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  1. Rocketeer593

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    Tis why I bought it when it was on sale before I lost out on the stuff for being early (brain does not want to barf up the actual term atm), despite the fact that I couldn't play it due to my laptop being lucky to play a 2011 game smoothly on low with minimal crashing.
    I have about 20 other games that I bought while on sale for a 34% or greater discount that I would love to play but have no hope of doing so unless I get some quite noticeable increase in cash flow
  2. MattHunX

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    That sucks, though. So glad I upgraded my rig. Although, I guess MMORPG are taxing on a system, anyway.
  3. SunderPlunder

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    Fallout :New Vegas is my favorite now. 4 is just disappointing , even 3 was way better than it!
  4. Rocketeer593

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    Quite taxing actually.

    Starting minimum system requirements per game type:

    FPSMMORPG (loot-shooter)> MMORPG > FPS > platformers;

    MP open world > SP open world > MultiPlayer > SinglePlayer;

    Online games > offline games;

    Faster pace > slower pace;
  5. SomeUnregPunk

    SomeUnregPunk Emberite

    on the off chance you are still bored.... and enjoyed Megaman games but were dispointed with the stupid crap that is Mighty No.9.... check this out: A rogue like mega man X clone with Co-op.
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    Taleworlds will be attending Gamescom! Hopefully they'll announce the release date for Bannerlord.
  7. MattHunX

    MattHunX Deepscanner

    Tried that. Neat little clone. But what turned me off was the lack of saving. Had to start over and beat bosses, all the time. That's annoying. It's a solid game, though.
  8. NitroMidgets

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    Anybody waiting on Destiny 2 on pc?
  9. SomeUnregPunk

    SomeUnregPunk Emberite

    I'm waiting for it. Playing TitanFall 2 multiplayer or Warframe in the meantime.
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  10. NitroMidgets

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    Debating a preorder. I played the first one back when I also had a console.
  11. SunderPlunder

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  12. Mahdi

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    I'm finally dropping the silliness of Diablo 3 and their seasonal bleh. I have been enjoying a slow build to warframe lately. I dont get much time to game anymore but enjoying it.

    One old school game I saw steam is launching a remake of is Secret of Mana. Now that was a blast for an SNES co-op rpg back in the day! Give me the sprite and the spear! Thank you and have a nice day....dieing.

    But.....i really want Em-8ER.....
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  13. SomeUnregPunk

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    Stories: The Path of Destinies

    Basically it's a "choose your adventure" book recreated into a videogame.
    It's action rpg where the game has multiple endings based on the choices you make. There is one true ending and the devs were nice enough to let you suffer through the tutorial mission once, skipping that part each time you want to replay the current game in the attempt to unlock new endings/stories or for the hunt for the true ending. The actiony part isn't connected to the decisions you make. So you could play without upgrading your combat abilities which in turn makes combat harder and funner.

    It's interesting. It got a chatty narrator that expands characters out for you which is nice. All the voice work is through the narrator so it sounds much like a parent/sibling reading a story to a child. No bosses. So if you wanted to quickly get through this game because you are a achivement junkie or something, don't upgrade your combat stuff. But that just means the combat gets a bit boring. As i played through this game i got the feeling the devs might have at one point designed a end boss or two before deciding they would rather have the fun of the game center around the story choices and the ending hunt.

    it's a cool and short game.
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  14. Smile

    Smile Deepscanner

    I've found that I actually really like Divinity Original Sin, Dunno why I was so against playing it until recently. However I've yet to purchase it (try before you buy, I played about 10 mins of the game before stopping).

    Really excited to get it and play more even more that the second is out.
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  15. Despair

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  16. PIghead Elderberry

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    I just looked at some videos of pre-release Elex gameplay. It looks like it might have some fun with jet packs and other things we are used to having! I put in a pre-order for the paltry $5 discount on steam today. If it is bad, I'll use that new fangled Steam ability to get a refund out of Steam. They've had many months to improve over the videos I was watching... hoping... hoping...
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  17. Despair

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    It's a Piranha Bytes game. It has it's flaws (especially animations xD), but the world theyre creating and the many choices you make in this game...and the brutal difficulty....I like this style
  18. SomeUnregPunk

    SomeUnregPunk Emberite

    Elex does looks interesting with a neat idea of combining sci-fi and fantasy in such a way. It just that Piranha Bytes games tend to be very buggy for awhile before they get it in a good shape... so while I'm interested in it, I may wait for it to mature into a better product at a cheaper price.

    At the moment I'm playing Hob which is made by the company that build the diablo-like game series Torchlight.

    It's Zelda-like and the puzzles aren't really puzzles but more of an emphasis to explore and experiment. If you can't figure out why something ain't working, in this game that just means you probably should start exploring more. Very atmospheric.
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  19. Nunaden

    Nunaden Well-Known Member

    Currently playing:
    LotR: Battle for Middle-Earth
    nice old RTS that isnt sold anymore cuz EA lost the lotr licence - ya can pirate it though
    (got developed by EA LA - its real good)
    BFME 2 (a quite big change in the building and unit system, yet still good)
    BFME 2: Rise of the Witchking (addon) (same as bfme2 just with a new campaign, a new faction allotta aditions and balances)
    BFME 2: ROTWK Edain Mod (community driven mod) (a total revert back to the bfme1 system but real fun, many new factions, complete overhaul of everything - had a campaign back in edain mod 2 or 3 (currently at edain mod 4.4 demo))

    For the King
    a nice turn based tabletop-like game. its really really hard sometimes and a bit frustrating which yet makes the things far more fun.

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