Old Firefall players, please respond!

Discussion in 'General Ember Discussion' started by Vedemin, Jul 27, 2016.

  1. Vedemin

    Vedemin Deepscanner

    Hello everyone!
    We have Ember forums now, I'd like (and possibly some other people) to know who can I meet from Firefall.

    All ARES Pilots, please respond!

    Vedemin reporting!
  2. kristakis

    kristakis Firstclaimer - Frame Founder Kaiju Slayer

  3. Skube

    Skube Tsi-Hu Hunter

    In 2 days it'll be 5 years since I joined Firefall
  4. Estender

    Estender Deepscanner

  5. Henvar

    Henvar Member

    TheHenvar and before that one Henvar (sadly deactivated the connecting email) join date 6 september 2010 o_O
  6. DarkCisum

    DarkCisum Member

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  7. Terib.Shadow

    Terib.Shadow Well-Known Member Greeter Omni Ace

    Terib.Shadow reporting in, designation ares 59.
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  8. Vedemin

    Vedemin Deepscanner

    I have some replays (should include my beloved MGV tree XD, please include it :D), I don't know what they are, they just exist on my hard drive :p
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  9. DemonSlayer873

    DemonSlayer873 Well-Known Member

    Your favorite 1.6 hater and shitposter is here :p
  10. Vedemin

    Vedemin Deepscanner

    Hey, glad you are here :D
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  11. Cadbane

    Cadbane Gatestrider - Frame Founder Base Commander

    Cadbane. Founder since 2012!
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  12. crazeOne

    crazeOne New Member

    crazeOne reporting for duty sir... o7
  13. Fabricio21RJ

    Fabricio21RJ Deepscanner

    Hello! 2012 beta player reporting for duty!
  14. PlzBanMe

    PlzBanMe Gatestrider Ember Moderator

  15. wFx

    wFx New Member

  16. PlzBanMe

    PlzBanMe Gatestrider Ember Moderator

    I remember some freaky clown guy. Is he here? I don't remember his name.
  17. Terib.Shadow

    Terib.Shadow Well-Known Member Greeter Omni Ace

  18. Dropdown

    Dropdown Deepscanner

    Dropping in.

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