Omniframe build types: Post your ideas here!


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Jul 26, 2016

Is hard driver mode still a thing? it was created for the old omniframe when there was nothing connecting the top and bottom but a tiny little spine. I haven't heard anything about it existing with the new omniframe.
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Jul 27, 2016
Is hard driver mode still a thing? it was created for the old omniframe when there was nothing connecting the top and bottom but a tiny little spine. I haven't heard anything about it existing with the new omniframe.

Silv3r Shadow

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Max Kahuna
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Jul 29, 2016
Is hard driver mode still a thing? it was created for the old omniframe when there was nothing connecting the top and bottom but a tiny little spine. I haven't heard anything about it existing with the new omniframe.
Believe it is, I think it was one of the first questions risen when the new omniframe came out.
To me the roll cage is the most ugly part of it, can't wait to put hard drive mode on it permanently lol


Jul 26, 2016
Light Omni with a Medium reactor Attack / Defense / Mobility = 20% / 20% / 60%
PRIMARY: Sword and Pistol (a big ass revolver would be gr8 :cool::p)
SECONDARY: Combat Rifle (semi auto; possible burst alt fire, but no auto)
SHOULDER MOUNTED: Drone Launcher - uses various combat drones (assault, defense, boost) to supplement it's not so high damage output. The drones each have their own stats (which include duration) and uses and will be destroyed if enough damage is suffered by them.
ABILITY 1: Shield Drones - adds a spherical shield around each drone in use and within X meters from the omni. the shield is broken when it stops a set amount of damage or duration expires, whichever comes first.
ABILITY 2: EMP Defense - similar to ability 1, but this ability arms drones with a proximity tesla gun that fires short range electrical bolts at any enemy that comes close.
HKM: KAMIKAZE - tags an enemy/weakpoint and orders all active drones to initiate a suicide attack against tagged/painted target for high KABOOM damage. if any or both Ability 1 and 2 are still active at the time the drone goes boom, some type of extra effect could be added perhaps.

*This light frame is often taken lightly untill too late, at which point this frame unleashes it's tactical pinpoint destruction attacking critical junctions and quickly withdrawing.

Drone Ammo
- craftable ammunition that comes in various shapes and for various functions. each drone has among other stats a duration timer even though being considered ammo. depending on it's stats (better tier maybe = better stats;)) if they suffer enough damage or their duration expires they are lost/used up. depending on use ammo drones fall into these categories:
ASSAULT - these drones are used for attack. regardless of the method (gun, sword, grenade...etc.) these drones are used to target enemies exclusively.
DEFENSE - these drones are used for protection. regardless of the method (shielding self or ally, physical or energy protection, enemy impediment...etc.) these drones can be used to target either friend or foe, but also both friendly and enemy deployables.
BOOST - these drones are used for a variety of tasks, from repair to actual ability boost. these drones may also in some cases use abilities (like PoE totems). these drones, same as defense drones may target any target, but unlike defense drones, boost drones have targeting restrictions based on use (a heal ability drone may only target friendlies, while some ability drones could only target deployables and/or enemies...etc. )

regardless of type and/or use all ammo drones are 1 use only ammunition!!!!
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Jul 26, 2016
Medium Omni with a Light/medium reactor Attack / Defense / Mobility = 5% / 65% / 30%
PRIMARY: Capacitor Rifle a.k.a. VampGun - a dual purpose rifle that fires a short beam that latches to enemies (same as 1.6 DF alt worked) and deals low DoT. doing that charges the rifle's alt function which is a special type of "magazine" (depending on tier it could hold more "ammo"). alt-fire shoots "healing bullets" that can repair friendly omnis if shot at friendlies, or use those same "bullets" to inflict high damage at greater ranges than the beam
SECONDARY: Grenade Launcher - if various ammo can be crafted that smoke, frag, emp or other grenades could provide cover enough to perform the frame's primary duty...
SHOULDER MOUNTED: Repair & Boost Drones - Boost Drones used to repair/heal friendlyes/deployables. also used to boost friendly performance(s) in some way (either through increasing ATT/DEF/MOV or some other way)
ABILITY 1: Injection a.k.a. Energy Shot - fire a Probe with wire at friendly omni and shares energy (restoring friendly omni)
ABILITY 2: Sedative a.k.a. Virus Shot - fire a "virus infected probe" at enemy. the probe infects the target with a random debuff that could also include damage but is not limited to it.
HKM: De-Bug - used for either self or another friendly omni, this ability "optimizes the omni for a short time" increasing overall performance in some way(s)

