Omniframe build types: Post your ideas here!


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Aug 3, 2016
1: Frame type: Heavy
--This baby's a hunter with some scary weapons and needs to be able to survive first contact to get the job done. Having a shield arm will make a world of difference.

2: Power allocation: Balanced offense and defense with slightly lower mobility
--The weaponry we're rocking here needs power, not just for damage, but for force. While not an unkillable tank, the frame still gets into the thick of things at times, so it can't be a paper tiger. It may not be a bluestreak in theory, but it can get around well enough if managed properly.

3: Reactor: Medium
--While it's not a laser spewing fool, it's heavy. It's also not carrying a bunch of independently firing guns; it's carrying powered gear with moving parts, so a wimpy powerplant probably won't do for keeping it in the fight.

4A--Harpoon: fires a cable-reeled harpoon that lodges in an enemy and reels itself in, dealing bleed/shred damage as it pulls the target. Heavier targets affect reeling speed and may pull the user instead. Activate after hitting to cause the harpoon to release its target. Extremely limited ammo, but shots are refunded if the harpoon successfully reels without breaking. Tether may be broken if enemy pulls hard enough, costing shots. Moderate to low recharge time, depending on the distance the shot travels.
(Probably the most physics-intensive part of the kit; if its designed well, it'll be tons of fun for hitching rides and yanking hapless targets into kill range.)

4B--Breaching Blast: fires a massive jump jet burst, propelling the frame in the direction it's aimed. May be steered in the air. Deals damage in an area on takeoff (if used on the ground) and in an impact crater on landing. Moderately high recharge time.
(This should be physics based, i.e. the better the angle and velocity, the bigger and more damaging the impact.)

5: Shoulder weapon--Grapeshot: a large cannon that fires an arcing cluster of explosive rounds. Long maximum range, but high spread and gravity dependent. Works best at medium range for optimum concentration and splash damage. Targets can be hit by multiple projectiles/explosions. Moderate ammo count, slightly slow firing rate.

6: Primary weapon--The Jaws of Death: an arm mounted heavy hydraulic "jaw" designed for crushing.

7: Is it the monster of the sea...or the monster who hunts it? While beefy, this frame evokes the sleek, smooth lines of nature's most toothy aquatic predators. While its cruising speed is nothing incredible, the frame can use its harpoon on terrain in a pinch to move itself quickly over short to moderate distances and its breaching blast can cover a lot of ground if aimed well. It's built to take a hit, but not to soak up an army's worth of damage. The frame can use its grapeshot to soften groups of foes at range with area bombardment, but its true strength lies in its ability to hunt hard targets, covering large distances and making an entrance before closing the rest of the gap with its harpoon for a crushing finish between its toothy hands. It only requires a medium reactor thanks to its lack of energy weapons, though its limited ammo means it's not an all-day siege machine. While fans of big engagements will enjoy chasing their own grapeshots with a breach for tons of area fun, crazier pilots will almost certainly get their kicks harpooning Kaiju and going for a ride.

What do I call it? The Leviathan.

Bonus style points for pilots who wear an eyepatch and tricorne with this one. SERIOUS props if you can do it with a hook hand and a peg leg. Parrot optional, but not recommended.


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Aug 3, 2016
1--Frame type: Medium
We're gonna need speed and firepower for this one, no question about it.

2--power balance: mobility and offense, sacrificing defense
We get in, we deliver the payload, we get out. Getting hit is a no-no.

3--Reactor: Heavy
We need power for this one. See why below.

4A--Cold Snap: Sends the frame into a flight mode with extreme speed, but very low maneuverability, suitable for strafing runs but not much else. Uses massive amounts of power and foregoes any attempt at stealth due to the noise, but can carry the frame an incredible distance in a very short time. Low cooldown.

4B--North Wind: Dispenses an icy mist around the frame, obscuring vision and reducing thermal signatures in its area. Lingers for a time, but falls to the ground gradually. Cannot match flight speed.

5: Shoulder weapon--Blizzard: vertical swarm dumbfire missile launcher with high ammo. Sits on both shoulders to preserve balance in flight. Hypercooled chemical compound chills area on impact, reducing speed and mobility of affected targets. Moderate damage per missile explosion, enemies can be hit by multiple blasts.

