Omniframe build types: Post your ideas here!


Jun 11, 2017
1) Light omniframe

2) Low on defence, high on offence & mobility

3) Heavy reactor

4) infrared vision & Fortification Mode

5) On both shoulders like a Missile thingy

6) Primary: Heavy Sniper
Secondary: Shotgun (Like that one from Ronin-Titanfall2)

7) Name: Bouncer - you can use this Mech from the distance, but you can go into close combat too.


Jul 5, 2017
Heavy frame
Medium power supply
55% to weapons, 30% to shields and the rest to mobility.

Instead of a regular shoulder slot that just attaches to shoulders, their replaced by two heavy duty artillery drones that hover over the shoulders of Cerberus like they were additional heads giving the name to the frame.
The drones have the basic dummie rockets for short to medium range fire for heavy aoe dmg, with miniguns for short range for singular targets and the main cannons is for long range heavy bombardment.
The main ability would be just to controll the fire modes of the drones.
Secondary ability would be area denial ability of sorts, "Hell's gate" - Cerberus goes to free fire mode where it bombards an area heavily preventing hostile targets crossing it. (If the target is immune it will take heavy damage.) (Might change this ability later if i think of a better one later, or it's suggested.)

If there is a possibly for a third ability it would be "Domination" where Cerberus changes from a ranged fighting style to more melee styled offensive with a shield and this hyprid version between a sword and axe. Relocating the power settings to shields and mobility.

Color scheme would be right mix of black and red. The word wicked comes to mind for the looks.
I'd hope it would handle like a tough bastard constantly applying preassure and denying the Kai-ju advance and if push comes to shove, Cerberus wouldn't be budging from the line.

*edit* Totally forgot the weapon options... Was thinking something heavy with three fire modes compassing the drones fire modes.
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Silv3r Shadow

Max Kahuna
Max Kahuna
Kaiju Slayer
Jul 29, 2016
Medium core

Primary - plasma gun, (2 handed) does splash damage

No secondary

Ability 1: launch: launches player up X height
Ability 1: 2nd press, activates Float System. keeps player at altitude, (Air movement control)

Ability 2: Target - paints all enemy's in visual range, (not a damage ability)

Shoulder: barrage - lock-on up to 8 painted targets, fires around 20 rockets shared among targets.
> If no targets painted, rockets fire down crosshair
(Just like Pharahs ult from OW).

Air-assault: air support, splash damage/aoe, long air time


Jul 26, 2016
Montana, US
Alright, here it goes.

1: Heavy, hard driver and shield.

2: Preset action keys that diverts reactor power based on the situation.

3: Heavy.

4: 'Piercing Shell'. A burst of reactor speed to move in a predefined distance forward only with either a large melee weapon for piecing damage (targeting single large kaiju) or with the shield arm (splitting smaller forces for an assaulting lane or avenue of retreat) that can momentarily stun.

'Anchor'. First, not inspired by Guadians of the Galaxy. Something that has been in my mind for a long time and thankful Em-8ER is what I hope to see it realized in. Starts with a "turret mode" stance. Launches nodes in a far extending fence. If it is only me, only the four corners energize a high density energy shield that has its own hit points then relies on my frames health based on reactor output. The extra nodes are exclusively for other heavy frames to link up to. The shield is extended. Immobilized frontline wedge, corner, circle or square formations to shield various tactics along with controlling the battlefield. Reactor can be over clocked to absorb hits from greater sized kaiju but with over heating and frame damage as a result.

5: Gatling cannon. Can be used while in motion with drop off in accuracy and fire rate. During Anchor ability it can swivel around backwards but has the blind side of where the frames head is. Also during Anchor the accuracy and fire rate is increased based on reactor settings between shield and gatling.

6: Primary. Flame thrower. After all the enemy will be in my face.

Secondary. Lance, trident, etc. Long, sharp and pointy to go with Piercing Shell.

7: The Stryfus. A skillfully played frame with strategy mixed in quick reactions to combat scenarios. Heavy defensive frontline machine ready to take the hits. Diverting reactor settings helps mobility when not in combat to get where the action is.

I would pay premium for a cosmetic kit that used this paint scheme. This also represents the spirit of The Stryfus.
Jul 26, 2016
So @Takahama over on Discord started dreaming up some build types. In Em-8ER you can build out any type of frame you wish.

