Omniframe build types: Post your ideas here!


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Base Commander
Jul 28, 2016
The Netherlands
1) Medium
2) Switch between Offense and Defense
3) Medium, you'll have to manage it wisely when triggering certain mode.
4) Place turrets, Place Repair Node
5) Auto turret, you can TAG a target and it will focus on it, after that it returns to default behaviour, which could be aggresive attack, or defensive, or passive.
6) Default assault rifle, Repair beam (nano transfer), repair beam has the option to add an extra module, which you'd need to switch.
7) The Support frame, or a name refering to support or engineer.
You can do a number of support roles and by customizing your weapons, lean towards offense or defense.
It doesn't excel at these, but it can switch between these roles at will in the heat of the battle.
It does exel at support. It repairs, and is capable to temporarily increase the number of attacking units.

I'd like to see the drone-turrets and repair-node hanging on the frame, like it's part of the armor.
Once deployed, the armor drops to light, but the mobility rises.

Yes, I am an Engineer/Bastion player
And I'd like to play it again.

(And ride a Locus Bike)


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May 9, 2017
Ability 1: shield dome- creates an impenetrable energy shield dome around self and allies within a certain area.
Ability 2: armored titan- temporarily applies a massive boost in all damage resistance and a minor buff to damage, while decreasing movement speed.
Shoulder mounted weapon: Heavy charge beam cannon- fires a continuous beam in proportion to charge time.
Primary Weapon: Heavy chaingun
Secondary Weapon: Heavy shield
Name: Aegis Unbreakable


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Jun 26, 2018
Name: Harlequin
1) light
2) offence
3) mobility (speed is it's strength)
4) as this is a very special frame i'll be cheating by adding a third ability lethality aspect/razor aspect

LETHALITY ASPECT - While in lethality aspect, Harlequin will gain movement speed bonus and jump boost

1st ABILITY - resplendent javelin : Harlequinn launches a javelin to the pointed location ,damaging the first enemy hit and applying a brief knock back and "chain"the targeted enemy(chained enemies will keep taking (electric*) damage for 10 seconds or until other enemy breaks the chain) ( you can press the ability again to release the javelin) (medium or heavy unit will pull you away as they are heavier then you(you still slows them) (you will not get pulled away by lighter units)

2nd ABILITY - dash charge: This ability will dash forward for a short range. This ability can have up to 4 charges, next shot after the use of this ability is buffed to a void shot, dealing aoe damage and sucking enemies in.

RAZOR ASPECT - with a new set of ability and a different - Passive: Harlequinn enable the ability to use it's dual wielded plasma blade and gain 50% armor penetration

1st ability - Echo Blade: the attacks on the plasma blade now deals aoe damage and deals damge by lighting striking enemies near your target, Draining energy per hit.

2nd ability - EMP: this is a simple ability, release a EMP wave to stop their casting ability and dissable their electronics for a short period of time.

5) both shoulder arms is a harpoon gun but it has the ability to grab on to walls and hang yourself on a cliff or any hard surface

6) primary: dual shotgun
Secondary: gun blade

7) this frame is mainly a speedy frame specialized in close and mid range fight, swifting through the war zone like a ghost in your razor aspect, and striking multiple enemies in your lethality aspect
This frame can both be a assassin a support and a fighter in the war.
Switching between aspects to maximize the damage output. Use chains to lock down enemies while you slash through their armor using you dual sword.
Or use you shoulder arm combine with your dash to sling yourself through the war zone. Doing arial strike with your charged attacks and hitting them while they are in a group with your Echo blade to deal massive amounts of damage.
This frame might seem op, but it need a lot of skill to unleash it's true power. It's high skill high reward! :)))))
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Feb 10, 2017
i while back i had the beginnings of a VERY vauge idea- was something like a heavily modified.militarised/ semi-militarised civilian engineering frame (or a military engineering one)- its look/ability set revolving around producing/constructing temporary/field fortifications (small walls/barriers,potentially even something like bunkers/ simple/relatively weak pillboxes of something)-not necessarily just turrets-as well as possibly providing maintenance-based healing or repair abilities?

basically the kinda thing you'd see a construction working/field engineer using for vechicle or facility maintenance/construction..

but i doubt it'd be workable/practical-hmmm... what kind of "stock' weaponry would fit with something like that?
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Jul 27, 2016
1) Medium Frame

