Tell us your moments at FireFall, your adventures in the past.

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Jul 9, 2017
new 2.PNG Hey! This thread can be a place where you tell me, and everyone else who reads, your time at firefall. From the start to end. Up to you. How ever you want.
So i'll start off, maybe this will get no views but hey, Firefall was a jam.

Crystalbeam is me and you may have seen me, I started right around when the Toxic Event occurred (3+ years ago), and boy was it ever hard until the updates rolled in. LGVs were easier to get and frames were pretty much open to lots of new lower levels. I had to get to 40 and craft my LGvs the hard way. But it was great. I met many memorable people and became friends with them as well. Simply. Amazing. I mean, the game itself, whatever u want to say about it, it had its potential to become several ways. Sadly it didnt but oh well! From Copa to Sertao to Amazon to Devil's Tusk to the Broken Pennisulas....even that BK brontoking, i wonder how is she/he been. Too bad we couldn't drive that Dropship.. or get on the arclight... or even find out what happened to everyone there and the story... the ending... Aero....
I wasn't the best, but i wasn't sub-average either if i say so myself. It was great, especially the teamwork aspect to the game that allowed missions to be completed. Leveling was a bit repetitive but it could be fun if you did it right (with others and doing the right things- i didnt need to do Job Mission Boards to level up that much at all for any of my Frame Level 40+'s)
I started with Assault>Firecat>Bastion>Raptor> then everything else.
Sadly cuz of the shut down (til further notice) i had a MGV! And a few red beans left too! Darn i wish i couldve spent them.
Anyway, gotta say tho, jumping off high places was awesome. Not to mention those high places had great scenery and views! Gliding off of them were even better, and events did their jobs well allowing us to get lots of great equipments! Oh hey! DONT FORGET OUR PETS! And bunch of other extras we could have!

Alright, Em8er, i've heard you around in the Firefall Game chat and forums, now i am here. Lets see what you've got. new 4.PNG
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Jul 27, 2016
Island of Tofu
good view of the surroundings in that picture, never did take a picture should of but was too carried away with the exploration and quests.

My story is going to be short it would start at Copacabana the life of the party!
I would bring my tiki torch and make many people dance and for no reason at all it just made my day :p

Going on my bike was one of the best things to bash into a chosen and see them fly into the sea gave it a satisfying feel.
Although they didn't die and still kept shooting in the sea which was just unfair :D

Side missions and quests got me involved more but the most amazing one of all was the sim wide events where the devs would jump in with their chosen bad-assery gear. Saving the captured territory and all that inbetween chaos was fun probably one of the best fun made it worth it for everyone even the solo players to join forces to help out that was cool.


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Dec 15, 2016
I probably remembered back then when I first landed on Copa and boy howdy it was a game like no other. It's kinda like Planetside 2 but it was PvE based instead. There's that intro and tutorial at first just like the others I played before and some other features similar like the shop, auction, clan, squads, and many others.

The thumping event is pretty darn unique on itself. Instead of waiting for an event to happen, you can do it yourself. Just call one down on any mineral vein peak and voila. Still, the squad thumpers could have hauled a lot more than they would rather.

I usually mained dread, recon and engi. Once I had enough pilot tokens ( I think 10 costs for the advanced frame), the first advanced frame I had was rhino due to its inherent dps. The next one I unlocked was nighthawk then bastion comes after.

When 1.0 came out, the first I did was to check what's new on the crafting. I usually make stuff for myself back then than buying one on the market. Then new pve magnets came along in the form of bronodon kings and the orbital comm tower. There was also the glider event where you can buy unique frame cores. Nothing much to do on devils tusk except for baneclaw, kanaloa and DT invasion.

There's also the difficulty spike. Even the trash mobs can kill you within seconds and can flinch if you shot one. It was really hard and frame repairs were very frequent back then. That was until I came to make one if not the most powerful weapons I made: Microplasma shotguns.

These secondary weapons can one shot anything less than a named or elite enemy. It's so brokenly overpowered even the first one I made at level 16 just steamrolled Copa events and then some at Sertao. The second one I made was at level 32. This reached its pinnacle when I made a level 40 purple one and back then, I just don't know how broken that one is.

During one of my baneclaw raids, one of the damage numbers I read was '23159x12'. That's nearly 300k damage in one shot. After that, my mind warped into a perverse what-if machine. What if I push the numbers even further by adding rapid fire modules, max potency turretmode, get the right perk combinations, adrenaline shots and some raptor's powerfield ability then take part in kana HC? Now I thought to myself that this 'possibly' rivaled the arsenal combat shotgun combo.

Then Amazon update came along and the new chosen juggernauts that can take a freight train to the face and kept going were still no match for my purple steamroller:D. I would add more but it's already a tl;dr post.


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Jan 6, 2017
My first time entering the game is probably still one that stuck to me the most.

This was during closed beta, spawned into copa, firstly just looked around, figuring out the controls.

Then I noticed these weird contraptions, started looking at them ... ok one is the garage, the other the frame station, oh crafting terminals!
I had no materials at all, but I looked at it nonetheless, and really liked what I saw honestly.
All these components and nicknacks and doohickeys that form into larger thingamabobs and then into weapons or a better jetpack or better movespeed thingy. :eek:

Just as I leave the terminal I hear gunfire and explosions!
I went to take a look and saw a big group thumper with a bunch of people around it, holding off all sorts of critters, so I jumped in to help out.
Didn't take long before a nautilus wrecked my face hard (back then, group thumpers spawned tough versions of enemies and being in a stock frame ... ouch!)

