4 grenades per shot, good for keeping enemies at bay.

7) "Guardian" A frame made to hold the line and keep others fit for combat. THE frame used to defend bases and such during invasions, also sometimes used to defend THMPR in mining expeditions under certain conditions.

homage to the Firefall engineer?