Omniframe build types: Post your ideas here!


Jul 26, 2016
Montana, US
Yes. Hurt things. Piss them off. Glow brightly attracting attention. I unleash hell. Then calmly walk by, tap the remains of your frame's head on the ground saying thank. Next battle!

Naaaaah. Just kidding.

Seriously well written. I'm getting a strong visual as well. Not my cup of tea, personally as everybody knows I will be a dedicated tank frame. But I like the concept mechanics behind this. Can see implementation in other ways.
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Oct 13, 2019
1) A light frame
2) high mobility, minimal defense, moderate offense
3) medium reactor
4) Ability 1; zero-gravity field, kaiju the same size as this omniframe or smaller become immobile for the activation. omniframes get more mobility. radius about 4 to 5 large omniframes from the module outward. if used Graviton pulse granades also go on cooldown.
Ability 2; weakness exploitation. scans target kaiju for joints or cracks and places a tag for allies to see.
5) shoulder mounted graviton pulse granade launcher; cracks kaiju armor, brakes cracked armor. if used Zero-Gravity field also goes on cooldown.
6) primary: submachinegun
secondary: dual curved blades
7) Z-G Utopia, prioritizing mobility over defense its light-weight armor and reinforced frame the Z-G Utopia is a support/supression omniframe. The primary objectives of this omniframe are to disrupt smaller kaiju, increase ally frame mobility, and find weakness in kaiju armor or, if not are found, create them. Having so little armor leaves some of the inner-frame exposed.


Omni Ace
Omni Ace
Jul 29, 2016
Brisbane, Australia
Smooth Operator
1) Light Frame
2) 5% Defensive, 15% Offensive, 80% Mobility
3) Medium reactor.
4) Armament Dampening - While activated, your thrusters temporarily sync with your equipped weapon, and dampen the recoil of your shots with extremely efficient jets. You suffer no recoil, however your jetpack energy reduces at a rate proportionate to the recoil of your weapon. You cannot jetpack or glide while this ability is activated.
Skycloak - When activated while gliding more than 10 metres above the ground, projects an convincing image of the sky below the omniframe, rendering it almost invisible to below units. Immune to targeting by anchors. Automatically deactivates after 25 seconds or if you are less than 10 metres off the ground. Cooldown 2 minutes.
5) Shock Ballista - Fires a 1.5m bolt with a shocking tip that electrocutes and stuns enemies.
6) Suppressed Sniper Rifle
Suppressed SMG - shocking rounds
7) Designed as an infiltrator, the Smooth Operator frame allows a pilot to pass over enemy lines undetected and take out important targets with pinpoint accuracy. Very quick, highly mobile, but would not last long face-to-face with larger Kaiju or overwhelming numbers..
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Omni Ace
Omni Ace
Jul 29, 2016
Brisbane, Australia
And just for fun, I present to you the UHC: Ultra High Cholesterol.
1) Heavy Frame
2) 100% Defensive, 0% Offensive, 0% Mobility
3) Heavy reactor.
4) Catch Breath. Activate to catch your breath. It makes you feel better. Recover 30% maximum health over 30 seconds. Cooldown 3 minutes.
Consume. Passive. Eat cheeseburgers. Eat â̳͔̙̅̿l͡l̞̭ͧ͆ ̝͗͆̕ͅo̦ͣf̃ͮ̏̌͊ͦ ̹̠̪t̝̮̰̻̻̬ͅḫ͉̭̍͋̔ẽ̙̟͔̠͈̗͔͒̎ͯ̆̋͂mͩͩ
5) Shoulder: The Butter Cannon - massive railgun assembly sturdily mounted to the left shoulder. You must be blocking with shield to fire this weapon. Yellowish glow. It hurts. A lot.
6) Heavy Machine Gun - explosive ammunition.
Fist and Shield - the sheer weighted mass of your frame make you a force to be reckoned with. Required to be equipped when using The Butter Cannon.
7) It's big. It's slow. Your thrusters can't shift your tremendous girth. Enemies don't hurt as much as your joints do.
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Nov 2, 2019
1) Medium frame

2) 10% Defense, 60% Offense, 30% Mobility

3) Heavy Reactor (thinking heavy so it's accessible later in player progression because of the general playstyle difficulty and also so you can add powerups to general movement speed and evasive stuff without getting rid of the damage mods, can't really tell yet how this would work in game so it's hard to say right now)

4) Pick 2 abilities
>>Ability1 - Marked Reaper - AoE pulse to give all friendly targets in range Damage increase and a 10% chance to not consume ammo on firing. Lasts 15 Seconds, ~1minute cooldown
>>Ability2 - Firing Mode:Omega
Causes your primary weapon to empty the mag with the next shot, combining damage based on how many ammo charges are consumed. Removes Marked Reaper from self on first shot, causing it to be a guaranteed Critical hit if it lands. (removes buff even if shot misses). 2 Minute cooldown, can be reduced by kills/assist and critical hits

5) Pick a shoulder mount weapon
>>R.A.D. - Remote Assault Drone
Works somewhat like Redeemer in Unreal Tournament. Shoot it, navigate to enemy units, explode on click, deals low damage and applies damage taken increase to enemies

6) Pick primary and secondary weapon
>>Primary Weapon - non-auto Laser Sniper Rifle (no chargeup shots, must have small zoom scope or none at all to make it work inside corridors and buildings). Has to be accurate without aim-down mode as well as it functions as an assault weapon and not a long-range support rifle
>>Secondary Weapon - Laser Revolver (small mag, slow reload, causes ministun/stagger to hit enemies)

7) Name it and give a brief description of how it looks, feels and acts.
>>Name: CaliBear

Attack agressive Sniper frame, general gameplay would be running into semi-close or face-to-face range with a primary sniper rifle to buff yourself and nearby allies. Defensives mainly consist of moving and being fast, interrupting deadly attack animations/lunges towards you with the secondary pistol. Generally a "hit enemy get rewarded, miss them and get punished" kind of playstyle with a sniper rifle in close range.
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Omni Ace
Sep 23, 2018
1) Light Frame
2) Pure mobility
3) Small Reactor
4) Incendiary Rounds, Assisted Targeting
5) Laser Targeting Unit
6) Melee arm, 22 caliber Gatling gun
7) Forward Targeting Unit – This light frame is extremely fast due to its light configuration and its sole purpose is to utilize its Laser Targeting Unit which can quickly provide a targeting solution to Heavy Frames far from battle. With its Assisted Targeting computer, it an provide additional firing solutions, calculated out with enemy movement information to more accurately land mortar fire. It looks very utilitarian, is very very quick and reacts fast because the point is not to get hit.
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