1) Choose a light, medium or heavy frame (light can dual wield melee, medium can dual wield ranged, heavy can have a shield arm)
2) Decide on if your base frame will allocate power between defense, offense, mobility
3) Choose a reactor size (small, med, heavy) and keep in mind larger frames have more power so a heavy frame "small" might be as much as a light frame "medium" etc.
4) Pick 2 abilities
5) Pick a shoulder mount weapon
6) Pick primary and secondary weapon
7) Name it and give a brief description of how it looks, feels and acts.

Have fun!
1. light
2. everything on mobility.
3. medium cause this thing is just going to be kiting stuff.
4a. Warp. ... teleports unit to a prearranged location.
4b. Nitro ... basically supercharges unit's movement for a short period of time.

5. Snot cannon : fires a blob that is launched in an arc that stops targets affected by the blob's splash AOE. No damage to targets. Targets is also invulnerable. Useful for creating temporary walls and choke-points using the attackers themselves. Since it's energy, it doesn't have a ammo but it does draw power from the reactor. So the longer a player charges it, the more time it stops a target but the higher cost on the reactor. .... and well if you can't move, you're dead.

6a. Primary weapon: Shotgun that quickly fires low damaging medium range waves that strongly push targets away. Has a cone spread. It's alt fire mode has a very short range high damages DOT attack. But it requires a high degree of finesse to use.
6b. Secondary Weapon: Grenade launcher. Fires on arc. Multiple types of ammo but requires player to load launcher with a single type per magazine. Carrying multiple grenade types unfortunately slows down the unit due to the different weights of each ammo type.

Cowardly Tiger.
This thing moves fast and leaps far. But it's tends be more noise than fury.
It's very good in managing prey from overwhelming a team but requires said team to do most the damage.
Other than the grenade launcher, it's weapons are energy based. So players need to closely manage the cost of movement with the cost of weapons as well as their charge times.
You want to quickly attack things? That requires the Cowardly Tiger to stop moving like a beast on crack. Or to drop the primary/secondary weapons for two melee weapons, 2 khopeshs that are sharpened on both sides. In melee style, players are encouraged to keep moving while attacking due to it's light frame.
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Max Kahuna
Max Kahina
Jul 26, 2016
4)''vanguard shield wall'' place down shield in front with expanded energy shields moving to the front, taking less damage from frontal hits and increases movement speed, will leave the back open to attacks. Meant to push the front line or moving in to aid allies.
''bravery of the vanguard'' a passive skill that will give a regeneration boost to the vanguard and those whom it protects, can be activated to inspire troops around the vanguard sending them into overdrive, during the duration the regeneration boost is halted and the surrounding troops gain increased damage and mobility.

That's a cool concept. If you want a passive skill (perk), you give up an active skill for it.


Jul 26, 2016
Less outlandish compared to previous threads but here you go:

Specialising in hit and run tactics, stealth and light weapons.

Handheld Weapons:
Laser Rifle; med damage (organic), low damage (armour), very high RoF. A light, easy to use weapon but requires at least a medium reactor to power it. Will overheat from constant use, so heat venting may be required (like reloading). Does not require ammo, therefore has no bullet drop or flight time to target. Holding fire then releasing will boost the beam’s power (like in R-Type).
Light Machine Gun; med damage (organic), med damage (armour), high RoF. Standard fare, requires ammo. Basic sort of starting weapon but a solid investment in taking down light targets.
Sniper Rifle; debate on whether this should go on a light or a medium frame.

Shoulder Mounted Weapons:
Railgun; extreme range, high damage, slow RoF. The bullet can pass through multiple targets. Requires a med reactor.
Mini-drone; hovering drone to assist in very close range support. Repairs and rearms on the frame, taking up space where the shoulder mounted weapon would normally sit.

Cloak; requires a lot of power, disrupted easily near high energy sources.
Target Painter; while locked on to a target, increases team’s damage to that target while highlighting them substantially on on-board tracking systems.
Recon Drone; for finding and tracking targets out of view or behind objects.


Jul 26, 2016
Specialising in assault as well as support types of roles. Greater armour allows it to stay longer in combat than light frames.

