Omniframe build types: Post your ideas here!

Jul 27, 2016
I'm wondering if there is room for a sub-compact mek, that in essence would look and feel like a FF battleframe. My first thought on how to use it would be in some sort of raid-like campaign, these sub-compact meks could be used as very fast DPS; your "glass canon" in relation to other meks.

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Aug 25, 2019
1) Light Frame
2) Mostly mobility, with a sprinkling of offense.
3) Large, as the abilities will be taxing while also firing in combat
4) Precision Drive: Boosts all precision and fire rate of weapons on the frame.
Reaper Drive: Boosts the power/speed of melee weapons and movement speed on the frame.
5) Shoulder Weapon: A light railgun, capable of devastating shots but draining energy from shields to fire.
6) Primary: A Semi-Auto sniper rifle with a mid-range, acting more like a DMR in use due to the high mobility and accuracy afforded by the omniframe's two abilities.
Secondary: A large Scythe that the frame wields with deadly strength, allowing for close range combat where its primary fails.
7) Reaper: A deadly shadow on the battlefield, Reaper shoots from one target to the next using Reaper Drive while dispatching them with a swing of its scythe before swapping to Precision to quickly take out targets from afar. An expert pilot will effortlessly swap between the Drives required for the situation in a fatal dance, clearing groups with the Scythes powerful swings, and picking off high priority targets from afar in Precision.

AND ONE MORE because it's fun.
1) Heavy Frame
2) 75:25 Defense and Mobility, just to keep up with faster frames.
3) Heavy Reactor, very ability based, needs to keep up with everything else.
4) Repairing Gale: Releases a blast of nanobots that latch onto allies and repair them over time.
Overcharge: releases a blast of stored up energy and overcharges shield of nearby allies while boosting weapon output and movement speed.
5) Shoulder Weapon: Tesla Cannon capable of disarming and disabling large groups of enemies.
6) Primary: Vortex Cannon: Creates a low pressure vortex that absorbs enemies, pulling them to a localized region and grouping them up to be disarmed by your shoulder cannon
Secondary: Repulser: Blasts a large wave of kinetic energy and knocks down nearby enemies around the target and makes them more vulnerable to damage.
7) Seraphim: Always a welcome sight on the battlefield, Seraphim repairs and boosts allies to heights that can't be achieved alone. Keeping dangerous crowds away from lighter frames while rounding them up for heavier hitters, Seraphim is a true support frame.
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Nov 16, 2018
I'm wondering if there is room for a sub-compact mek, that in essence would look and feel like a FF battleframe. My first thought on how to use it would be in some sort of raid-like campaign, these sub-compact meks could be used as very fast DPS; your "glass canon" in relation to other meks.
The light frame is more like an exoskeleton than a full frame, meant to draw more closely from the FF style, so that's probably what would interest you.


This was presented to us as an idea for a "brawler" (melee) type of light frame.
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Aug 28, 2019
1) Medium (support)
2) Defense, Offense, Mobility ( explained in abilities
3) Medium
4) Skills
4a) Triad: allows omniframe to re-allocate power distribution between Defensive, Offensive, and Mobility on a cool down. ( Seventy percent of the power allocated to selected power group, switching power group changes visual of omniframe slightly)

4b) Pack hounds: Three deployable mobile turrets tied to Triad equipped with: Pulse Rifle, Shield Emitter, and Dirty Drives. Setting power group with triad decides which equipment the pack hounds prioritize.

Pulse Rifle: increases RoF and Reload speed of pack hounds and selected weapon when power set to Offensive, Can be set to priortize a target will default to attacking highest threat if not (excluding boss type mobs)

Shield Emitter: Deploys a mobile dome shield around the omniframe when power set to Defense, Shield has higher health pool when set to defense and can house other omniframes, shields reduced to packhounds when power not set to defensive

Dirty Drives: Connects subsystems to pack hounds disabling safety limits of omniframes boosters allowing extreme speeds when power set to mobility, prolonged use can cause damage to omniframe.

5) Pick a shoulder mount weapon
Targeting Computer: Allows selection of targets for pack hounds to fire on, allows multiple target lock for primary and increased range for secondary.

6) Pick primary and secondary weapon
Primary: Micro Missile Launcher, Direct fire or multi lock weapon, medium damage large magazine.

Secondary: Repair Tool, low damage but able to heal allies, allied structures and pack hounds prolonged use can overheat the tool.

7) Name: Crucible

Description: Commands the battlefield and supports allies, The advanced Triad Power core allows Cruciable to adapt to any situation weather it be reparing mid combat or holding down a firing position.

Looks/Acts: external lights change depending on power allocation, physical form changes slightly ( cylinders pop out of shoulders/legs/arms/back when shield boosted, fins/flaps open when mobility boosted, Closed up when offensive boosted. Very Modular looking) acts as a support for allies but can still sustain itself, best suited to zip around with booster then set up its shield or lay down fire.


Jul 23, 2017
Have not followed the forums for a long time so not sure if this answer will be "acceptable", but I would really love to see a frame like the (early) Omnidyne-M Bastion again. Loved playing that one in the good old days.
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Nov 16, 2018
Playstyle and abilities mainly, but come to think of it, look was not bad either but I guess a bit to small in comparison to the em8er frames I've seen.
The abilities will come in. The look is a big maybe; probably not.

