Old Firefall players, please respond!

Discussion in 'General Ember Discussion' started by Vedemin, Jul 27, 2016.

  1. Nalessa

    Nalessa Member

    *raises hand*

    And here is me, as usual somehow getting my MGV stuck all the time:
  2. Aarohnn Landao

    Aarohnn Landao Player One

    Super late, but AdmiralErin reporting in :D
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  3. Eptica

    Eptica New Member

    Guess I'm a Firefall refugee now. I don't think I have any surviving screenshot of my character left but I still have this nifty poster. poster.jpg
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  4. Sennen

    Sennen New Member

    I'm here. Sorry I'm so late, my transport got lost in the melding and I had to walk to the nearest available drop ship and bum a ride.

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  5. Cepheus Antollare

    Cepheus Antollare New Member

    ARES 35 reporting for Duty

    PS: El Terramotto is still in Sunken Harbor and still won't shut up
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  6. Hertz

    Hertz New Member

    Mobile game hahaha. Red5 STAHP. I put my trust in Mark and not those effing idiot.
    Sorry for the bad Word
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  7. Crystalbeam

    Crystalbeam New Member

    Crystalbeam~Dec-1-2015~New Eden~1~p1.png Yo. Crystalbeam here! I hope to see you all Firefall Ares Initiative Team still out there and our counterparts, the new Em8er team too. :D:) Crystalbeam~Nov-29-2015~New Eden~1~p5.png
    • Titles: Bird of Prey-Interloper-Mobile Fortress-Pyromaniac-Defender of Humanity-Caught in the Crossfire-I Am The One Who Knocks-On The Naughty List-Marshmallow-Maverick-Vapor Trail-Sky Conqueror-Wintertide's Champion-Wintertide's Helper-Wintertide's Savior-The Wave-Iceman-Emerald Blades-Titan Slayer-Bookworm-Cupcake
  8. Cepheus Antollare

    Cepheus Antollare New Member

    Don't worry Cupcake, I doubt the game will be playable on smartphones
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  9. Juggernaught

    Juggernaught New Member

    Well, I think this deserves another round on a new forum. [​IMG]
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