Handheld Weapons:
Combat Shotgun; heavy damage (organic and armour), low RoF. Short range but highly damaging weapon, as to be expected. Secondary fire toggles the barrel choke, allowing a very short range spray of pellets vs slightly longer range of more concentrated pellets. Ammo can be swapped out for solid slugs, increasing range but no more AoE.
Heavy Machine Gun; heavy damage (organic), med damage (armour), med RoF. Standard fare for a med frame taking on an assault role. Requires ammo but you can switch out different types (armour piercing, explosive, etc.). UGL an option for secondary.
Photon Cannon; similar to the one from Doom (would we be stepping on any copyright toes here)???
Anti-material Rifle; Short-Med range, scoped rifle causing high damage to targets. Fires a molten length of copper that can pass through multiple targets. Slow RoF as the barrel needs to cool down between shots. In a way, it’s a short range, high damaging sniper rifle.

Shoulder Mounted Weapons:
Plasma Caster; similar to assault main weapon from Firefall – ‘It was a great weapon in FF, let’s see it in Ember.’ High power requirement, slow RoF. Can be tailored for higher splash damage, or more damage to single targets.
Multi-Missiles; like on the recent Unreal demo.
Gatling Gun; when you just need more dakka.

Omni Sensor Suite; increases own and team’s detection range and enables target tracking.
Radar Dampening Array; reduces enemy detection systems.
Disruption Pulse; single omnidirectional pulse from the suite that disrupts enemy electronic equipment, including jump-jets, shield recharging, etc. Can stun small organic targets as well.
Shield; of some description (wall/dome). Always useful when in teams.


Jul 26, 2016
Generally there to support the team with some heavy firepower. More armour but less speed, as expected.

Handheld Weapons:
Plasma Cutter; very high damage, short range. Originally used by scrappers to cut through spaceship hulls, it has been modified into a lethal weapon. Uses vast amounts of power, so a heavy reactor is a must. Suffers from overheating if used constantly.
Flamer; med damage, med range, high AoE. A heavy weapon, great for crowd control.
Heavy Bolt Cannon; med range, high damage, low RoF. Basically a large gun that fires huge slugs of metal. Suffers from inaccuracy at long ranges but can travel through multiple targets, causing horrendous damage.

Shoulder Mounted Weapons:
Artillery; lots of good ideas already coming out on this one, some allowing indirect fire from the frame in a static position. With big, open maps this can be a useful weapon. Secondary fire could be simply firing the shell directly at target, reducing AoE but causing good damage.
Deployable Turret; not strictly a shoulder mounted weapon but takes up space on the frame’s back when being carried around. Will need to be deployed on the ground in order to operate, picking it back up repairs and rearms it.

Booster; launches the frame forwards at high speed over a short distance. Needed when closing the distance to a fast target to get it into weapon range.
Smart Bomb; omnidirectional pulse causing damage to enemy frames. Large power requirement. Long cooldown time due to heat build-up (and ensuring it’s not OP).
Siege Mode; shunts more power to weapons and shields by taking it from movement servers and jump jets. While you become an armoured tank, you’re reduced to a slow walk.
Ion Cannon; energy beam called in from an orbiting satellite, like in Akira or Gears Of War. Long duration between recharges.

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Jun 4, 2017
So @Takahama over on Discord started dreaming up some build types. In Em-8ER you can build out any type of frame you wish.

1) Choose a light, medium or heavy frame (light can dual wield melee, medium can dual wield ranged, heavy can have a shield arm)
2) Decide on if your base frame will allocate power between defense, offense, mobility
3) Choose a reactor size (small, med, heavy) and keep in mind larger frames have more power so a heavy frame "small" might be as much as a light frame "medium" etc.
4) Pick 2 abilities
5) Pick a shoulder mount weapon
6) Pick primary and secondary weapon
7) Name it and give a brief description of how it looks, feels and acts.

Have fun!
0) Light for fastest mobility to be used with ranged weapon

1) Mobility and Offense blend

2) Medium to make mobility crazy

3a) AOE HKM like the Charge Rifle HKM with fabulous sparking lightening
3b) AOE poison DOT grenade like FF poison blob (grenade?) that left the big blob of DOT poison you could wade into like a big squishy jelly bean of poison

4) Glop launcher than launches a blast of sticky glop that does some DOT and slows enemies stuck with it so that I can flee and/or my mates can kill them to get them off of me - all with glorious sounds and visuals

5) Sniper type rifle PRIMARY and SMG type mid-range/close range SECONDARY

6a) NAME: The Hummingbird Bee (because I float like a hummingbird and sting like a bee - who said that?).

