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Dr. D

May 28, 2017
Planet Zi
+ geat combat and fast movement
+ freedom of movement, jumping, gliding, flying (parkour is just the best in all games I played so far imo)
+ 3rd-person-pve-coop-shooter with some (but not too much) roleplay elements
+ big variety of Warframes (= something like battle suits) and weapons
+ encourages experimenting with different gear
+ you can progress and obtain all things with one single character/account
+ unique and consistent art design
+ plenty of gorgeous looking cosmetics and design options ("Fashion Frame")
+ mostly fair monetization and ingame market
+ great graphics and running smoothly even on older machines
+ game had a "small" start, but got steadily better and bigger over the course of the past years
+ epic big boss battle ("Teralyst Hunt") added with the last expansion

- no open world, heavily instanced (new big Plains of Eidolon map is just another instance)
- only 4 persons at a time can run an instance (8 in a raid)
- no dynamic map events
- grind gets repetitive fast
- pvp is atrocious (but I don't really care about pvp in general with the exception of Planetside 2)

Guild Wars 2:
+ world is just beautiful
+ dynamic map events, some can be started by the players
+ maps can host plenty of players for zerging events
+ great and helpful pve community
+ player characters/professions are not bound to a specific role (no "holy trinity" here)

- world is still instanced (big instances but still instances)
- combat is more dynamic than in other wow-style games but it is still wow style
- fun and efficient professions will get nerfed to boredom sooner or later
- abhorrent grind and stupid tasks for obtaining exalted and legendary gear
- movement too slow (got better with the introduction of mounts)
- jump puzzles (highly subjective but I hate them)
- more and more immersion breaking silly stuff sold in the ingame market
- quality-of-life features and rng loot-boxes sold for real money in the ingame market (just don't do that, it's a no-go!)

Planetside 2 (only a few times a year now)
+ BIIIIIG and beautiful continents, almost open world
+ dynamic endless fight for global domination
+ Epic battles with mechanized infantry, tank columns, air battles and sieges, all player driven
+ truly deserves the tag "massive multiplayer"
+ Player can set up custom spawn points for their side (spawn beacons, "Sunderer" and "Galaxy" troop transports)
+ primarily a shooter with some roleplay elements (progression via "certs")
+ all roles/suits/vehicles/loadouts available with one character
+ it's not only big, it also has intriguing mechanics and depth of play

- only pvp, no pve
- only 1st-person
- not very beginner friendly, newbies get lost quickly
- long and boring grind for "certs"
- character is faction and server bound
- the horn for your vehicle is sold separately in the real cash market (Honestly, are you kidding me?! Honk if you got horny looking at my purse! Not even German car manufacturers sell their cars without the horns...)
- dwindling population with too many "no-lifers" left in the community
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Jul 26, 2016
Dead Cells.
A metroidvania rogue like that is inspired by Castlevania. It's difficult but not fuck the player difficult. It's fun.
It's still early access so the game isn't complete yet. I guess I suck cause it took me a few dozen or so deaths until I figured out how to take down a boss. Then I found out that was just the mid-boss. The actual boss was more far more frustrating. But I took him down too. So many levels and stuff in the game so far.

There are both permanent upgrades that won't go away after death and temporary upgrades that disappear after death. Very atmospheric. And the game runs well even though this game is still being worked on.
Jul 26, 2016

It's a neat game. I only played a few hours in though. Metrovania/adventure game.

Still playing Dead cells... really short load times. Quite fast from death to next game makes the grinding aspect less frustatingly annoying. So many weapons and different combinations which makes it fairly interesting to play the game in different ways. That makes the grinding less annoying for me.

Like for a good while I didn't understand how to use the slow firing but high damaging weapons when you face enemies with quick attacks. Then I learned how to use the roll mechanic better and the various stun attacks which made the game easier. So far I have beat 2 out of 3 bosses. Last boss is a bit annoying. But they all telegraph their attacks so after awhile I think I'll get it.

Oh and secrets. The dev seems to love adding hidden stuff in the game.
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Base Commander
Dec 4, 2016
Just need to rant;

Started March of Empires this morning, was doing okay. cheesy but kind of similar to Evony which I used to play.... That game gives you a 7 day new player protection, less than 24 hours in someone kills all my troop while collecting resources. Uninstalled, an exploit like that and veteran players using it to do just what they made me do... leave. There are much better strategy games out there. :)

PIghead Elderberry

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Jun 4, 2017
Book of Demons - early access on Steam

I played the demo last night (warrior) and right away donated for the supporter pack. The mage class is fun. I haven't done the 3rd class yet.

There are bunch of good reviews of it out there, but the best thing is to simply grab the demo on steam.

I am having lots of fun with it.

I really like the paper-book style art. The homage to early Diablo is well done. The combat is done in a very good way - and NOT quite as "normal" for diablo style games. The card based skill/combat system works well. The crafting aspect of managing the cards works well. The customized dungeon creations work well.

Even at the early access stage this is polished and superbly crafted!

Things that at first I thought, what the heck, work out well.

Beautiful graphical style, loads of fun, no bugs or crashes, tons of variety in play...

I'm in love!


PIghead Elderberry

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Jun 4, 2017
The hunting of rabbits led to the hunting of deer, led to the hunting of boar, led to my becoming the equivalent of a billionaire, led to me buying fancy armor as a criminal poacher, led to everyone around me saluting me as a high born knight of noble lineage.

Led me to realize that hunting is a fun game.

Led me to purchase theHunter Call of the Wild on steam.

Led me to realize hunting with a rifle and scope and deer calls is easier than with Lord Capon other than the fact that real deer and rabbits do not let you walk up to within ten cubits of them in the forest...
Jul 26, 2016
Farcry 5.

It's basically Farcry 2 minus the Malaria. Swap out the Africans with white people.

The weapons and their stats don't match at all. You can use your starter pistol to snipe people at sniper rifle ranges. It also feels like one scope out of bunch were balanced for each weapon, you just got to find the right one for each weapon you buy and since the stats don't match with how it actually works, good luck with that. So far the Bow and Arrow is the most OP weapon in the game. This thing can take out planes in a shot. The scope that has a range finder in it is the best one.

You don't need to buy every weapon, if you have a weapon you haven't brought from the store yet in one of your holsters and visit the store, the weapon unlocks for free.

The AI with the exception of the airplanes act like the AI from the recent Farcry games. Which means it's quite easy to get them distracted while you circle around them. This is a lot easier to do since you get the ability to order your optional AI partner do stuff.
For example : I climbed a water tower near an outpost. Used my binoculars to spot out every enemy. Then used my bow to take out lone targets. Then I took out an explosive barrel on the other side of the base that killed on enemy. The rest of the enemies ran over to the explosion or found cover facing the explosion. Which made it much easier to take them all out from behind.

Planes can see through practically everything except when you get the silent moving perk and you crawl through a forest.

The devs tossed out crafting for a perk menu. Which is nice. Crafting to increase your holster or to get stuff was annoying.

The devs added microtransactions for prestige weapons which are basically skins of the weapons in the game. The game doesn't push you to buy stuff though which is nice. What isn't nice is the push to use Farcry Arcade which is user created maps to play in. They got a NPC standing next to an arcade machine which will always talk about how awesome the arcade is.
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Omni Ace
Jul 29, 2016
Sydney, Australia
Grim Dawn - Enjoyed this a lot, but the game does have some issues. Doing a Nightblade/Necromancer run with pets.
Distance - I'd highly recommend this, such a fun game to pass the time with.

Going to start Redneck Rampage and KKND up at some point, maybe upload a playthrough or two since it's been so long since I've played them.
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