1. Gonad Pony

    Jetpack ideas, loadouts, and more!

    With @Grummz working hard on getting test versions of the jetpacks going I know he's been looking for a lot of feedback. I love jetpacking in games, and love being able to customize my character to no other, but what if there were different jetpacks to equip? Maybe some only acieveable by higher...
  2. Terricon4

    Ideas On Fighting Category 5 Kaiju

    Ok, so the question here is how might we actually fight giant kaiju the size of a small mountain? If its simply a massive enemy that has lots of raw health, then it feels less unique/special and more like a scaled up boss enemy (like in WoW, where they literally just scale the models up to huge...
  3. Gonad Pony

    Em-8ER invasion ideas?

    Hey guys! I wanted to hear all your coolest ideas for Em-8ER invasions! I was thinking something along the lines of infection and choices, leaving two ways for a player made base to be destroyed: Takeover and Destruction. The basic model of a Tsi-hu invasion would be grunts and casters. The...
  4. spiralofhope

    idea: Enhanced screenshot functionality

    The vagueness of screenshots makes them difficult to curate and share. One of the biggest issues I've had with screenshotting in every video game I've played, is that it dumps a bunch of coded images. They're particularly annoying to process, in bulk, well after the fact. No memory of the...
  5. Xenmai

    Base Building Ideas

    Hi there guys. Today I'd like to explain some ideas I have regarding the construction of player bases and its structures. Please note these are only ideas, so feel free to discuss them and add your own. Steel Wall: Basic structural wall. Has decent resistance and can be used to hold ceilings...
  6. Nubilus

    Ideas and Thoughts on Weapons/Abilities

    In the recent Chief Chat @Grummz asked the community to share their Ideas and thoughts on weapons and abilities, as well as our favorites from FireFall for EM-8er. This is the Thread to post them in. Feel free to add any media you can find on old FF stuff for Grummz as a reminder/reference.
  7. MattHunX

    Video-game(s) you're playing.

    This is the thread to post about games you're passing your free-time with and your experiences with them, bringing them to the attention of others, who might also enjoy them or share your gripes about them. It would also be interesting if people gave a quick pros and cons information and ideas...
  8. Bacterial

    We need staff tracker

    People post like mad, I think we need some kind of «staff tracker» thing to easily find latest posts and replies from Mark