Just a question

Aug 12, 2020
Hey all,

there's been this 1 question that I can't get out of my head - Firefall is still there. It's world, it's graphics, resources, schematics, mechanics, infrastructure, beauty and ideas.... is there really no chance of it being resurrected? Hell, I'm ready to pay to buy it, even pay a monthly subscription like in WoW. All of us old FF players anticipate Em8ER, true, but we have hopes and dreams of something, which will resemble our old beloved game... and that hype may be a reason for disappointment, once we find ourselves in something new. But the old world.... the beauty of Copacabana, the Chosen invasions, Thumpers, Devil's tusk and it's raids... Even my pet arachna. "I have a dream..."

Sorry for the nostalgy. It's been years and I find myself thinking of that game more and more. There really isn't anything like it even today.
Nov 13, 2018
There is a group trying to build FF back up from the scraps of code available with NO help from the9. The chances of it being completed and put on a server in the next decade are astronomical. Plus there is no guarantee that even by some miracle they get it up and running, the9 would'nt just shut it down with one quick lawsuit.
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