Omniframe build types: Post your ideas here!


Jul 26, 2016
Montana, US
Yes. Hurt things. Piss them off. Glow brightly attracting attention. I unleash hell. Then calmly walk by, tap the remains of your frame's head on the ground saying thank. Next battle!

Naaaaah. Just kidding.

Seriously well written. I'm getting a strong visual as well. Not my cup of tea, personally as everybody knows I will be a dedicated tank frame. But I like the concept mechanics behind this. Can see implementation in other ways.
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Oct 13, 2019
1) A light frame
2) high mobility, minimal defense, moderate offense
3) medium reactor
4) Ability 1; zero-gravity field, kaiju the same size as this omniframe or smaller become immobile for the activation. omniframes get more mobility. radius about 4 to 5 large omniframes from the module outward. if used Graviton pulse granades also go on cooldown.
Ability 2; weakness exploitation. scans target kaiju for joints or cracks and places a tag for allies to see.
5) shoulder mounted graviton pulse granade launcher; cracks kaiju armor, brakes cracked armor. if used Zero-Gravity field also goes on cooldown.
6) primary: submachinegun
secondary: dual curved blades
7) Z-G Utopia, prioritizing mobility over defense its light-weight armor and reinforced frame the Z-G Utopia is a support/supression omniframe. The primary objectives of this omniframe are to disrupt smaller kaiju, increase ally frame mobility, and find weakness in kaiju armor or, if not are found, create them. Having so little armor leaves some of the inner-frame exposed.
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