*This frame is used as a front line healer and support omniframe whose role is to keep the team from falling appart at critical times via healing/repair and tactical destruction of weakened/isolated enemies
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Jul 26, 2016
Heavy Omni with Medium or Heavy reactor Attack / Defense / Mobility = 50% / 40% / 10%
PRIMARY: Energy Drill a.k.a. Melta' Gun - a short range energy drill like the rhino alt that had high damage but ate ammo like peanuts.
SECONDARY: Plasma Launcher - essentially, the plasma gun you showed in the mock up video (@Grummz ) with both features
SHOULDER MOUNTED: Crusher Arm a.k.a. Servo Arm (WH40k tm:p;)) - an shoulder mounted arm like device that automatically attacks enemies or enemy deployables (like turrets or walls) in melee range with crushing strenght/attacks.
ABILITY 1: Pillbox - similar to FFs turret mode but the omni also kneels down and is "enshrined in a pillbox-like physical armor". in the state, the omni may use both pirmary and secondary (1 in each hand) but can only target the same target with both weapons.
ABILITY 2: Perimeter Defense - unlike ammo drones, this is an ability that can be constantly used and requires no ammo. like ammo drones, the omni sends out a set of defensive drones that hover in a perimeter around BREACH and attack any enemy in radius, but never leave their post, so enemies that move far enough will not trigger the drone's attack mode. if no enemy is in sight, the drones provide very low healing/repair
HKM: Breaching Shell - the crusher arm becomes a cannon/mortar or something like that and fires a high damage shell/energy shot or something like that.

*This frame is right at home in the thickest of frays, often seen performing task such as wall-breaching, or kaiju tanking...
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THIS is what I imagine a fully customized and kitted out (kind of a pun) omni-frame build looks like.

MedFrame_NoLogo alt energy claws ball.jpg Lynx


Frame: Medium (Mobility/Offense 50/50) - Heavy Reactor

Primary (ranged slot): Twin Energy-SMGs (Incendiary and Cryo) a.k.a. Plasma Casters

Secondary (ranged slot): None

Tertiary (melee slot): Dual-Shredders (Electrified)

Support (offensive): Needle-Ball (Electrified)

By sacrificing the use of a secondary ranged-weapon, as well as larger melee-weapons and using the spared energy, the lightest of the medium-builds can equip themselves with, not a single, but a pair of energy-claws for extremely close-range melee combat, accepting the dangers that can come with it. With the removal of some of its armor-plating, it's the fastest and lightest of medium-builds. It can keep pace with below average Sly-Dancers frames. It needs the extra energy-reserves of its heavy core to power its weapons, particularly its claws and thrusters and servos to remain highly mobile.

Shredder claws can normally cause organic targets to bleed, while sustained and sufficient strikes to the same target and specific locations on it can weaken armor, reducing its damage reduction. The gauntlets vent heat from exhaust ports on the hand-plating.


Elemental Scars - Through the installation of plasma-injectors, dynamos, cryogenic-inducers or chem-catalyzers, single and dual-shredders can possess incendiary, shock, freezing or corrosive effects.

Cut to the Bone - Proper energy-allocation and research into energy-containment can improve penetration, allowing for deeper wounds to be inflicted, also increasing effectiveness against armored targets. The energy-based equivalent of how kinetic melee-weapons are upgraded through better alloys.

Needle Ball (Offensive Support): The back-mounted launcher points a short to mid-range laser (where the crosshair is) and releases a handball-sized gyro that homes in on it. The ball bounces along the surface, continually discharging highly-compressed pellets, in every direction, as it is being guided. Once it runs out of the contained payload, it explodes for very minimal damage. Depending on guidance, the gadget can deliver moderate to high-damage, saturating even multiple, clustered targets. May cause bleeding in smaller organic targets, shredding them.

(Inspired by the Bouncing Betty grenades in Borderlands 2)


Rocket Kick: An assisted knee-kick, using the custom-built thrusters on the outer lower-thighs, for added force. Exclusive to medium-builds. Primarily used as a defensive-strike against single targets, potentially stunning them to stop their attack. Can also be used mid-air, in emergencies, to slow a fall and reduce damage to the frame, or to briefly keep the frame aloft, for a second longer, potentially avoiding attacks.

Wing-Sprout: Nearly all power is temporarily transferred to every thruster for a burst that propels the frame over the terrain, close to the ground. Consumes considerably more energy than the quick dashes of lighter frames, but covers more distance. Also, as with lighter frames, this rapid forward movement can be an evasive maneuver or an offensive charge, when coupled with certain melee-attacks. Particularly effective when used with the Rocket Kick to deliver heavy blunt-damage against smaller targets and even knock larger ones off their feet. The frame is able to turn in a 90 degree angle mid-air.