6: Primary weapon--Hailstorm: dual machine guns with high rate of fire, good ammo count and fragmentation style-rounds with a small area of effect. Shreds small amounts of armor on each hit, gradually increasing damage.

What's that chill in the air? It's a hard winter and it's coming your way--fast. Designed as a combat bomber, this frame is designed to be as aerodynamic as possible because it's meant to be in the air--and it pays for it with almost a total loss of turning rate in flight mode. Combined with its fragile armor, this frame requires a good setup to avoid being blasted out of the sky. If piloted correctly however, it can rain death on targets in massive lines. Those that aren't soft, it softens first with its missiles. While it can use all its weaponry and abilities in normal mode and is quite agile outdoors, it should never be taken into close quarters combat in tight spaces. Given room to move, this frame can lay siege to even the most fortified positions with a withering array of area damage and defense-reducing chemistry. While most of its tactics are useless against airborne opponents, it can use its mist to cover an escape or attempt to fight under cover.

What do I call it? The Frostbite.
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Aug 3, 2016
1--Frame type: Heavy
2--power balance: Defense
3--reactor: heavy
4A--Sentry: Toggled ability. Clamps the frame's legs in place, granting it tremendous resistance to any forced movement. Limits the frame's horizontal aiming arc to the extent that the torso can twist independently of the legs, but diverts power to increase sensor range and provide a tremorsense that detects the vibrations of ground-based enemy movement.
4B--Fortify: Toggled ability. Projects a curved half-dome energy shield in front of the frame. The shield will continue to regenerate gradually and rebuild itself if broken. If the frame remains stationary the shield recharges much faster. Draws heavy power from the reactor.
5--shoulder: Onager: A large scatter grenade launcher that can be remote detonated before impact, making it usable as anti-air. Wide spread, good range, moderate damage, high ammo.
6--primary: Trebuchet: heavy caliber artillery cannon, moderate range and arc, moderate damage and AOE, slow travel time, slow reload speed.
7--Designed to stand on a fortress wall and repel all invaders, this frame isn't built for globetrotting--it's built to plant its feet and make the enemy pay for every inch of ground they take. As a heavy frame it can wade into big engagements with ease, pummeling squads with heavy splash damage and shredding aerial targets with flak. It's not designed for dueling; speedy opponents WILL give it trouble if it can't land enough splash damage to knock them out. When a fort is under attack, however, it'll happily man the walls, bomb advancing armies before the reach the walls and bear the brunt of whatever is thrown at it without budging from its post. Incidentally it also makes fantastic cover for allies who are smart enough to stay behind the shield.

So what do I call it? The Rampart.
Dec 15, 2016
Medium or heavy
Heavy reactor

List of possible abilities:
4a) Seeker shots - (passive) fired ammunition has a tendency to guide themselves to a target.
4b) Anchored - (toggle) modified Turret Mode that has gives a huge rate of fire boost but lacks a defense shield.

4c) Point defense - (passive) protects the omniframe from enemy projectiles.
4d) Hacker dish - (active) causes enemy missiles that are currently locked on to you lose guidance. This also prevents you from being targeted against lock-on weapons for 20 seconds.

4e) Thunderstorm - (active, must have the Volt Caster equipped) the clouds above you heeds your will. Activate this ability to conjure a lightning storm with an effective radius of 300 meters for 20 seconds but disables the use of the Volt Caster.
4f) EMP - (active, must have the Volt Caster equipped) Generates an EMP shockwave that disables enemy energy shields within 200 meters but disables the use of the Volt Caster.
4g) William Tell - (passive, must have the Volt Caster equipped) That apple seems itchy to shoot at. Your Volt Caster becomes a point defense weapon but loses its offensive capabilities.

Volt Caster - (shoulder) long range electric arc cannon capable of delivering a deadly discharge. Lock on target is required (5 seconds).

XB-20 SAM - (primary) SAM with a heavy payload capable of shooting down large aircraft. Lock on target is required (3 seconds).

Flakburster Cannon - (secondary) Medium range energy auto cannon capable of hitting multiple flying enemies within its attack. Highly effective at stripping energy shields but not as compared against armored targets.

Umbrella - (heavy omniframe only) dorsal shield that acts as a secondary protection against attacks from above.