2) Balanced between mobility, offense and defense

3) Heavy reactor to power the vibro/power greatsword and abilities

Vibration Armour Fluting - the armour vibrates with energy creating adaptive, moving fluting on its surface. This ability causes the armour to have a 90% complete hit deflection rate and decreases the damage by 50% in case the armour didn't reflect the hit. This is meant to rush in for one specific high- value target, decimate it and retreat so the duration would be quite limited.
Psychic Overload - the enemies in the designated area suffer minor damage per tick and begin to shoot/attack random targets for the duration of the ability

5) Extermination Torpedo - torpedo launches into the air, seeks the biggest group of enemies nearby and drops on them dealing good damage

6) Primary: Vibro/Power Greatsword - this weapon is a long, narrow sword (european design) held with two designed to cut through anything (because of vibration or power field) while also providing quite a long range (relatively of course, about 1.5-2x the height of the Omniframe) and very good damage. This is a melee weapon so you are in risky close-range combat and you have very good survivability only when using the VAF ability. This makes the sword a high risk high reward weapon.
Secondary: A cannon mounted on the left wrist firing explosive shells/energy

7) The Nemesis OmniKnight: This is a loadout based on the Dreadknight of the Grey Knights. It looks similarly but has a head of a knight (Terminator maybe possible? :D) instead of the normal head of Omniframes. Legs would also be sleeker and straighter than the normal Omniframe.
As for the gameplay, it is supposed to be a good melee frame with great single damage and CC but only on a limited range and a great risk for itself. Created to fight the foulest of alien hordes or terrifying monsters, its purpose is to defend humanity and destroy any enemies it needs. Without a good fire support and someone to help it, this frame however will have to be extremely careful in combat as long range is where it lacks power.


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Jul 27, 2016
Island of Tofu
1) light frame uses rapid firing weapon
2) Offense 45 mobility 45 defense 10
3) small or medium reactor
4) Ability 1: Ghost this ability can manipulate the electronical systems and A.I while this happens your mech is a lock down mode until too much damage is recieved then the ability is broken.

Ability 2 full spectrum scan this ability identifies weak spots and hidden regions for a certain time this can be prolong with better reactor or mods.

5) Shoulder weapon stun launcher releases drones that stun enemies maximum 3 if held down the 3 drones are launcher as a mega drone to stun bigger targets.

6) Primary weapon forearm mini lasers to cut small holes and even blind
secondary weapon micro K deploy a small mobile bomb that resembles a kaiju it will run around with the kaiju until they suspect something is wrong and give it a surprise

7) the name of this frame is Sneaky beacky because it can be sneaky!
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Jan 6, 2017
1) Medium frame

2) Slightly more allocation towards offense and mobility with a little less defense (if total power would be 10, it would be 4/4/2 off/mobility/def allocation)

3)Medium reactor to keep some speed while having decent power available for weapons.

4)-Banshee's Wail: ability: Knocks enemies in a cone area in front of the frame away.
If affected by a N.A.I.L. projectile, enemies are also shocked for a DoT effect for 3 seconds.

-Revenant pulse ability: An energy pulse that can serve as a scouting tool.
Reveals area and any invisible units hiding in the pulse area.
Enemies effected by N.A.I.L. projectiles will become disoriented and will attack anything nearby for 3 seconds, inculding their own kind.
If used on itself, or any friendlies they become cloaked for 5 seconds.

5) N.A.I.L. (Neutralizing Aggregate Iridescent Lobber)gun shoulder launcher.
Lobs a rocket which explodes and showers an area with needle like projectiles, piercing and sticking into any enemy in the AoE, has a long cooldown.
While affected by the needles enemies take increased critical damage from the frames' primary weapons.
Smaller enemies are stunned (if they survive the blast) for a few seconds, stronger enemies are slowed.
N.A.I.L.s last for 15 seconds (If it can be modified, it can either be shorter duration but larger initial blast damage, or longer duration with removed cc effect.)

6) 2 Medium-short ranged wristmounted rapidfire energy autoblasters.
Damage falls off over larger range, has higher crit damage then regular weapons.
Runs out of ammo quickly and needs to reload often if fired continuously, but it reloads fast and can pack a lot of burst damage, especially combined with the experimental shoulder launcher.

7) The Nova-Tau omniframe is sleek, fast and deadly in medium to close combat.
It mainly uses mobility to avoid damage and engage enemies in medium to short range, sacrificing bulkiness for a more sleek build then most medium omniframes.
Its main strength is a fast burst combo to take down enemies either in a surprise attack, or by flanking them as heavier omnisuits keep the enemy busy.
It can also act as a minor support frame to save allies that are downed in a battle by knocking enemies away, cloaking itself and an ally then escort them back behind friendly lines for repairs.
While not suited to engage heavier enemies head on for a prolonged time, it can use its superior mobility to keep them busy for a short while untill reinforcements can take over.
Comes with 2 free paint jobs if you act now! "Snowstrider" white paint with blue lighting or the "Cosmic Shroud" black paint with purple lighting!