But I respawn, went back in, almost died again, but eventually we reached 100% and the thumper lifted off again.
Everyone scattered again to do their own thing, but I was determined to figure out how to call down a hecking thumper myself.

After asking around and rummaging through my inventory, I found it: the calldown thumper button!
So I scanhammered slightly northeast of copa, found ... something ... it was good enough for me.
Called down the thumper, that awesome sound of it crashing down and setting up and I almost ended up losing it, but I managed to defend my own little thumper!

Naturally, I ended up with 95% of it being dirt ... but it was MY dirt now :D

Couldn't wait to explore more the next day and such, finding out what ares missions are, watchtowers, TD/SH defence ...
Loved every second of it.
Jul 16, 2017
I remember the first time I played, I had no idea what I was doing. But after a few months, I kinda got the hang of it. There was a player who invited me into their army. For one reason or another, they only accepted anyone 18 years of age or older, and at the ripe age of 16, I was made an exception to the rule. :D

Other things I remember are the DEV weekends where things would hit the fans and my frame would drop so low I only had like 1 fps because everything was so chaotic. And I like chaos, so I'd be sitting in my chair and screaming.

I remember somehow convincing like three of my friends to play. Every so often we'd do some really difficult mission and when one or the other of us died, we'd scream at each other "REV ME YOU B*TCH." After a while, my friends stopped playing so I mostly did things solo. And then, the huge update came. Everything changed. Nothing was the same. I hated it. And I stopped playing.

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Jul 29, 2016
Not beating a dead horse but I enjoyed FF most when it was in closed beta when it was a team effort rather than the improvised wow quest based open beta onwards (I did like open beta though). When the game had no quests distracting the core game experience I loved it most then it started to go down hill for me, the wrong content was made. I had endless fun gathering every quality of resources, because all qualities were usable. Pushing the melding back to gather the rarest resource azurite was the best, when it was risk vs reward.

Regularly getting invited for bane or black water (in open beta) from clans was cool.
Noobs were accepted, rather than a liability. I have a bunch of items and cosmetics to newer players and thump good res with them.
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Aug 16, 2017
God I sank so many hours into that game, but I still sucked pree bad at it lmao
I think personally, it was just the coolness factor of being a cool-ass merc with a shotty jumping around and killing baddies that made it all worth it, the Chosen war and lore was just a bonus.

Here's hoping more lone-wolf neo-Boba Fett roleplaying is to come :)))


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Jul 26, 2016
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Played every frame, loved every frame. They felt distinct and unique. I crossed my arsenal as a mammoth because at the time the fire power and hp pool was larger than the mammoths. But I ended up maining firecat and mammoth. Was a part of Clan Smexy, have three remaining damn good friends from it too.

Can't remember the version I started in but was a Commander package playing very early 2011. I had no friggin' clue what I was doing but I couldn't get enough of my Locust hgv and just random running around killing things. It was Sargasso melding pocket pushes that got me sucked into thumping, grinding for monster drops and crafting. In .7 wgen I joined Smexy, having the clan to roll with was pure thrill in all aspects of the game. The crafting system that made all resources sought after and important with the customization of frames was the pinnacle of any game I played. The fact you couldn't just "purple" everything due to constraints was a brilliant move in development. Opened the world up to truly individual builds to each and every player's frame.

Side note, just south east of Sunken Harbor, that city up top of the cliffs with bandits (or at times empty) was a launching point to glide all the way to, and land on, the Arclight.

But the speed runs of missions for the horizontal progression some nights to the six hour competitive thumping woth friends made for the best gaming days I have had since Clan Force Council in Star Wars Jedi Outcast 2. Em-8ER will have all this and more. Can't wait, just so damn excited.


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Jul 26, 2016
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Now that's a big necro Mahdi, well I might as well keep it going then.

I started during mid beta along with my father, my bro started early alpha in first hundred players if i'm correct. I enjoyed the game a lot, but didn't get to enjoy it enough in my eyes, I still appreciated the couple of versions after release even though they were very mediocre compared to the beta, got great memories all around but those days are long gone. EM-8ER will hopefully bring back all of the great fun we all had, and probably more! As long as we have this friendly community and this amazing dev team, nothing can go wrong.

May the Emperor bless this game, if that's something to say.
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Nov 3, 2017
The fist thing I always remember was looking at any Hill or slight rise and wondering 'How far can I glide from here?' and whatever the distance it was pretty fun. Except for that one time I tried to go as far out to sea as I could and wound up under the map.

The second thing was this one dirt mound/cliff thing that enemies couldn't spawn on/climb up to. it would always have a thumper, and always be surrounded by enemies.
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Jul 27, 2016
A long time ago, probably on a closed beta free weekend, *claw spawns would often glitch out around Shanty Town. It was Terrorclaw pinball down in the streets. If there were Rageclaws, you had to dodge constantly if you were on the roofs because they had perfect aim, just like Juggernaughts back then. As a lowly Recon, I died a lot over there. Melding Acolytes were also a real PITA that would often show up in that area. I enjoyed it somehow though.
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