The Flyswatter is indeed a flier’s worst nightmare on the field. This omniframe is very much plays as a pure anti air role capable of swatting flies left and right thanks to its flak cannon and SAM launcher. Its signature weapon is the Volt Caster; not only it does instant damage to a target but also capable of making a chain lightning to groups of enemies depending on how good it is made.

The heavy version of this build comes with the Umbrella Shield which acts as a durable barrier against aerial attacks.
Dec 15, 2016
Monarch (light)
Immortal (medium)
Avatar (heavy)

Defense then allocate to offense when needed.
Heavy reactor

Reinforce Position* - order your kaiju squad to defend your position or retreat.
Attack Target* - order your kaiju squad to attack the highlighted target.
*Ability must have Kaiju Brainwave Controller as shoulder mount weapon.

Kaiju Brainwave Controller - Modified Kaiju controller based from existing Tsi-hu technology. Capable of establishing a neural link between the kaiju and the pilot. Each controller emits a unique frequency so that there would be no wave frequency conflict between pilots.

Primary: Assault shotgun - shotgun with a varying choke selection. Larger choke is effective at close range and can deplete energy shields if most pellets hit. Smaller choke condenses the slug into an armor piercing projectile and increases range and muzzle velocity.

Secondary: Neural Hacker - mind controlling machine designed to override the brainwave signature of an enemy kaiju.

Melee: Saber - single edged sword with a curved blade. Definitely fitting for an officer.

Offhand melee (Monarch only): Claw Hammer - Armor piercing melee weapon with a blunt head and pick.

Offhand secondary (Immortal only) Cellular Metaphaser - modified sprayer designed for healing kaiju cells

Shield (Avatar only): Channeler Shield - omniframe shield capable of passively restoring a percentage of kaiju shielding every 10 seconds.

Vindrax Jethir’s mass production models based on his masterpiece, the Demigod; a culmination of over 30 years of self research, refinement and exposure to Tsi-hu technology. Monarch, Immortal and Avatar are capable of leading an entire squad of Gatestrider controlled kaijus into battle and also completely breaks every rule of engagement among Gatestriders or possibly rewriting it.

These omniframes perform differently compared to most other types as these rely on the kaijus the pilot has controlled. In case that the controlling omniframe gets destroyed, the kaijus stay where they are until another pilot controls them again.

Monarch is capable of controlling up to 4 category 0 kaijus
Immortal is capable of controlling up to 6 category 0 kaijus or 1 category 1 kaiju
Avatar is capable of controlling up to 1 category 2 kaiju

An entire squad of Kaiju at your command. Accept no substitutes.
Medium omniframe with Superheavy Reactor
Primarily a defense oriented frame but can go on the offensive.

Rider’s Link* - Manually take control of one of your category 2 or higher kaiju.
Warpath* - order your category 1 and 0 kaiju squad to attack the selected enemies.
*Ability must have Kaiju Dominator to use.

Kaiju Dominator - A heavily modified omniframe sensors based on collected Tsi-hu technology. The Dominator is capable of severing the neural link of a kaiju and the master then proceeds to take control of the beast. A higher category of kaiju may take some time to control. This is also capable of healing and regenerating shields of all controlled kaijus as long as they are within proximity of the omniframe.

However, this equipment is so huge it occupies a slot of your secondary weapon and chews up a lot of power; a heavy omniframe reactor is not enough to sustain the power consumption.

Dion-Raka Super Jackhammer - Triple barreled shotgun that can switch between a nasty spread of over 70 plasma pellets or one huge slug that can bring a beast mode Tsi-hu to its knees.

Offhand secondary (passive): Neural Stabilizer - This prevents any controlled kaiju from going berserk if the established link to the user gets cut.

Melee: Kaiju Claws - Omniframe hands modified to resemble large kaiju claws.

A one of a kind masterpiece definitely unlike any other omniframe. The Demigod is Vindrax Jethir’s omniframe that was restored and improved on from his frame that was badly damaged from many invasions and campaigns. With the Kaiju Dominator equipped, Demigod is truly a force to be reckoned with as it can command a sizable kaiju squad of different categories.

Any time Vindrax shows up for a fight, his omniframe signature is dwarfed and masked by the size of the kaiju squad he commands. Many base commanders are confused whether Vindrax’s kaiju squad is friend or foe. As such, this gives an impression that there is an ongoing infighting among the Tsi-hu. Legend has it that Vindrax saved three overran bases just moments after communications was cut during the invasion so no one knows what really happened.