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Jul 27, 2016
Island of Tofu
1) light/medium frame
2) mobilitiy 65, offense 35
3) small - med reactor depending on ability use
4) Ability 1: eye trap release an eye drone that stares at the enemy slowing it down unless it gets destroyed

ability 2 resizer shrink into the ultimate smaller mech and terrorize larger enemies and be the best pest!
5) Pick a shoulder flame thrower to cook things nicely
6) Pick primary weapon dual laser swords or dual modified p90s

secondary weapon screaming sphere a launcher that shoots a sphere that screams and attracts
enemies for a short time does greater aoe damage the longer the scream.

7) i will call it Micromechamac its very agile and annoying
if it finds gaps can go inside place or enemies and cause problems!
It doesnt have defense but it can easily be hit by large projectiles so caution is advised
when going micro hmm
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Jul 27, 2016
Island of Tofu
1) Medium/heavy frame
2) mobilitiy 35, offense 35 defense 30
3)medium/large reactor depending on ability strength and duration
4) Ability 1: Portable Garrison this ability protects you and friendlies from heavy damage unlike the shields it uses battleframe's energy to keep it up once all gone which means your combat capabilities are 0 although the friendlies can do damage on your behalf.

Ability 2: Traction, when the weather gets extreme your ability helps you keep to any surface especially tornado's and such.

5) Shoulder cannon eggzascute fires egg like shaped projectile that open up and reduce enemy energy
the more eggs the better but watchout when the eggs glow brighter gradually and multiple explosions can occur.

6) primary weapon heavy cock unleash a huge cock that causes d.o.t on enemy forces with one cluck reload time is very long this is a powerful weapon with long d.o.t effect

secondary weapon Surviellence trap shoot an object from your retractable launcher on your shoulder it could be a donut or other things depending on the skin used at enemies. It does no damage at first but distracts the enemy for a duration and gathers any conversations for intel until the device moves on its own and sticks to the nearest enemy causing shock can deploy no more than 2 surveillance trap.

7) i will call it Gallus
Nov 20, 2017
Alright i wanna get in on this with what i think is a pretty unique idea!
1: light

2: Defense 60, Offense 20, mobility 20

3: Heavy

4: (A) "Retribution" the omniframe unleashes a spherical self centered burst of energy in a massive radius. Enemies caught in the radius are dealt very low energy damage but are slowed for a modest duration. how ever allies caught in the area regain a large amount of shields. any energy spent past a full shield is transferred into a brief "over shield" that grants additional shielding while having a much larger hit box then the mech its self, these over shields degrade rapidly as well before detonating in a small knock back pulse upon perishing or being dealt enough damage to reduce the affected omniframe to normal shield values.

(B) "Deterrent" a scattering of many self sustaining energy orbs are deployed in a moderate radius around the omniframe. These orbs last a significant period while lashing out with energy arks as the enemies approach. damage can be dealt to these orbs, and there (health/shielding?) is slowly drained as they ark out to lash at targets. an enemies direct contact with these orbs causes an explosion dealing energy damage to the enemy while dealing splash damage to near by enemies. this does not cause a chain reaction each orb must be destroyed or wasted away separately to clear "Deterrent" activating this ability a second time creates a new scattering of energy orbs, but a third use consumes and replaces the first as only 2 instances of "Deterrent" may be active from one omniframe. The orbs shielding returns as normal over time if not consumed, retributions pulse and similar effects can restore the (health/shielding) of these orbs with all effects. Single target healing or regeneration effects ignore the orbs for sake of targeting omnIframes instead.

5: "Twin Emitters" A set of powerful arch coils rest on the frames shoulder, small but potent. these emitters empower the omnisframes shielding passively, boosting recharge rate. any enemy who draws with in a certain radius are struck with arcs of plasma as well dealing incredibly low damage unless the omniframe proceeds to "fire" there shoulder mounted weapon, consuming energy and ammo as per normal while increasing the radius and massively increasing the damage.

