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  1. Nunaden

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    lol... played through a game already? meh.. Try to play the BFME1 Good/Evil Campaign completely on brutal xD i wish you luck with all that 50-70 maps xD
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  2. MattHunX

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    Played the tutorial and a few challenges in Starcraft 2 and on a hunch I searched the net if there is unit veterancy. Turns out there isn't. There's a mod for it, but those are iffy. And the absence of unit veterancy in an RTS is an instant turn-off for me.

    I always like to create a small squad, made up of only a few units of each type and carefully fight the enemy, by attrition or hit and run, making good use of waypoints to sync attacks and retreat and since I can do none of that, gameplay becomes unlikable with the lack of a formation, stacking orders to execute on release...etc. making things unnecessarily more difficult. And there is no incentive for me to value every unit, like I always do, since I'm merely required to exploit some counter-system, pitting units against their weaknesses, which still results in loss, no matter how well I execute attacks, which is annoying to me.

    I played through C&C 3 on normal difficulty, losing only one Pitbull, in the final mission, because I wasn't paying attention to a part of the map.

    And what's really sad and pathetic with RTS games in recent years, is that back in the 2000s, in Red Alert 2 I could enter waypoint mod, issue a movement and attack pattern to units and have them start ONLY when I clicked the planning-mode again, which allowed me to properly execute simultaneous attacks with multiple selection groups on multiple targets, which was an immense help in ambushes and focusing fire when attacking defenses.

    I haven't seen that option since. In C&C 3 I could order groups of units into a formation.

    The most recent game that came close to having such old, but excellent elements was Homeworlds: Desert of Kharak and I made it through the campaign with only having half of my max fleet size, and almost every unit was on max veterancy, but that didn't mean they were indestructible. Not, at all. Which was a thing I liked in Red Alert 3, that heroic rank units could be easily killed of if they went up against a unit they were weak against and which was strong vs. them. That's balance. Or simply, it's just a way of not making max rank units god-like, one-man armies against absolutely everything.

    To me an RTS that lacks those elements haven't had much thought put into it, gameplay-wise. The story, graphics, characters, UI can be all pretty, but if it plays like crap, lacks luster, with no reward in valuing every unit, where strategy boils down to almost mindlessly steamrolling through the enemy, and even when I exploit weaknesses and still suffer needless losses that could be avoided by having better unit management options, then the game isn't worth the time.

    I recently tried the old Homeworld series, as well, and while I could carry units over to subsequent mission, there was no unit veterancy, and the only way I could prevent losses was by outnumbering the enemy 10:1, which meant having nauseating amount of eyesore units on screen. Nuh-uh.
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    Skyrim special edition
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    Tried a few days ago, won't work with the old mods. Still waiting for an skse update.
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    well... you might like the BfME series (you gotta pirate the game though cause EA lost teh license and isnt allowed to sell them anymore...). The Campaign of BfME1 uses veterancy combined with the quite unique army-system...
    You got one army, that is filled with the units you build (with the same lvl, exp, upgrades, formations etc.) the only units you wont carry around are siege units (rams, ladders, siege towers , balistas, trebuchets, catapults etc.). Making it pretty neat to play through the whole campaign. if you manage to lose one of your elites then just Dum Dum DUUUUUM!!!!!! Gotta make a new one! The weakness - strength system is like paper, rock, scissor. Swordmen < Riders < Archers & Pikemen < Swordmen - Beasts < Pikes and Archers < Swordmen < Beasts - Pikemen < Archers < Swordmen < Riders < Pikemen. Then you got formations (like swordmen got blockformation (-speed +defence), archers cone formation (-defence +damage)) and grouping (Swordmen + Archers - Swordmen + Pikemen - Swordmen + Riders (yeah... wtf... it works with rohan.. but the riders will lose their speed etc...) - Pikemen + Archers - Orc Warriors/Uruk-Hai + Siege Tower/Ladders - Berserk + Ladder (both mordor and/or isengard exclusive- when a siege tower with orcs attacks/docks unto a wall the orcs will instantly climb it- same for Uruk-hai + ladders, they can also be combined to Uruk-Hai + Berserk + Ladder- the berserk will jump onto the wall before the ladder docks xD)). And it got also a VERY unique building system: Fortress, Camps, Outposts and Settlements. You got restricted building plots within Fortresses, Camps and Outposts and not every of them can build teh same things (Gondor Fortress can build a stone quarry to reinforce the walls, towers and gate. The camp can just use the quarry for wall and towers (if you didnt already upgraded it) and the outpost cant build it.

    The Campaign and the building system changed with BfME2 where you got now a very liniar campaign, but teh veterancy is still there (you can still lvl up the units in the battle), and you build now everywhere but you need builders. Grouping doesnt exist anymore and formations jsut partly (pikemen still got one...) but they advanced the movement system, you got now a planning mode where you can plan the movement and attacks of several units (in BfME1 you could just make a chain of movements... in 2 you could also make loops etc xD).