Pounce: Leaping, downward melee-slash, using both hands. Only possible with Dual-Shredders. More than doubles the damage a single shredder attack would do and also applies a stronger bleeding effect against unprotected organic targets. Can rend armor plating, weakening the target's protection and incurring penalties to its damage resistance, either on the whole body or parts of it, in the case of larger foes.

I know that's 3 abilities, but I don't care. Tried making the techno-babble makes sense.
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May 22, 2018
Greetings from Germany :)

1) Light

2) Mobility
3) Small
4.1) Flip. Some kind of Giant powered Backflip out of the action which leaves a little explosion at the point. (Maybe the Flip goes in the direction of the arrow key you push).
4.2) Spiderweb. You can basically shoot a web at a surface be it a wall or a ceiling you can stick yourself to, to get a better position. this ability would end after pressing the button again.
5)Capacitors. Charges the Sniperrifle with an immense power to fire a nuclear shot emptying the whole magazin and cause an explosion on impact.
6) Sniper Rifle, Grenade Launcher.
7) Vision.
Small Frame maybe a mixture of widowmaker(overwatch) and the Nighthawk(Firefall) with a black cape. Nimble and Fast getting fast on every hill seeing enemys from far away the dead black shadowy Sniper. Fast changes of position to be able to help your team when it counts.


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Jul 26, 2016
per evilkitten's request, here is a medium frame:

1. medium
2. offense, then defense, then mobility
3. large
4a. a ball of concentrated energy that shoots out of your chest then explodes outwards, destroying everything in its path
4b. 360^O turret mode: the omniframe cannot move, but offense and defense is significantly increased.
5a+b. dual jericho missiles a la iron man (we do have 2 shoulders, after all, so it only makes sense that we have 2 shoulder weapon slots)
6. primary: alt fire sprays a gaseous accelerant, main fire lights it up (like barf and belch from how to train your dragon, except if you hold down main fire, it turns into a flamethrower.)
secondary: dual heavy machineguns.

7. Silence: a frame designed exclusively for complete and utter devastation, named for what is left in its wake.
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Jul 26, 2016
and given the grappling hook:

1. Light
2. offense and mobility
3. i'd say medium
4a. infrared vision: can temporarily see heat sigs in los (unless the sensor slot comes equipped with that in which case some stealth ability that allows you to stand still and launch drones)
4b. stun burst: in case of emergency, a pilot can temporarily blind nearby enemies while he/she makes his/her escape
5a. drone: a small surveillance drone that you can pilot for a limited time until it returns to you. Drone can spot targets for you or your allies.
5b. decoy: a small but tough drone that distracts enemies so you can move about semi-freely. Does not work if an enemy already sees you, or if you walk past an enemy's line of sight. Returns after x seconds
6. Primary: standard sniper rifle, scope and all
Secondary: long-range rocket launcher (betcha didn't see that coming) with alt fire locking on to the closest heat signature that isn't a player or friendly npc (do not use near volcanoes as it will target the magma)
melee: ???
7. (name pending, but maybe something like) Death's Eye; Aha, bet you were expecting a stealth ability!!! guess what? you don't need one. Between decoy and stun burst, you can actually have fun trying to evade enemies to find the best vantage point rather than relying on stealth mode. Talk about skill matters, right? anyway, best way to use this: drone to find a vantage point and spot enemies, decoy to get past them, grappling hook to get to the sniping nest, dealing long range damage with either rifle or launcher, and if something gets a little too close, either melee it away or stun and run (or glide, jetpack, grapple, whatever). Cool, huh?
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Jul 26, 2016
this one is interesting:

1. light
2. "offense"
3. large
4a. power to the people: grants power (meaning reduced cd/increased "ammo") to omniframes within x distance
4b. i don't know, laser eyes?
5a. ???
5b. ???
6. Primary: freon reactor: main fire damages an enemy, alt fire powers up an ally
secondary: ???

7. cold fuse: trying to recreate the ancient delicacy known as "ice cream", an eccentric scientist accidentally discovered a way to convert cold into energy (the science is complex, but essentially it's the inverse of the refrigeration process; instead of converting energy into cold, it converts cold to energy). this frame uses this science to take power from the naturally cold atmosphere of em8er and turn it into power for llies or use it as a weapon against enemies. The idea is incomplete I just wnted to put this here.
Dec 27, 2016
1) Light frame.