6b) MY LOOK: I look sleek and agile and my long ranged gun looks crazy accurate and quick to wield (because I want to be quick scoping all the time because that is darned fun to play that way). My wings are very prominent when unfurled because mobility and flying is going to be important to me.

6c) MY FEEL: I feel incredibly quick and agile like I don't need not stinkin' LGV to get around the world . I can run quick a cheetah and as easily pop into a skim or flight to glide. I am not flying all the time though, as I spend a lot of time on the ground because I am so fleet of foot.


My primary weapon is a long ranged sniper type rifle which I can quite unrealistically quick scope (because quick scoping is fun and this is a game). I can rapidly move into combat from my perch to zap with my close weapons (or just as quickly move out of it and jump up and out of it (skim/glide/fly) to find a nice high perch to do ranged combat.

While my primary weapon is a long ranged weapon (I am hoping we have the ability to engage at VERY long range), I can still run/skim quickly into the fray and use my close weapon relying on by ability to flee (as I am a fragile light frame).

I can play solo well because I have long ranged weapon and can keep safe enough in spite of being a light frame, but I can take more risks and do solo close combat if I want with the secondary or melee (but it is more risky as a light frame).

I can support others well for the same reasons - that I can do overwatch for them OR I can quickly rush in when they are in trouble and do some quick 'save your ass' damage and them hop out of combat again.

p.s. I am getting to excited to write more!

p.p.s. I could as easily do a Medium with a tweak to more defense and close combat with a sacrifice on mobility a bit as I won't be doing melee anyway...


Jul 26, 2016

Light frame with medium reactor

MOV / ATT / DEF 50% / 35% / 15% the concept is around a fast melee frame that specializes in hit & run tactics

PRIMARY: 2 Swords

SECONDARY: Assault rifle (steyr aug :cool::p) with (if possible ;)) combat scope (it's a large scope with low magnification that doesn't lower movement too much when aiming, allowing for fast walking and precise shots at short and medium range)

ABILITY 1: Slice 'n' Dice - the frame executes a series of spin attacks. usable only w swords

ABILITY 2: Pounce - similar to Proximity Response (DF) it propels the frame forward. if swords are being used, executes a strike at landing point. if assault rifle is being used then "empties the clip" mid-air into any "tagged enemy" (single target skill)

SHOULDER MOUNTED: Extra Arm (sword) - instead of a ranged weapon this frame uses an additional sword mounted on a shoulder arm (Knights & Magic anime). when used alone or while using the assault rifle, the arm attacks closest enemy; when used with the other 2 swords it could have a "special 3 hit combo or something";


Jul 26, 2016

heavy frame with heavy reactor

MOV / ATT / DEF 0% / 25% / 75% the concept is around a static "fortress" that provides "cover from bombardment for long range "squishy" allies"

PRIMARY: Great Thunder hammer (carried in 1 arm) & Shield

SECONDARY: Flak Cannon (UT style with 2 fire modes, "shotgun" & "Flak grenade launcher" :p:cool:)

ABILITY 1: Lightning flail - fires a grappling hook at an enemy up to X meters (like the tsi-hu but without smashing) effectively imparing enemy movement. flying kaiju with enough strenght could lift the frame in the air or something. the power can be used again to send an electric shock that deals some damage and could perhaps have a short paralysis effect.

ABILITY 2: Storm Shield - the frame puts the shield forward and an energy shield of the same shape but 3 to 4 times bigger manifests in front of, and moves with shield so the player can protect self/allies