6: The omniframes primary weapon would be an wrist mounted device covering most of the omniframes "for arm" known as "Lash" its primary fire is a long range arch of energy with high damage and a continuous rate of fire but overheating prevents pure uninterrupted use. the secondary fire, instead of granting accuracy or zoom will emit a large cone of energy instead much lower damage but capable of hitting a large swath of enemies, again overheat preventing infinite firing. in addition to the cone of damage the secondary fire will SLOWLY repair the shielding of allies caught in the ark the shield regenration bolstered by the target omniframes own natural shield recharge rate rewarding heavy units such as heavys with a focus on shieilding.
Secondary weapon would be a simple high caliber pistol low accuracy and range but packs quite a punch useful for when over whelmed with weaker armored units thanks to a simplistic design generous clip and high stopping power.

7: This frame customization is known as "Ark-E-Tech" its a light frame with very little armor even for its archetype granting it enhanced mobility while not providing much in the terms of physical protection. its primary defense is its enhanced and powers shields allowing it to survive bursts damage be it kinetic or energy or splash. against melle its only counter measure is "Deterrent" and its basic mobility. This support frame is meant to attack high value targets when not under direct attack while dealing with swarming enemies with the primaries secondary fire. when allies are under attack prudent use of "Deterrent" and "Retribution" proving crowd control and support both allowing allies to repulse or slowly damage enemies thinning numbers. this is an offense support meant to be a force multiplier on the battle field for allies with out granting direct damage boosting buffs or Armour or health regeneration. while focused on support in built synergy between its supportive and defensive abilities and weapons allow this frame to tackle one on one fights with out being purely helpless.

Dr. D

Tsi-Hu Hunter
May 28, 2017
Planet Zi
Role: Heavy Artillery

1) Heavy frame
2) Switching between offense and defense
3) Medium sized reactor
4) Ability one: Siege Mode (like in Starcraft)
Ability two: Personal force field dome (limited duration)
Optional: Heavy short range jump boost
5) Heavy artillery cannon, when in siege mode: capable of indirect fire, does aoe dmg, has minimum range due to high firing arcs, maybe long reload time (?)
6) Primary: Guided long range missiles, for taking down marked priority targets
Secondary: Multiple long range rocket launcher for laying down a carpet of small warheads, maybe good for dealing debuffs or placing smoke screens

7) Quakedealer

Slow and heavy, occupies a good strategic backward firing position and provides heavy firepower from behind. Can protect itself against long range retaliation but will get in trouble when attacked at close quarters.

Design: Maybe more "industrial"?

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Dr. D

Tsi-Hu Hunter
May 28, 2017
Planet Zi
Role: Scout/Sniper/infiltrator

1) Light
2) Mobility
3) Light
4) First ability: Cloak
Second ability: Blink Teleport or sprint boost, maybe with optical distortion effects for evasion tanking
Optional: Radar scan/map reveal of the surrounding area
5) Laser designator for marking targets or target areas for guided indirect fire
6)Primary: Sniper Rifle (hyper velocity projectiles), ammo options: armor piercing or high explosive rounds (Headshots, yaaaaay!)
Secondary: Needle pistol, intoxicates targets (dmg over time or debuff), maybe flashbang grenades when forced to get away quickly

7) Stalker or Deepscanner (because why not?)

Sleek and small silhouette, fast and agile but squishy, scouts/prepares the battlefield for the team, snipes priority targets, a frame for those who prefer playing rogues

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Jul 27, 2016
Island of Tofu
1) light frame
2) mobilitiy 50, offense 50
3) small - med reactor depending on ability use
4) Ability 1: Hyper dodge, this ability depending on the reactor size lets you dodge attacks more easily for a duration

Ability 2: Centurion blitz, this ability charges up both fist to punch 100 times great for clearing a path however cool down time is longer.

5) shoulder cannon fires sonic waves
6) Pick primary weapon dual rocket fists punch things in the face and fire rocket fist when the power meter is full.

secondary weapon Reaper scythe, able to perform elegant blade sweeps for close combat

7) i will call it Omega Strike is a light frame punching mech with no shields makes up for with the abilities and speed of punches!

Real steel inspired me and savitar from the flash series :D

ARES Five-Five

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Jul 27, 2016
So @Takahama over on Discord started dreaming up some build types. In Em-8ER you can build out any type of frame you wish.

1) Choose a light, medium or heavy frame (light can dual wield melee, medium can dual wield ranged, heavy can have a shield arm)
2) Decide on if your base frame will allocate power between defense, offense, mobility
3) Choose a reactor size (small, med, heavy) and keep in mind larger frames have more power so a heavy frame "small" might be as much as a light frame "medium" etc.
4) Pick 2 abilities
5) Pick a shoulder mount weapon
6) Pick primary and secondary weapon
7) Name it and give a brief description of how it looks, feels and acts.

