Omniframe build types: Post your ideas here!


Nov 16, 2018

heavy frame
heavy reactor
medium shields, medium armor, shield
melee sword, shield bash
primary: fully-automatic assault rifle
secondary: small-area grenade launcher, lingering smoke for visual cover
power: vertical thrust
shoulder: downward-only "ring" mini missiles

kites, gathers and funnels the faster and lighter enemies, boosting into hail of rockets to decimate close crowds


Nov 16, 2018

medium frame
medium reactor
mobility, extremely short dodge cooldown
light shields (high regeneration), medium armor
melee flame thrower (light damage, area)
primary: short-range assault rifle
secondary: Forward thrust shoulder-check (does its best damage not close up but at the end of its reach)
powers: longer-sustained flight, mid-air boosts
shoulder: meteor jets, landing with area damage

First-to-combat mobility, this frame uses traditionally-melee tactics begun at longer range, dodging backward to shoulder-check inward, or turning enemy hooks against them by being dragged down from flight as a meteor.
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Feb 25, 2017
Interceptor type frame

1) Light-medium frame
2) Overwhelming offense, insane mobility, almost no defense. Long cool down on offense.
3) medium (high speed but below average flight time)
=Extreme speed+small FRONTAL shockwave shield: Allows user to charge into a fight and close the distance. Gains extra charge when main weapon runs out of ammo within 5sec that this ability ends. Allows user to escape when out of ammo easier. Area in front while moving is shielded due to the shockwave created by the sheer speed of the frame.
=Inert fuse shells : Allows shells to deal small aoe damage and small chance of stun per hit. If weapon has AOE already, damage and chance to stun are increased.
Shoulder missile pod: Houses a number of missiles thant can be fired in a salvo. Reload is long. Equiping this will slow the user. When the rockets are all used, the omni frame is slightly faster.
Defensive shield/counter measure suite:Deploys a shield that reduces damage of incoming attacks up to a certain extent. Counter measures consumables may be used to negate a few certain attacks but needs to recharge. This is used since the frame has no shield generator or defenses of its own (besides the basic one around the pilot).
6) Primary: Hand held Autocannon (Think of IRL MK108 Autocannon). High damage, high rof but highly inaccurate, high recoil and low ammo count.
Primary VARIANT: A higher caliber variant of the primary auto cannon (Think of IRL MK214A Autocannon) featuring better accuracy, deals AOE damage, much higher damage but high recoil, lower RoF, much lower ammo count.
Secondary: SMG

7) "Shinden"
Aerodynamic styling for maximum speed.
The Shinden omni frame is good at reaching enemies fast and unleashing a barrage of small cannon shells up close before retreating to prepare for another run.

This frame is reliant on its speed to defend itself and pilots must choose their engagement wisely due to its low ammo magazine capacity weapons. The abilities supports this role by allowing the frame to enter quickly with limited protection, deal maximum damage and leave quickly to reload and cooldown.

The pilot has the option of increasing the damage or range of their setup at the expense of speed. This frame works best as part of a team, initiating battles and provide heavy strafing fire support.
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Jan 11, 2017
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I absolutely love the idea of having the choice of picking any ability combo with any frame to suit you play style, but what would entice players to pick full ability builds (healing/tank/dps)? So if you can pick any frame with any ability combination, people would undoubtedly find the 'god mode' build which everyone would start using. To avoid people only using a handfull of abilities I would say each ability class (healing/tanking/dps/mobility etc) should have either a character buff that makes other abilties from the same class more efficient/powerful or some type of passive that gives extra effects when used with another ability of the same type (think league of legends' brand champion and his abilities and extra effects when the target is ablaze).
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Jul 5, 2017
1) Heavy Frame
2) Defense
3) Heavy Reactor
4) Reinforce: Gain a massive defensive boost and cc resistance but disables your jet pack
Challenge: Taunts a massive area forcing human sized enemies to attack the user.
5) The Brick: A point defense array that while active destroys incoming non-hitscan attacks and deals a small dot to nearby enemies.
6) Primary, The Iron Kurtain: A heavy shield aimed at defending a group. Primary fire slams the shield into the ground making the user immune to knockdown and pull effects but disabling movement. Over the next 1.5 seconds nanites will swarm out from the shield expanding its size. At full size melee attacks against the sheild will stun the attacker. Secondary fire will pull the shield in front of you and when the primary fire button is pressed it will preform a shield bash knocking back small enemies and stunning human sized enemies.
Secondary, The Ballista: A powerful hand cannon with a single shot, deals massive damage with a small AOE.
7) The Stonewall: This guy is your portable fort, built to survive, your job is to constantly press every advantage. while pushing on a group of enemies or defending a base, use the Iron Kurtain to provide cover for allies while The Brick will protect you and your friends from any pesky AOE damage coming in. Meanwhile use your taunt to allow you allies to flank or use powerful abilities. Finally, while the Ballista's single round clip and slowish reload wont make you a DPS star, its massive power will allow you to defend yourself and pick off targets that give you and your allies trouble.
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Jul 5, 2017
1) Heavy
2) Offense
3) Medium
4) Enrage: Double melee damage for a medium duration, Increased movement speed
Atlas' Strength (passive): melee weapons are two handed and have 85% cleave
5) Thunder Clap: Generates a non damaging wave of sound resulting in a powerful short range AOE stun
6) Primary, Avalanche: An impossibly heavy sword (seen below) held with both hand combines the weighted head of an ax with the long edge of a sword making it perfect for clearing out clouds. Heavy damage on a slow swing, chance to stagger opponents hit. This weapon can have various elemental variations. The element chosen will glow in the center of the ring.
Secondary, Targe: A small shield mounted on the arm that offers little protection. While either it or a melee weapon are equipped your alternate fire will initiate the boosters around the edge of the shield resulting in a high speed charge with limited turn speed. If a melee is equipped attacking during the charge will end the charge and deliver a powerful melee swing. if just the shield is used it will bash knocking back and stunning the target. The power of these attacks scale with distance charged.
7) The Juggernaut: A hulking frame that embodies the berserker playstyle. Charge in, hit enrage and start swinging until you are the last man standing, simple, straightforward, and fun.
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Dec 15, 2016
Heavy with heavy reactor
This is an artillery frame so, offense

