Omniframe build types: Post your ideas here!


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Jul 27, 2016
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1) light
2) offense and mobility
3) either small or medium. I'd have to try them out to see how they work
4) some sort of AOE weapon similar to the FF Assault. And I love missiles
5) shoulder mounted missiles?
6) not sure what weapons would be available but I loved having the plasma weapon in FF with assault rifle as secondary
7) sorry but I just keep thinking about my FF Assault frame. I want that and I'll configure the mech to be as close as possible to that.
This has a flavour of Arsenal and assault frame with the agility of a cat well good luck & tsihu soon!


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Aug 17, 2020
1) Frame: Heavy

2) Power Allocation: Offense. The focus of this build is on maximizing offensive capabilities, allowing for devastating firepower against enemies.

3) Reactor Size: Medium. Despite being a heavy frame, the medium reactor size provides a balance between power capacity and mobility.

4) Abilities:
  • Plasma Barrage. This ability unleashes a concentrated barrage of plasma projectiles, wreaking havoc on enemy targets within a designated area.
  • Energy Overload. By channeling excess energy, this ability temporarily enhances the frame's offensive capabilities, boosting damage output for a limited time.

5) Shoulder Mount Weapon: Rocket Pod. A versatile rocket pod that fires a barrage of explosive rockets, ideal for dealing with groups of enemies or heavily armored foes.

6) Primary and Secondary Weapons:
  • Primary: Gatling Cannon. A high-rate-of-fire Gatling cannon provides sustained firepower, mowing down enemies with a barrage of bullets.
  • Secondary: Plasma Cutter. A close-quarters weapon, the plasma cutter emits a superheated blade capable of slicing through enemy defenses and dealing devastating melee damage.

7) Name: "Titanfire". The Titanfire exudes an imposing presence with its massive frame and heavy armor plating. Its movements are deliberate and powerful, showcasing its resilience and offensive might. The frame emits a low hum as energy courses through its systems, ready to unleash devastating barrages and cleave through enemies with its plasma cutter.


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Oct 28, 2021
With the eye opening reveal of 3k+ Knee biters on screen & not lag out the engine I'm inclined to redo my Field commander build since it seems my ideal playstyle may be achievable here. Once more this is for people that have Played CoC Masterminds, pet classes or wish the Bastions Turrets could Woddle around like the Firefall trailer.

1) Frame: Heavy

2) Power Distribution: 60% Utility / 40% Defense

3) Heavy Reactor

4) Abilities.
Reinforce: On Use : Opens a command wheel allowing the Frame to call in Construct level AI robotics either as Armored Infantry, Field Support Units (Repair/Utility), Heavy Infantry, Armored Vehicle or a Modified combat THMPR Unit.

Heavy Tower: On Use: Opens a Command Wheel to Call down either an Auto-Turret Tower or Resupply-Tower Emplacement on marked location, when two towers are within close proximity a wall is deployed between them.

5) Shoulder Mount: Command Module
Robotics in the field have limits, Users of this Module are painfully aware, this Command Module has sufficient telemetry and computing power to assist in the command of Constructs deployed in the field. Supporting more units to be deployed for prolonged usage & allowing the user a more personal touch in leading their units. ((Asking for an RTS Mode or Mount and Blade style of control over called in units in a limited area.))

6) Primary Weaponry: Hammer Secondary; 'Giga-Gat' / 'Tiny-Gun' ((Upscaled Mini-Gun)

7) Knight Commander; Is a thick frame, it looks as though someone created a modern knight. It is slow, towering over other Frames giving it a view of the battlefield few would appreciate. Its doubles as a Field commander & a challenger, who would even dare to guess that this moving fortress was in fact a forward base? When all else fails, the Knight Commander will engage in Melee using hammer and tower shield, leading its Robotic Constructs to buy other Pilots time to recover or retreat.

Notes: The Knight Commander was designed to clear and hold objectives. It may be heavily dependent on its Dropship to deploy its forces and fortifications unless there is some technology to have a fabricator to build said fortifications or forces on the fly. It would fill a niche of wanting to play tower defense & RTS in a shooter, allowing it to function as an off brand Medic/Resuply with its forces and have some 'mobility' in the form of its AI soldiers.

The bastion from Firefall was fun, real fun especially when you had near no cooldown for your turrets allowing you to move with others, but for a long time I knew the struggle of having to redeploy my turrets and sometimes being what caused my friends to wait. I was waiting for those mobile turrets from the trailer and was saddened to see it never realized.

This Omni-Frame would be a dream come true, I know it would be much more complicated to implement and the design and features would almost seem exclusive to this frame. The dual function of many of these systems make it hard to code or program. Its highly Niche and not likely to be popular in any degree.

Command Module: It would allow more limited entities to be fielded. If you have a turret limit of 4 it might go up to 6 or more. I'd like a implemented point buy system where you can choose to have more entities or turrets.
Reinforce: These robotic units would either be individual entities or a squad.

Thanks for taking a look at my wall of text.
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Aug 17, 2020
1) Frame: Medium

2) Power Allocation: Defense

3) Reactor Size: Heavy

4) Abilities: Energy Shield, Disruptor Field

5) Shoulder Mount Weapon: EMP Launcher

6) Primary Weapon and Secondary Weapon: Heavy Riot Cannon and Energy Blade

7) Name: Sentinel

Description: The Sentinel is a medium frame mech built for defense. With a heavy reactor, it sustains powerful defensive systems. Equipped with an energy shield and disruptor field abilities, it can withstand enemy assaults and impair their targeting. The shoulder-mounted EMP launcher disables enemy electronics. The heavy riot cannon delivers concussive blasts, while the energy blade ensures deadly close-quarter encounters.