    There wasn't Changed much in the addon for 2 either, but the Edain mod ramped up the whole principe and went back to bfme1 building with formations and some more complicated ways to upgrade and advance (like angmar can jsut upgrade through tributs, while gondor still lvls the old bfme principe like (training units will upgrade teh building till its lvl 3, resource building needed jsut to produce resources, in bfme2 you used resources)) and going for HD retextures, sound over rework, more units etc etc etc... the mod is lovely!
    And i almost forgot one of the main features! The Speelbook!!!!!!!! Nice to play around with... throwing debuffs or buffs, or units aroudn is fun, and especially when you got shit liek army of the dead or the Balrog :3 going for toral carnage xD (but all spell units are bound to time...)
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    I got lucky, my latest play through is on a vanilla skyrim. I decided to try the game out without mods to see how it was. I miss skyUI haha
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  7. Pandagnome

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    dead by daylight

    its a good hide and seek game!
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  8. Have you heard of Warzone 2100? It has veterancy, levels that require you to clear a map with a certain number of units within a time limit, about ten squad designations to which you can add or subtract any unit, and a time warp function allowing you to speed up to warp speed or slow down the game clock to an extreme crawl, allowing you to almost simultaneously issue commands. I haven't played a lot of it, but it seems to fit the criteria you listed. Last I checked, though, I didn't find any commands to make the units group into a specific formation. I'm not sure about stacking orders either. I'm pretty bad at RTS games, so I didn't dig very deep.

    If you're interested, you can find it here:
    It's completely free, non-pirated, and being updated by the community ever since the creators released it as open source in 2004.
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  9. MattHunX

    MattHunX Deepscanner

    Will check it out, thanks! Seems more sci-fi-esque, future-esque. More to my liking.
  10. NitroMidgets

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    I have heard UbiSuck updated The Division so I might see if they managed to unfuck it.
    Otherwise still doing the Fortnite alpha.
  11. SomeUnregPunk

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    TitanFall 2.

    It has elements of CoD, Section 8, a Quake 3 mod for grappling hook, Doom 2016, Brink & Mechwarrior. With a neat single player too. In the campaign I found an elevator shaft. And there is a lift that you can use but I decided to see if the movement abilities would let me run up the shaft in a corkscrew fashion. It did. A very nice sense of freedom this game has.

    I haven't tried multi-player yet.
  12. DiBBz

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    Black Desert Online...

    about to go back into warframe as the new update *The War Within* is coming out sometime tomorrow. but for now AFK fishing it is in BDO :p

    now thats something ive not heard in a long time

    Section 8 was the shiz on xbox back in the day :D which somehow made me remind me of blacklight tango down :D shame retribution is not all that well populated!

    we so need another section 8 with bigger maps and aircraft :D that hover bike was the best thing to drive and jump around :)
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  13. NanoTechnician

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    Currently playing The Endless Forest & Defiance.
  14. SomeUnregPunk

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    Dishonored 2. It gives you a choice to play as either a young woman or her dad, and either with super powers or not and either as psychopath or a pacifist. The devs put alot of love into the lore of this game. I found mission clues/hints just by being patient enough to listen to people rather than just by picking up scattered notes. Very cool.

    Titanfall 2 multiplayer is addictive. It really reminds me of Brink.
  15. NoahDVS

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    I don't think he's her dad, but I could be wrong. I thought he was just some kind of royal guard/assassin guy.
  16. SomeUnregPunk

    SomeUnregPunk Emberite

    Yeah in the first one they kept it mysterious with whole, "maybe he is, maybe he ain't" angle. But in this one, Emily straight out says it. I haven't played Corvo yet, so I don't know if he thinks it too. I guess it makes sense for her to confirm it, because you play her and she has a voice in this game. It would be a bit awkward to have her call her own dad by his first name even in times of high stress.
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    Meh.. maybe im going to touch Oxenfree *shiver*

    And im waiting for teh new Robocraft update :3 2K CPU WE ARE COMING!!!
    And im ofc waiting for factorio update 0.15 <3 I- WANT- POWERPLANTS!!!!!!!!!!!! Fukushima V2. :3 (recently bought a manga about Fukushima, its called "Reaktor 1F" (German, i think it would be called "Reactor 1F" in english ^^ (the 1F stands for Fukushima 1, BTW - there are 2 Fukushima Powerplants O.O)). It'S interesting ^^
  18. Right now, I'm interested in League of Legends (I suck and don't play often), Borderlands 2 (I don't like the random gun drops, though), Warframe (new, major update!), and Paladins.

    Now that I think about it, I subconsciously arranged those in order of least played to most played (in the last month).
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    Been playing a fair bit of "Slain!". It's like someone threw old-school castlevania in with Bastard....I wholeheartedly approve.
  20. Kouyioue

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    Haven't been playing anything

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