ABILITY 3: Anchor Down - literally like FFs Turret mode

SHOULDER MOUNTED: Extra Hand (Shield) - instead of a ranged weapon this frame uses an additional shield mounted on a shoulder arm . if used alone then it protects from side and/or attacks from above; when used with storm shield ability both shields are put forward, doubling the energy shield's size but may not use hammer to attack; when used with lightning flail, puts both shields forward and reels enemy in, smashing them on the shields.
Ill be putting 2 in here and basically kind of recreations of the Firecat and mammoth from firefall which where my primary frames but my own twist. Need a name change on Firecat cause want it to be element of my choosing might not go with fire.
0. Mammoth Elementcat
1. Heavy Medium
2. 40 Defense 25 Mobility Offense 35 20 Defense 40 Mobility 40 Offense
3. Heavy Medium Honestly though about skipping cause no context on reactor. Does putting a bigger once slow you down. what are the disadvantages. consed era
4 Mammoth. Thunderdome: movable shield that can be shot though if massive health and can shield multiple. Heavy armor: might need a name change for how I want it but, like original heavy armor increase defense a lot but takes your speed away but I want to add a bit of a agro to it.
4 Elementcat. Element AOE: idk the name of it but everything around you is litterly set on well some sort of element, either freezing or burning everything with a element tick. Element Burst: element of choosing is burst forward from your frame going though enemies and leaving a trial. element tick again.
5 Mammoth. Device that is shot out that puts down shield cover for allies or self.\
5 Elementcat. Elemental missile barrage. Low control mass AO.
6. Some mini gun of some sort. Elemental thrower [like a flame thrower]
well kind of did 7 at the top but Mammoth is a support unite that can still dish out damage but goes around pissing everything off so they try to kill it while shielding allies and self. It will move a bit of a slow medium speed compared to other frames. The low end of medium speed. with high end basic jump jets. It will also look like a walking tank? idk can't picture.
The Elementcat is basically like the Firecat only elemental AOE. Honestly if its going to be the same as Firecat ill be almost dead all the time. it will move quickly and effectively with high end [with in the mobility number I gave] jumpjets and movement possible.

After typing thing I really should of done this in 2 posts.... O well.
Edit in. should of checked preview it condesned everything.... O well.... first is mammoth second Elemental cat.


Apr 22, 2018
1) Medium frame
2) 40% offense,40% mobility, 20% defense
3) Small reactor
4) A. Flight by transforrming into experimental jet mode.
B. Short range teleport.
5) High power laser(pointer) able to blind enemies in close combat, but mostly used for synching to the primary weapon system for impervious accuracy.
6) Primary Weapon: High Powered Sniper Rifle.
Secondary Weapon: Twin Semi Auto Pistols
7) The new experimental Solar Flare is desgined to absorb sunlight with all exterior plating and use it to power its (jet-mode) flight system which utilizes a metal found on a distant plant which can be used to harness electromagnetic fields to propel the MEC to battles faster then any other current model, this combined with the lastest energy cores also allows for a short range teleport while in MEC mode for quick evasive maneuvers. The exterior is entierly black so as to absorb as much sunlight as possible to create reserves of extra energy aside from what the reactor generates.
The Solar Flare is a fast MEC built to hit from long range or out maneuver its opponent in close quarters as fast as possible.
Jan 31, 2017
Title! Jumpy (froggy)
1) Light frame, without jet drives. Reinforced rods on the inverted knee joints. Wide foot with electromagnetic (gravity) suspension to glide (soar) above the ground! Melee, ranged.
2) the Type of mobile intelligence. Low armor rate, needed to reduce the weight of the frame. Since the frame does not need to fly, there is no need to make a heavy frame for a large reactor. It also has small wings to float in the air.
3) Small reactor - perhaps the smallest among all Omniframes. Designed to power the electromagnetic (gravity) of the suspension. For movement vertically, the design includes panirovochnye cables. Also, Cables are needed to change the angle of attack and a quick change of direction.
4) 1) Tonirovany the cable in the target area produces 2 to 4 jet harpoons. In the case of hitting the target (enemy) will take damage (and the detonation of harpoons), or if you reactivate the skill Omniframe "froggy will be drawn to the enemy by means of cables (if the enemy is smaller it will be drawn by myself). If the target is a building or surface then " froggy "will be attracted to the point of hit, if you shoot harpoons in different directions, then" froggy " will hang between the cables.
4) 2) Poisonous grenades (smoke screen) - lightly armored Omniframe is hard to compete in the open area and so "froggy" should be able to hide from sight or blind the enemy! Periodically dealing damage.
4) 3) Grasshopper - Omniframe is lowered on the suspension reactive loading of the support in inverted knee joints. And makes a rapid jump! The passive option "Grasshopper" reduces the damage taken when falling, the damping of the support rods and the electromagnetic suspension!
5) Shoulder gun - Energeticheskiy shield))) in view of the fragility of the design, additional tools will weigh down the "froggy" and in consequence will reduce mobility!
6) 1) Main Weapon is a gun based on the P90. It has high-speed bullets, small caliber, but because of the very high initial speed, the bullet can cause huge damage! (I'm not saying that bullets still have the filling with the acid?)
6) 2) secondary weapon is a pair of laser sickles (green,:) the Rope sometimes needs to be cut off faster than detangling the harpoon. (the rock climbers will understand me)
7) Name! Jumpy (froggy) - mobile Omniframe support. Perhaps the smallest and fastest, but no less deadly! The game will be popular in view of its small size and because of the ability to attach to the walls, to carry out ambushes and sniper fire! His mobility is a trump card in the melee. He never touches his legs to walk, he glides around the enemy without stomping your lot a ton of weight on the ground while pretending to be.
Translation may not be accurate - since I don't know English well (sorry) Sci-Fi-art-красивые-картинки-Galaxy-Saga-1565830.jpeg