2) Offense oriented (in the form of crowd control and support), avg. mobility ('low' for a light frame), weak defense (unless 'bubbled'... keep reading).

3) Medium reactor.


A - Scramble: lob a special grenade that detonates on impact. Enemies can be stunned or confused.
Making them attack closer allies or do stupid things like forgetting to use their abilities and ranged capabilities and attempt to hopelessly charge a far target into melee range. Ineffective against the largest enemy types. Medium enemies need to be weakened first, if not, effect is
diminished to a brief stun/interrupt/stagger.

B - Control beam: affects a single target at medium and shorter distances. Once a target is (temporarily) captured, the player's frame can't move but is enveloped by a protective bubble shield.
The camera switches to the captured enemy view and player can manually control that unit (some/all enemy abilities should be disabled for balance and simplicity reasons). A visual indicator warns the player when bubble shield is going down or frame is taking damage.
Control can be cancelled (detonation) at anytime and it has a max. duration. Clear visual effect (glow?) tells other players that unit is under control.

The controlled unit builds up energy as it inflicts melee damage or takes dmg itself but charge level goes down over time if inactive, after some short dealy.
Charge extends the control duration (but there's still a hard cap), increases 'taken unit' move speed, melee damage and aggro and player has the ability to detonate controlled unit at will for damage and explosion radius based on charge level. If controlled unit dies before detonation or max. control time is reached, there's still a chance it will create a lesser explosion. The bigger the enemy the more powerful the detonation too.
Big burst dmg taken by controlled unit builds up charge very quickly (it's not linear), to compensate the fact it's going to be much harder to pull a manual detonate because of short time frame before it's obliterated by its former allies.

Medium targets need to be damaged first (thereshold must be balanced). Ineffective against largest foes.

Once a target is captured, all damage inflicted by players and other players abilities use (even non-dmg ones) immediately hitting (1-2 seconds lapse) feed the charge level significantly. This is needed to make co-op valuable and this 'strange' ability non-intrusive to others. That 'feed' from other players will be calculated (rarely but possible) or accidental. I know someone will be pissed ('wtf I wanted to murder that enemy!), but hey... the quickest one will have it his/her way :)

5) 'Energy leech' shoulder cannon. Activate (press button) and lock on multiple allies ('paint' them with cursor), press again to end 'painting'. After that, hold button to channel a beam into an enemy (manually aiming, no lock on enemy) and transfer energy to allies. Effects could include some of this: drain shields, longer cooldowns, slow, lower RoF, ammo depletion (for enemies) and the opposite goes to those allies you prevoiusly locked onto.

6) Primary: Heavy revolver. Large caliber good punch, good accuracy but decreases at longer ranges, slow RoF and limited ammo capacity. This frame isn't 'raw' offense oriented and as such it has its limitations.

Secondary: SMG. When aiming with primary gets troublesome.

7) Name: 'Thenine'. This frame specializes in taking control to ruin somebody's day and leeching its targets into uselsesness.
Looks: nothing spectacular. Looks 'harmless' at first sight but it's capable of inflicting serious chaos if left to its own doing.

(I like complex things, could totally understand if you hated it though). If you think this doesn't fit the game then I respect your opinion too. Just a crazy idea I had, wanted to share.
Nice thread, thanks Mark!
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Nov 4, 2016
The Behemoth

1) Heavy Omniframe (Max armour/health on everything)

2) Defence/Offense/Mobility 47/47/6

3) Heavy Reactor

4) Ability 1: Ammo Fabricator
Once activated a fabricator manufactures an ammo crate which is then dropped, allowing players to approach it and collect ammo.

Ability 2: Shield Generator
Once activated a large shield bubble appears around the omni-frame, with enough space to fit and protect a few other omni-frames from all ranged weapons.

5) A mini-nuke launcher, designed to destroy tchisu bases.

6) Primary: A "Shredder Minigun", its an accurate minigun with an extreme rate of fire that shoots laser rounds, thus being able to shred through large hoards of enemies within seconds, thus being nicknamed the "Shredder Minigun".

Secondary: A short range flamethrower to instantly burn enemies that are a bit too close to your liking.

7) LOOKS: The omni-frame is literally a behemoth, it is a large, bulky suit, fully lined with some of the strongest composites known to man-kind, it is also equipped with regenerating shields and defence systems to destroy incoming ballistics.

The suit is mainly green with accents of black, fully covered with a hexagonal pattern. The minigun looks like large LMG, but instead of a single barrel it has the famous multi-barrel on the front and is hand-held (by both hands) by the omni frame, instead of fused onto it.