This omniframe cannot be mass produced as it is Vindrax Jethir’s own making and prohibitively dangerous to get the materials if it was.

Demigod is capable of controlling up to 1 category 3 kaiju with a limited 20 second control for a category 4 kaiju.

“I’m not insane or courageous. It’s just that...well, nobody wrote a law against it.” - Vindrax Jethir
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Jul 5, 2017
1) Light
2) Mobility
3) Heavy
4) 1st ability: Nanite Swarm: a low cooldown single target HOT. Using multiple instances on the same target refreshes duration. 2nd ability For the Cause!: command all active repair nanites to swarm a single target giving it a massive burst of healing based on the number of active swarms consumed.
5) Afterburner, While charged it will cause your next booster use to rapidly move you upwards and in the direction you are moving allowing for unmatched battlefield mobility.
6) Primary Weapon, Disassembler: fires blobs of corrosive nanites which dont deal damage out right but instead amplify damage taken by the enemy (or part in the case of kaiju). Secondary Weapon, Catalyzer: Fires a quick moving dart that applys a weak DOT on hit. If the dart hits an enemy affected be the Disassembler the nanites will detonate for extra damage and remove the disassembler debuff. Slow fire rate DOT stacks.
7) Hivelord: Blacks, blues, and green ascents with most of the mass centered on the torso of the frame sort of beetle themed. Would be a highly mobile frame focused on being a solo healer for a party and debuffing enemies while avoiding fire since it has low defenses and no way to heal itself. A high risk high reward style support.
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1)Heavy Frame
2)Full Defense
3)Heavy Reactor

4)Kinetic Accumulator (Passive)
Can be Toggled on or off
When active negates effects of Physical Attacks like Stagger or Knockback/Knockdown and stores the Kinetic Force. Can be deactivated to use up the Charge for Bonus Damage on Melee Attacks
While Pulse Wave is on Cooldown and the accumulator is active it will not charge but instead reduce the Cooldown of Pulse Wave

Pulse Emitter
2 Modi
1. Over a duration of X Seconds your Steps become Groundshattering staggering nearby foes with a deactivated Accumulator, draining it in the process.
With an activated accumulator you can charge (presuming some kind of forward Dash ability for Jumpjets or just Shift-Run) through a bulk of Enemies unhindered, knocking them out of the way and recharging the Accumulator while repositioning.

Jumping will result in a Pulse of higher Magnitude by consuming the Accumulator Charge, resulting in an AoE that has three areas, the inner causing Knockback, middle causing Knockdown and the outer causing staggering/short stun, the Area of Effect grows with Jump/Fall height and with it the amount of Accumulator consumption. (will do nothing if Accumulator is completely Discharged)

2. On next use of Shield Block, you sacrifice almost all mobility and all Offense and become a Shield Wall instead (Shield Broadens), blocking all incoming Damage and hindering Enemy Movement for X seconds.
Discharging the accumulator at the End of the Duration for a medium Damage high CC Area of Effect cone in front of the Shield.

5)Smart Rocketlauncher
Will only aim at the Highest available Threat in Armor Protection or Weaponry, rendering them less effective for a certain amount of time. Else will Target enemies with the most hitpoints.

6) Primary Weapon Powerfist
Can be used to charge the Kinetic Accumulator by battering enemies.
Hold Fire Button to charge it with the stored Energy and deal more damage to a single Enemy.
While on the Ground charged to 50% will perform an uppercut affecting Enemies depending on their Size, while in the Air charged to 50% (presuming all frames will have jumpjets) performs a Ground Pound, hitting enemies that are Airborne will deal additional damage upon their impact on the ground.
Charged to 100% will perform a devastating hit to the enemys center of Gravity.

Secondary Weapon
The Shield has Medium Damage and Knockback when used as a weapon it can also Block/Parry Heavy MeleeAttacks but is very slow. Slower Projectiles like Rockets and Grenades can be thrown back when timed correctly as long as Pulse Wave is not on Cooldown. Right Click to Hold up, combine with left click to Hit.

7) I decided to name it Axiom, based on the Kinetic Accumulator that plays the Central role in most Skills and Weaponry. I think a look like Plate Armor would fit it best, simple but effective, thats my personal Preference when it comes to Defense at least.