4) Forward Observer Drone - launches a drone up into the sky to help with relayng targets for friendly artillery. Press the corresponding key to this ability to switch from omniframe view to drone view.
Mobility Power Lockdown - toggle ability that causes your omniframe to be rooted in place and disables all movement and servos. In exchange, your shoulder mount weapon will have its damage increased by 2.5x and have 15% of its damage as absolute.

5a) Alpha-400 MLRS (indirect fire only)- rocket artillery system capable of plunging fire over enemies at long distances but cannot damage enemies at X distance or less. High upfront damage and wide area of coverage but with long reload time. Best suited for an initial strike prior to an attack.

5b) Krispyflash 5000 Mortar (indirect and direct fire) - DOT artillery capable of setting a wide area on fire at long range. High DOT, lesser range than Alpha-400 MLRS but can be sustained for longer bombardment times.

5c) Harpoon 250MJ Railgun (Indirect and direct fire) - kinetic artillery capable of defensive fire and can be used effectively at closer ranges. Shortest range of all and smallest AOE but the fastest ROF and suffers no delay betweeen shot distance.

5d) Colossus C300 TBM Launcher (indirect fire only) - Tactical ballistic missile capable of hitting targets from the adjacent county. Longest range out of all artillery pieces listed but with the longest minimum range. Highest damage and AOE comparable to the Alpha MLRS but have the longest reload time and can only carry one TBM at a time.

5e) Zelus AKV Cruise Missile Battery (indirect and direct fire) - artillery piece capable of hitting multiple separate targets simultaneously. Longest range out of all direct fire capable artillery pieces.

Primary, secondary, shield and melee weapons are up to the pilot’s choice.

The Raging Strike - This power manager for an omniframe is specialized for raw firepower enhancement. Its default setting is 50% power to ability and weapon systems. Allocating all power to offense guarantees critical hits to all weapons fire and splash damage type weapons have 10% of their damage as absolute.

The Sorceror lives up to its name as the glass cannon build. High damage upfront and capable of long range support unlike any other but as like the games from it, incapable of receiving most damage and thus will not survive alone without any help.
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Jul 27, 2016
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1) light/medium frame
2) offense 45 mobility 10 defense 45
3) medium reactor
4) Ability 1: Netach this ability launches a hightech net that traps small to medium enemies but larger one's just slows them down until broken.

Ability 2: Cling this ability lets you stick to most surfaces with the special substances and nanobots that aid in the process. You could be in an enemy building and stick to the ceiling for a certain time.

5) Shoulder weapon electric storm shoots an electric charge that absorbs some of the energy of nearby electrical equipment to power own mech.

6) Primary weapon shotgun axe a tomahawk style axe with a shotgun chop chop and blast for close combat.

Secondary weapon microgun shoots small concentrated microwaves to fry internal tech and machinery high rof with low damage

7) the name of this frame is called the spider because like spiders it sneaky and can go in many places but its not so fast however thanks to its abilities the spider takes a more tactical approach and could act as a support tank if needed.