Have fun!
Heavy frame
Defense, with a secondary in mobility
Teleporter and Shield Wall (the 2 MAMMOTH abilities of Firefall, Thunderdome secondary, and the "Tremor" thingy I can leave it)
Shoulder mount? A repeating rocket launcher (think RYNO from Ratchet and Clank)
Primary weapon would be a heavy plasma minigun (like the Mammoth), secondary would be something like a "Spartan Laser" (Halo reference) for those "hard targets" and "boss battles".
Name is "Angel", in homage (or "memorial") to Angel, ARES Five-Five. it's got to have that "THICC" build (Thick), as the girl herself is known for being on the heavy side of the healthy human weight spectrum. Look-and-feel is basically a tank, but might be able to pull a surprise sleek/slick move or two. Oh, and verticality...that's awesome.
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Jul 10, 2018
1) Light.
2) Offense.
3) Medium (to be able to move around and settle in a good sniper spot, for exemple).
4) 1. A sort of "Tower Mode" where you settle in place and your primary weapon get more precision and headshot damage, but also silence your shots, making your position less obvious for the enemies.
2. Some kind of Kaiju perforating bullets magazine that auto-refill when you kill an enemy (25%).
5) A light smg that shoots LASERS !!
6) For the primary weapon, a big fat sniper with high damage but low firerate.
For the secondary weapon, i was thinking much of a huge fire rate assault rifle.
7) Le Traqueur.
He's a dark and silent omniframes that can move around pretty easily and stealth on top the roof on the back of his enemies and starts it's job. He's quite like a Headhunter. This omniframe is able to regulate the reaper's feelings, so the pilot will act more of a cold-blooded beast...
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Jan 10, 2017
Rhode Island
Hey all, just wanted to give my 2cents, and say that personally I LOVED just about everything about the Recluse frame. Especially the abilities doing DOT posion, like Evacuate, Creeping Death, Posion Ball/Trail etc.

I also always LOVED the Bastion Frame. I would spend weeks just tossin down a buncha turrets and lobbing grenades while thumping.

I would love to see like-modeled omniframes in ember that can work like this. kthxttyl.


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Aug 7, 2018
1)Medium Frame
3)Medium Core
4)Uranium rounds-Ability that can increase damage for my rifle by 100% and shoot speed for a couple seconds and gives small explosion aoe damage.
Grenade launcher-Ability that shoots the grenade from grenade launcher mounted on left shoulder into aiming area dealing AOE damage.
There is 4 type of grenades:
Pulse grenade-Stunning enemies dealing medium damage.
Incendiary grenade-Fire type that ignites aiming area and enemies.
Frost grenade-Creates frozen area slowing enemies dealing medium/low damage.
High explosive grenade-Dealing high AOE damage.
5)Mini rockets barrage launcher (on left and right side behind shoulders, im bone Blade areas)-An rockets barrage with high AOE damage that can smash multiple enemies in medium area(something like Arsenal Shoulder Rockets in Firefall).
6)Primary weapon-LMG
Secondary weapon-SMG/Shotgun
7)Centurion-Omniframe with high AOE damage abilities. Good choice if facing multiple enemies or boss as well.
He's legs are Orange, Black shoulders turning into dark blue in arms area, Black torso.
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Dr. D

Tsi-Hu Hunter
May 28, 2017
Planet Zi
1) Medium frame
2) Offense
3) Heavy quantum singularity reactor

4) First ability: Gravitic Nullification Field - let all enemies in a target area float helplessly into the air
Second ability: Graviton Field - roots all enemies in a target area on place for the duration of the field, smashing down and damaging all floating or otherwise airborne emenies

5) Shoulder: Heavy Graviton Vortex Projector - projects a heavy gravity spike onto a target spot, opening a black hole and sucking in surrounding enemies, damaging them through the occurring tidal forces

6) Primary: Quantum Singularity Gun - shoots small quantum singularities which evaporate very quickly in small but violent energy bursts
Secondary: Plasma Grenade Launcher - turning a small target area into burning ground, ideal for applying dot effects onto already trapped enemies

7) "The Wizard" / "The Warlock", known for his characteristic floating flat projector dome above the left shoulder, master of area denial and crowd control.

Seize a choke point, let the enemy horde float, smash them down, open the vortex and finish them with plasma. For boss fights: Root them in place, project a black hole, harass them with plasma, finish them with armor piercing quantum singularities...
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