It's a Hulking Beast with slow but Heavy Attacks and its dedicated to Crowd Control and Point Defense with a hint of Support. You cant just Batter blindly but as a Tank you have to always be aware of your Surroundings and the Battlefield. Only then you can position yourself optimally and put the raw Power of this Frame to best use.

I always kinda felt that in FireFall the Mechs lacked a physical presence in terms of Thumper defense, this one's got that covered, as a Tank main in most games i might have made this one just a little bit too powerful maybe :p
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Jan 7, 2018
Hi All!

Please let me know if someone posted somethig like this before:

The Fat Doctor:

1 - heavy
2 - defense + mobility
3 - heavy

4 - ability1: Nano Spring: the Fat Doc releases a globe-like nanobot splash, that heals non-mechanical (Reapers) and mechanical allies (omniframes and vehicles) and self, damages + slightly slows + knocks back enemies, but most importantly it gives the ability to the Doc to recover other frames much more faster, let's say for 10 seconds (on the 1st level)
- ability2: Angel Leap: a massive rocket boost allows the Doc to jump very fast into or out from the rescue situation, depending on the current travel direction leaving a nanobot cloud on impact.

5 - the shoulder mount weapon would not be a "weapon". It would be more like an electro-magnetic grappling hook, with that the Doc could pull other omniframes (both funcional and incapacitated) and reapers (both living and dying) towards self, let the ally get to the Doc superfast. We can call it the "Ambulance hook".

6 - primary weapon: Nanobot applicator: heals allies and damages and slightly slows enemies, alternate fire would be a major blast of these in the specific direction. It would be more effective in the area of the Nano Spring.
- secondary weapon: a good old hit-scan assault rifle. :)
- in the other hand woud be a massive shield.

7 - the Fat Doctor sacrifices most of its offensive powers for defense and mobility. Ist role in a squad to rescue and heal others. To jump in a lethal situation, save whoever it can, and get the hell out of that as quick as possible (or get others out of their current position with the hook). Its shields consume almost all its generator's powers.
Fat Doc is not a damage dealer, nor a recon unit, but it assures the survival of the whole party, when they were not cautious enough picking the enemy.

Looks: accordig to its role, the Fat Doctor would have very loud colors like an ambulance car, orange, red yellow, white and maybe some extra lights during the night, in order to be recognized on the battlefield.

Cheers: DoktOrk :-D
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Dec 15, 2016
Omniframe blueprint family: R-M80 “Pirate”
Brigantine (light)
Brig (medium)
Frigate (heavy)

Powered for agility and is never neglected. Either speed and armor selected or speed and weapons.

Medium reactor or heavy for those built for chasing convoys

Cargo Hold (passive) - increases your inventory slots. Heavier frames benefit more from this ability.
Cargo Net (passive) - increases your loot transfer radius by 20 meters as well as automatically picks up loot for you.

Burst Fire Mortar - shoulder mounted mortar that fires an explosive canister spread.

Primary and secondary weapons are up to the pilot’s choice.

Cutlass - sword with a curved blade and a basket guard. Definitely fitting for a pirate.

Offhand melee (Brigantine): Machete - single edged sword mainly used for cutting sugar cane.
Offhand secondary (Brig) Blunderbuss - close range shotgun with a powerful single shot kick. Reloads after every shot.
Shield (Frigate) Snaring Shield - Shield capable of slowing enemies’ movement and attack speed within 25 meters.

The R-M80 omniframe family consists of ‘pirate ships’ named Brigantine, Brig and Frigate. All of which were based on ship classes used by pirates and privateers. Brigantine, Brig and Frigate pretty much defines what these frames are all about: harassing the enemy convoys and merchants for booty then returning to the docks...err base to unload the goods. Technically, the pilots are privateers and not pirates since they represent the Gatestriders.

At one time Vindrax’s cousin, Elle visited him in the hideout. Elle’s omniframe, Bloodsteel was painted red and black with white skulls reminiscent of a pirate ship during the 17th century. While not a true pirate yet on EM-8ER’s seven seas, Elle was really stoking up on this gimmick; she even brings Vindrax a lot of Tsi-hu souvenirs and sometimes safe-to-eat alien food and drinks occasionally as a share of her booty.
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Nov 13, 2018
I have nothing to add at the moment but wanted to say.. DAMN!! I enjoyed reading everyone's ideas! There's so much creativity! Love it!
PS- would love an AOE weapon over a automatic projectile weapon anyday! ie: FireFalls old AOE gun.


