1. Sy

    Remastered Firefall trailer

    In case you don't know about it. These days it's straightforward to remaster old videos.
  2. Soul

    Blast from the past: Brontodon King [Firefall]

    I was looking through some of my old content and stumbled across an old video of mine from Firefall! Thought I would share, was fun to see the game back when it was thriving again. Also happened to be using one of my favourite classes, the Dragonfly!
  3. Sy

    Firefall-like games

    These are reportedly similar to Firefall. The Cycle: Frontier Releasing soon: "PvPvE", so I won't play it. - Life Beyond In closed alpha:
  4. Remixthispurple

    Em-8er Update April 2021

    Hope you all don't mind me posting these updates here. Feel free to DM if i'm violating any TOS. Hope you enjoy!
  5. A

    Just a question

    Hey all, there's been this 1 question that I can't get out of my head - Firefall is still there. It's world, it's graphics, resources, schematics, mechanics, infrastructure, beauty and ideas.... is there really no chance of it being resurrected? Hell, I'm ready to pay to buy it, even pay a...
  6. viikoreaux#8848

    Firefall's Spiritual Successor...?

    Let me start by saying that I love Em-8ER and the ideas behind it. Mark Kern is a huge inspiration for me personally, and I genuinely, deeply respect and admire him and his ideas. I'm not attempting to flatter; I just wanted this to be understood before I give my feedback. I loved Firefall...
  7. watheanum

    problem finding my old backer stuff from Firefall

    Hello first to everyone here. My "problem" is as followed: LONG ago, as i remember right, people who backed/payed founder packs for Firefall back in the day could convert them for this Game here, Ember. I remember myself i "did" it viva a code thing you had to get from the old firefall main...
  8. Rasgulla

    Working on reimagining of Firefall artworks.

    So I have downloaded a variety of artwork from The Melding Wars website to make a rendition of my own of these artworks. After : Before :
  9. Sy

    Firefall Update 1.6 - Razor's Edge

    So I found an old Firefall Update email, and because it was using it had a "view in browser" that still worked! Of course I updated my email preferences just in case I get a new update.. :)
  10. Koba

    Firefall... is still alive? sort of.

    Was bored as fuck, searched the web for The9. Found out there is still a Firefall website running ( ). It is not the Original website i think. its weird. can anyone find out if there is an actual playable version there? cannot understand chinese. Thanks
  11. Result

    Video Game Border Control in Em-8er

    Im sure that from the title you are probably thinking that this is going to be another political post. No, thats not the case. Instead I want to talk about something that some of us gamers hate the most in open world video games, and that's poorly made boundaries. Some developers tend to...
  12. Result

    Will Aero make a return in Em-8er ?

    I was just thinking, will Aero come back as an assistant/adjutant in Em-8er ? I really liked her in Firefall, even though she never stopped talking. If not her, maybe a AI can fill up her position, I would like to see what you guys think !
  13. Result

    System requirements

    Do you guys have any idea what the system requirements will be for the game? Unreal Engine 4 is way better than the engine Firefall was build upon so I believe it will be more optimised both for performance and graphics.
  14. Result

    The concept that I liked about Thumpers

    Thumping was one of the most interesting things to do in Firefall ! The Squad thumpers were really cool and doing them was fun as well. The thing that I really liked about them was the general idea of calling a mining unit that drops from the sky and smashes itself into the earth to begin mining...
  15. ROGUEdenied

    I am looking for Firefall weapon 3d models...

    Any chance that anyone out there would have the 3d texture models of the Plasma canon? I build Pepakura models and it is the ONE model that has been on my list but I could never get the 3d models from the game. I tried to extract them when the game was live but the program i was using wasn't...
  16. Crystalbeam

    Tell us your moments at FireFall, your adventures in the past.

    Hey! This thread can be a place where you tell me, and everyone else who reads, your time at firefall. From the start to end. Up to you. How ever you want. So i'll start off, maybe this will get no views but hey, Firefall was a jam. Crystalbeam is me and you may have seen me, I started right...
  17. spiralofhope

    Some Firefall screenshots

    While things are being worked on, here is a little nostalgia.. Oh Melding, so much fun. My hobby is to break software. Here I am with two thumpers next to npcs, who join in to help. Oh, I was also an engineer with a focus on turrets. Lots. of. turrets. I also trigger waves of stuff...
  18. kesofre

    What happened in Red5?

    Just for fan obsessed curiosity, i want to know what happened during the development of Firefall, that made a great game turn to sh*t. I read that our lord and savior Kern was kicked out of the dev team, and the red ceo started to burn the company money on stuff like cars and such. I would be...