1. Nunaden

    About Wikis

    Well I think this question was going to pop up when the game is out anyways, but rather sooner than later I guess. It's about the Wikis - and the question: Which wiki-software to use? Personally i would say Wikia as its flexibel, is easy to use and has features that make community-driven wikis...
  2. EuropeanCowboy

    Special Interactions and Mini games. [Game Suggestion]

    This is inspiration from the game Nier:Automata Spoiler free explanation: Instead of having the oldschool "Hold E to Repair" or "Hold E to Hack", replace this with a skillbased minigame, that's fun and intuitive.
  3. Nunaden

    Questions about customisation and the arsenal

    Well, Hi! I got some questions 'bout customisation of the MEK, the arsenal that we are going to have and some suggestion. Let's start with CUSTOMISATION: How deep will it be? What will we probably be able to replace and modify on the MEK? I would really like to see huge customisation (BTW i'm...
  4. MattHunX

    Video-game(s) you're playing.

    This is the thread to post about games you're passing your free-time with and your experiences with them, bringing them to the attention of others, who might also enjoy them or share your gripes about them. It would also be interesting if people gave a quick pros and cons information and ideas...
  5. NightStroke

    Suggestion for Omniframe "Class" System: Combing the Tech Tree with Limitless Choice

    First off, I couldn't really figure out what to call this. It isn't a class system because there is no actual limitation on what any player can equip. Whatever, let's just get into it. There are FIVE archetypes; You all know these as the recon, engineer, biotech, dreadnaught, and assault. There...
  6. Terib.Shadow

    First actual thread, How about making it a tombstone for firefall?

    So the idea of this is, everyone can say their last words for firefall, since it just went down yesterday. To talk about red5, the game itself, our greatest experiences on it, our last screenshots and what we would really want to see in ember, identical or almost the same. I'll leave this to...