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Jul 27, 2016
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I have nothing to add at the moment but wanted to say.. DAMN!! I enjoyed reading everyone's ideas! There's so much creativity! Love it!
PS- would love an AOE weapon over a automatic projectile weapon anyday! ie: FireFalls old AOE gun.
I bet you have great ideas too, we need all the creativity for best game!

Hi All!

I was just wondering, does anyone knows, if there are any planned disadvantages of the heavy reactors?

Cheers: DoktOrk :-D
My only guess is it could be heavier so could make them abit slower too
what do you lot think hmm
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Nov 13, 2018
I'd like to add something. Although players will be primarily fighting in mechs and they are very different than the gear worn in FireFall. The movement during firefights in FireFall was what hooked me and had me coming back each night. The way you moved in FireFall beta was a unique experience that I have never seen re-created.
So my rambling post is basically a slim hope that our mechs have similar movement mechanics.


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Nov 13, 2018
Already been stated many x many times from Grummz himself that he wants to keep that feeling on the mechs mobility. If you had time to read all these posts (wow!) Take the time to YouTube the chief chats and get caught up on the goals and focus of this project.
Just watched all the YouTube vids! Very exciting!
Guess I have some catching up to do on the forums though!
Jul 5, 2017
1) heavy frame
2) Defense
3) Heavy Reactor
4) Shield Overcharge: Overcharge your pilot's shield creating a barrier that temporarily protects the omniframe from all frontal damage.
Suppression: For a duration all shots that hit or pass near human sized (or smaller) enemies slow and reduce accuracy, sprinting enemies will be staggered. While active, direct hits will replenish 1 round in the clip. In other words as long as you hit you have unlimited ammo for the duration
5) A slow firing smart 20mm cannon that will fire at whatever you fire at dealing heavy damage on direct hit and light damage in a small AOE
6) Primary, HMG: A massive Automatic weapon with a medium rate of fire and a very large magazine. While firing your movement speed is slowed.
Secondary, Gloo Gun: Similar to that in PREY the gloo gun fires globs of quickly hardening liquid at short range causing a stacking slow and eventually stunning the target making them vulnerable to melee damage.
7) Name: The Claud (from the Latin verb to lock)
Looks: A hulking omniframe decked out in heavy armor plating painted in bright colors to catch the eye of the enemy and attract fire. Very angular and blocky
Gameplay: This is a combative support tank who's primary role is to debuff groups of non-giant enemies while soaking damage. It is very slow with heavy armor and shields shrugging off most hits. The game plan is to create your own cover using the shield overcharge and debuff enemies with suppression while your allies are able to flank or line up powerful abilities.
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Nov 14, 2018
Class Overlord

1 - Medium Size

2 - Mobility

3 - Medium size reactor

4 - First ability : Holographic Shield Generator : grants invisibility at medium and long range, and seams blury at close range acting like a malus to touch (like an eldar titan's holo-field, in Warhammer 40k if you see what i mean)

second ability : From Above : the Overlord has a propulsor who grants it to maintain the frame in high altitude in order to have a good point of view on the battlefield, to spot ennemies and support its teammates with its long range weapon.

Edit : an alternative ability to replace From Above can be this one :

The Eye In The Sky : Overlord has a laser pointer to aim on the battlefield and calling an orbital strike from a tactical dreadnought.

5 - Shoulder weapon : Stunburster : in case of being close attacked, a reactive pulse is activated and pushes back all enemies at 360° leaving them stuned for a little duration, allowing the frame to quit the zone or change weapon for a close combat one.

6 - Primary weapon : Hand Of Fate : Heavy Photonic Sniper Canon. Hitscan and very long range, a little piece of the Sun right between the eyes of the Overlord's ennemies.

Secondary weapon : StormFire : One handed plasma sword, swift and sharp.

