1. SeductivePancake

    Gaming setups! Gotta show 'em!

    Lets see all the cool setups out there. I love seeing what other people use, flashy or not. This is my current computer setup. very simple and built out of an old HP Pavillion XD
  2. Pandagnome

    Computer builds for em8er?

    Not sure if this was asked already if it was oops ooh well here it is again :P Was curious to find out what people would suggest on several computer builds to play the latest games including Em8er for various budgets too currently? 1) Budget gaming computer build 2) The gaming computer build...
  3. MattHunX

    Video-game(s) you're playing.

    This is the thread to post about games you're passing your free-time with and your experiences with them, bringing them to the attention of others, who might also enjoy them or share your gripes about them. It would also be interesting if people gave a quick pros and cons information and ideas...