Old Firefall players, please respond!

Discussion in 'General Ember Discussion' started by Vedemin, Jul 27, 2016.

  1. Nalessa

    Nalessa Active Member

    *raises hand*

    And here is me, as usual somehow getting my MGV stuck all the time:
  2. Aarohnn Landao

    Aarohnn Landao Terraformer

    Super late, but AdmiralErin reporting in :D
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  3. Eptica

    Eptica New Member

    Guess I'm a Firefall refugee now. I don't think I have any surviving screenshot of my character left but I still have this nifty poster. poster.jpg
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  4. Sennen

    Sennen New Member

    I'm here. Sorry I'm so late, my transport got lost in the melding and I had to walk to the nearest available drop ship and bum a ride.

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  5. ARES 35 reporting for Duty

    PS: El Terramotto is still in Sunken Harbor and still won't shut up
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  6. Hertz

    Hertz New Member Base Commander

    Mobile game hahaha. Red5 STAHP. I put my trust in Mark and not those effing idiot.
    Sorry for the bad Word
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  7. Crystalbeam

    Crystalbeam New Member

    Crystalbeam~Dec-1-2015~New Eden~1~p1.png Yo. Crystalbeam here! I hope to see you all Firefall Ares Initiative Team still out there and our counterparts, the new Em8er team too. :D:) Crystalbeam~Nov-29-2015~New Eden~1~p5.png
    • Titles: Bird of Prey-Interloper-Mobile Fortress-Pyromaniac-Defender of Humanity-Caught in the Crossfire-I Am The One Who Knocks-On The Naughty List-Marshmallow-Maverick-Vapor Trail-Sky Conqueror-Wintertide's Champion-Wintertide's Helper-Wintertide's Savior-The Wave-Iceman-Emerald Blades-Titan Slayer-Bookworm-Cupcake
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  8. Don't worry Cupcake, I doubt the game will be playable on smartphones
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  9. Juggernaught

    Juggernaught New Member

    Well, I think this deserves another round on a new forum. [​IMG]
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  10. War Childe

    War Childe New Member

    Signing In o7
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  11. Chaos2910

    Chaos2910 Deepscanner

  12. Duke

    Duke Terraformer

    *pokes head out*

    This is the only pic i have of me ...

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  13. pinkish

    pinkish Member

    thepinkhairedfreak reporting! ^-^)7
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  14. Kuraja

    Kuraja Deepscanner

    I used to run Raptor and Medic they were such fun classes.
  15. Veckna

    Veckna Deepscanner

    Veckna/Dekkion reporting. Ringbearer (because it just had to be done!), levelled everything and most surprised by Rhino (I loved the recon frames and thought I'd hate it but apparently charging into things with a minigun is lots of fun).
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  16. SoggyPuncher

    SoggyPuncher Firstclaimer

    Looks like I found a place to lurk again. Hoping we get the old crafting and thumping. Is it weird to enjoy the grind for new gear?
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  17. Asmodai

    Asmodai Deepscanner

    Managed to dig up an old screenie of playing in 6088x1200 surround... =)

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  18. Pumpkin_Masher

    Pumpkin_Masher Deepscanner

    It's me!

    Attached Files:

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  19. Gruff

    Gruff New Member

    (former) Firefaller reporting in :)
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