7 - Overlord, the Eye Above the Clouds.
A thin, low profile battleframe with stealth mate chameleon paint and equipped with many opticals and sensors devices to spot ennemies on full optical spectrum (see predator II to understand what i meant, when it changes its light wave length to see in different spectrum to spot its prey)

Sorry if my english is bad, it's not my native tongue and i didn't practice for a while ;)
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Aug 24, 2016
Worland, Wyoming, USA
1) Heavy Frame
2) 30% Defense,30% Offense, 40% Mobility
3) Heavy Reactor (if possible 2) Need the extra power between the repair lazer and the power field for the Turrets it needs a lot.
4) A] Single Heavy Turret (a tungsten carbide turret mounted with a 50 caliber railgun)
B] 4 Light Turrets (tungsten carbide turret mounted with a mini gun)
{Notes: Must stay within 500m of the turrets to keep them running once out side the 500m range the turrets will run until they run out of power then despawn. The power is all wirelessly fed to the turrets while in range of the frame that spond them There should be an option to switch the turret sets so that people can set it up for 2 sets of 4 or 2 heavies.
5) Repair lazer (uses nano bots to do repairs to mechanical equipment such as vehicles and the turrets the frame can lay down.)
6) Primary Weapon: M16 with toggle option of single fire, 3 round burst, or Automatic. Weapon options for extend mag clip, scope options of red dot, 5-10x lazer, or 5-25 sniper, and attachable tripod
Secondary Weapon: Granade Launcher 5 round clip, Weapon options for extended clip(7 round), 5x scope, Granade options Flash Bang, Shrap Metal, Phosphorous
7) Name: Fortress
Description: Do you like to solo. Are you tired of getting over run by creatures that use wave tactics then the fortress is the frame for you. Lay down your 5 turrets and then mow them down with your M16 or blast them in groups with your granade launcher. With with good mobility to rush in set down your turrets and then pull back so you have good firing lines plus the sturdiest frame ever built you can set up kill zones that can kill just about anything. A solo players best friend, and a group players best dps unit these frames a loved by all.
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Jul 5, 2017
1) Light
2) alternates between defense and mobility
3) Medium
4) Collector (passive): killing enemies or damaging equipment/machines drops scrap, you will automatically collect scrap in a medium radius creating a makeshift shell. Each piece of scrap will add a stacking damage reduction modifier and increase effectiveness of your weapons but also slow movement speed and reduce jump height and speed. Taking damage will remove scrap stacks.
Scrap Goat: launch all scrap in an area around you dealing damage based on your scrap stacks and briefly stunning affected human sized enemies. After the initial detonation gain a temporary boost to speed and jumping capabilities.
5) "EDDY": Launches a small device that, after a short delay, creates a gravitational "whirlpool" pulling in enemies over the duration. Deals no damage normally but if an affected target uses a movement ability they will be damaged and stunned upon leaving the vortex.
6) Primary, Hornet: A smart LMG that fires medium speed projectiles with a slow ROF. Alt fire fires a fast moving projectile with high accuracy that deals no damage but sticks in the target marking them. For the duration, or until another target is marked, all normal projectiles will try their best to hit the target making wide arcs and following the quickest path.
Secondary, Mandible: Single shot weapon that fires a ricocheting disk that bounces until it has no more valid targets (can only hit each enemy once) then returns so it can be fired again.
7) The Periwinkle: A versatile mech that wants to be moving in and out of combat with the tide of battle. While you have no scrap you will be fast and fragile and will want to use the Hornet to pick of enemies from afar until you see an opening to collect a large pool of scrap. Once you are armored up you can be more rash closing in on groups of enemies pulling them together with EDDY and firing the mandible into the group and using the Hornet for even more damage. Even with your new found durability you still have to play somewhat conservatively because scrap only provides damage reduction and as a light frame you still have a small health pool and this is where your scrap goat ability comes in. when you are stuck in an unfavorable position or you need to get out some more powerful AOE damage activate it and quickly retreat to a safe distance. Repeat
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Nov 16, 2018

light frame
medium reactor
low shields, medium armor
melee long-lance
short-range teleport
short-range ally armor and energy shield regeneration
primary weapon: energy pistol (infinite ammo, three-shot burst, medium range)
secondary weapon: melee lance pierce
shoulder-mounted gravity-gun, drops an area that pulls nearby enemies toward it and slows movement
not particularly good at boosting high, or thrusting quickly, but has excellent dodge-jets

Using allies as cover, this frame is a close-support that stays nearby and dances in melee to keep just outside of enemy range.