Playstyle is a subtle thing, and memories are really odd about that. Keep this in mind for when you do testing and be sure to give feedback!
Aug 3, 2016
Dear Grummz,

after many hours of flying in em8er, one thing jumped to my eyes and no one found it strange or too bad not to improve.
Being, besides, that you yourself did not pay attention, while I know you fly simulator fan.
Indeed, it misses the command of ROLL, thus making it possible to make barrels, and the vertical limit not making it possible to make a looping. A pity, it would greatly improve the gameplay, allowing to make beautiful figures in flight ;-)
In addition QD keys are not used precisely in flight so use them ;-)

Good weekend everyone and congratulations to all the team for their work.
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Jul 27, 2016
Island of Tofu
I seen a video on a new style of weapons in Unreal Engin

Maybe cool to developpe it ?
This would be fun imagine a super charged slice that can take out specific sections of kaiju's or even use it to disrupt boulders to come down!

the command of ROLL, thus making it possible to make barrels
This could make the gliding fun avoiding grapplers that come your way and getting into narrow openings than to crash into a wall.

Light frames ftw. Just as long as somehow we can end up with this kind of aerobatic agility, our enemies shall fall before me like wheat before the scythe.

wow very nice imagine adding aerobatic barrel rolls into the mix and getting points for doing tricks glider wings were unique to firefall could imagine a bike with glider wings :D
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Mar 10, 2020
1) heavy shield helps with enemies that use bullets
2) high mobility and offense low defense unless mobility does not include speed of walking/running then defense offense
3) heavy its made to fire for long periods of time
mine layer: sticks a mine to surfaces or floats if they dont hit anything arcs from reticule once activated by pressing ability again it starts spewing mini frags that bounce around til the hit something or lose all velocity or 5 seconds pass dealing small damage randomly for a max of 5 seconds for area of denial however if you want fast add clear holding it causes it to detonate prematurely the final explosion deals medium damage and explodes in a medium blast range and staggers weak to medium enemies mini frag damage added to final blast if you hold it b4 it can start using mini frags has a faster then average cooldown but you cannot place more then one mine at a time

blast proof: no damage from own explosives and to friendly structures if this is a given then instead

mini nuke: launches a large missile that has a very slow arc but causes a large explosion and deals medium damage very slow cooldown

5) chain fed mortar: fires grenade rounds rapidly at reticule needs to cool aka can run it for more then 15 seconds without having to cool it down dealing small damage in a medium aoe made for clearing smaller mobs cools down faster if not fully overheated grenades explode on contact unlike the main weapons it does not do impact damage its fully the blast

breach-load grenade launcher:
launches medium aoe medium damage grenades that arcs with a fairly fast reload speed staggers weak enemies high velocity can bounce and roll for clearing corners b4 people get to you etc grenades do not act like bouncy balls however made for taking down bigger mobs and sometimes clearing things that stray to close to it
1 shot per mag

mini rocket:
fires a mini rocket that explodes on impact dealing slightly smaller damage at the longest range that you can lead the target correctly smaller blast then grenade launcher made to weaken tough things before they get to you reloads medium speed very high velocity
1 shot per mag

note: both weapons deal 3/4 in blast and 1/4 in impact

7) grenadier: a strategist made to control the weaker enemies of the battlefield with explosives and if they get past the defenses to kite and deal with them quickly using the chain fed mortar when it comes to bigger enemies you would ideally hit with a rocket then kite and use the breach-load grenade launcher the mine layer ability is to control key points in the area or if you are overwhelmed while kiting the blast proof ability is to allow you to fire up close if you are overwhelmed or you are using a mine to defend a point not to be destroyed by it if that is a given then the mini nuke would be a fix it button if things go really bad as long as you can predict that its getting bad before it gets really bad look would be covered in grenades and this is meant to be a close to med range frame with the occasional hail mary or rocket snipe for fun

this or something similar would be my dream frame love and peace please excuse my grammer

been a fan of mines and gls in video games since i was a wee kid

added looks:

feature a scarp junker look with hazard lines on the armor featuring mostly rusted armor made of junk and with a junk rusted yellow amusement park kitty head it has flooodlight as eyes one has fell out no longer working exposing wiring the chest is exposed so you can see the person inside looks similar to the fa-00100s full armor hyaku shiki kai from gundam but entirely scrap and rusted metal with blast marks and soot from battle the arm hinges downward to reveal the breach gl and it carries a katar with 3 claws the mortar is mounted on the left side and the rocket shoots from a underbarrel on the katar on the oppsite hand of the breach gl which is on the right with a hand to grab the mine is grabbed from a compartment on the waist and thrown as it has mines strapped to the waist and a bandolier the wings on the back look like rg 32 rx-93 nu gundam but with 2 wings and it features a tail it uses martial arts to fight along with the katar very acrobatic also the shield is projected force field in the shape of a disk that comes out the top of the katar arm

added melee:

image to come soon hopefully
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