The flamethrower looks simple, with it being fused to the top of the left arm and having a large tube running from it to the back of the omni-frame.

USE: The primary use of the behemoth is to survive vast amounts of damage while annihilating enemies, from far with its accurate minigun, to up close and personal with its flame-thrower, and is often used as the main offence weapon to attack tshicu bases or hoards.

The main drawbacks are the cost and reactor of the omni-frame, this means it is hard to acquire and then upgrade, too the size of reactor means it cannot be cooled easily, so it has only light armour covering it, thus being extremely venerable, as damaging the reactor can create an explosion capable of instantly destroying the behemoth and others around it.
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May 10, 2018
heavy frame
heavy reactor
So basically its called The Bull. Its main ability is that it can turn into a ball and roll into enemies, raming them dealing lots of damage and maybe stunning them. Its called the bull because, when you morph into a ball, you are catapulted fowards, and you can't really turn too much. You also can't stop until you hit a wall. This would make it really dangerous to enemies and the pilot itself, as the omniframe could go flying off a cliff. It has a shield and a missile launcher. Thats pretty much it. From this incredibly vague description, maybe anyone else could make a better frame from this idea. I dunno.


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May 10, 2018
Woah its my 3rd idea
So its a medium build
medium reactor.
The Cultist
Offense/mobility/defense (roughly 40/40/20)
So basically it gains powers for having better kill streaks. The higher the kill streak, the faster the fire rate and the more damage boosts. It has two machine guns in its hands and a 3rd one on its shoulder. The whole idea of this frame is to kill as many enemies as quickly as possible. With really high kill streaks, you could get crazy abilities like explosive ammo. All the machine guns would be firing at once, just shredding through enemies to build up its kill streak to get even more powerful. The catch is that this omniframe is relatively weak at the start compared to other frames. Without any kill streaks, it's not very strong. It's two abilities are things that temporarily increase fire rate and damage, allowing it to start getting kills before the kill-streaks take over. Again, just brainstorming ideas so I keep it vague. Credits to TORGUE F*CKING JOE for helping me with the idea. So... yeah.


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Jun 12, 2018
Medium frame

Medium reactor
Power distribution
40% offense
50% mobility
10% defense

Zyklon - Spin your omniframe and fire primary weapons in an immediate AOE damage for 2 seconds

Steigern-Overclock your reactor for an extra x% mobility for x seconds(scales with level)

Shoulder mount
Plasma Auto cannon- Automatically fires thermal kinetic rounds at primary target requires high amounts of energy and slow fire rate. Optimal for big beasts and shielded enemies

Dual Wield Flamethrowers
Deal x damage per second with a burning effect for x seconds after (increases with tech abilities) and/or leaves a lingering damaging field of fire for 1 second .

“Lodernd Weiss” aka Blazing White

Playstyle would be glass cannon with high mobility. Don’t need defense if I don’t get hit. Use my auto cannon to drop shields or armor then blast in with my flamethrowers and burn em down. Zyklon for large groups AoE damage . Steigern for when I get caught in a tight situation or I’m hunting down an opponent. Aesthetics would be an all white paint job of course. Nothing special.

I’m not exactly sure if any of this is allowed in the game I just made my forum account but that’s what sounds fun to me. Maybe flamethrowers could be in a melee range class so I could get a light frame. I just wanna be fast.


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Jun 12, 2018

Power Distribution:
75% Offensive
5% Mobility
20% Defensive


Ability 1:
Shift Gate: Place a minor shift gate down in field. Allowing instant travel away from or into the fray of battle. Initially allowing only 1 gate up at a time upgradable to 2 at a time. Travel only in direction gate is placed. One way trip. Cost of ability is high so you’re forced to decide to use it offensively or defensively.

Ability 2:
Anti-Matter Generator. Fires a tiny orb of antimatter with a radius of 15 feet. The weight slows down enemies within the radius. The antimatter disappears in 4 seconds.

Shoulder Mount:
Tesla Field Generator: Toggle Ability. Generates an AOE field of electricity to deal x dps(scales with level) high energy cost. Upgradable to also increase power generation of allies within field.

Primary Weapon:
Bouncing Grendade Launcer: Kinetic damage with high AOE damage in right hand.
Plasma SMG in left hand. Thermal damage. High rate of fire. Low physical damage. High shield and armor damage

No secondary for weight and energy conservation

“Mad Scientist“

Chrome frame
Green glow lights
Pilot with all black paramilitary gear and goggles

Playstyle would be DPS and crowd control. I just like the idea of using a miniature gate to sort of teleport in or out of danger.