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Jul 27, 2016
Island of Tofu
I was thinking all mechs seem to be in the air or on the ground but what if there was one that could dig and burrow underground ground hmm

The mole
1) Medium/heavy sacrifices speed for traps and concealing itself but can be caught if concealing was done late!
2) Defense - 50 , Offense - 50, mobility - 0
3) Reactor size med/heavy) med to improve on mobility or heavy for increased power
4) Ability 1: Underground - This ability gives the mech and even a friendly a way to keep out of harms way by burrowing underground
for a few friendlies to take shelter when all hell breaks lose this also can be used for surprise attacks but can lose position of burrow hiding spot!

Ability 2: Sonar this ability shows you the position of every enemy in your radar range for a duration

5) Shoulder cannon - that fires standard shells and secondary fires net trap to slow or capture specimen for larger targets it would slow them down especially around the limbs even the head

6) primary weapon - Smoking launcher fires gas grenades to smoke them out and alt fire sticky nades to make sure they dont get away

secondary weapon - Galactic enforcer Mk-V fast reload but slow rof fires a powerful shot that pushes enemy far does some damage & fun to push enemies especially in the air or over cliffs etc :D

7) Name is above, & the mech is a slow one indeed but makes up with its trapping skills and concealing style
Likes: Degiance
I was thinking all mechs seem to be in the air or on the ground but what if there was one that could dig and burrow underground ground hmm

The mole
That made me think of another one idk why though since this does not relate to ground and stuff. but it will be a bit odd of a frame having 2 modes.
1. Heavy but armor and jets move based on mode.
2. Mode 1 Movement: 10 defense 10 offense 80 mobility [though it will still move a bit quick but slow compared to other heavies with 80 mobility. Mode 2 Anchored: 40-60 defense 40-60 offense 0 mobility [as the name states it DOES NOT MOVE AT ALL.]
3. Heavy
4. Mode switch: switches the modes of the frame. unknown name: Mobility mode it makes you move faster. Anchored it makes your fire rate and defense go up.
5. assisted reload or a arm to hold the shield? if has to be a weapon it would be a short range HIGH damage weapon bit of a TO CLOSE weapon.
6. Some form of minigun, honestly thinking a minigun that's like the mammoth's plasma minigun with how it had some splash but either a bit more splash or damage then firefall or faster fight rate. up in the air with this. Secondary, Honestly if I can get away with it give up the secondary for a even more insane minigun. but if not that simple smg. Everything is about the minigun.
7. Hunker [spent a good 30 mins trying to think of a name and.... NO CLUE just going with that for now, any recommendations?] This frame is a bit of a odd ball. in its normal mode it looks weak as hell even though its clearly a heavy frame, jets just exposed with no armor, same with servos and armor puilled back and the shield on the back. Though once mode switch is triggered the frame locks itself down, a lot of servos lock up and the armor that seemed useless moves to cover the servos jets and critacle components becoming almost like a bunker with the only thing sticking foward is its massive and imposing minigun. Anything that gets infront of it is vaporized instantly for its firerate is extremely high making armys not want to approach it. for knowing they will be exterminated in a rain of hell fire from that minigun.
Idk if ill have it able to rotate or not but I will say I think it should be able to with a bit of a weak point directly above it.

IF any of you could guess its basically a remake of a dreadnought with turret mode lol I loved my rhino with turret mode. before the crap update I had extreme damage on it it was insane. had a duel with a mammoth both using turret mode. I killed him so fast I didn't just down him I fully killed him before the duel even finished and he used his shields and such. it was that powerful. Then the crap update came and destroyed my turret mode I had made [removed the shield it had when it was built to buff shield and firerate] but O well.
Apr 22, 2017
oh boy, lets see what my brain can cook up right now...
1) Medium class

2 )Mobility

3) Heavy power core

4) Trans Am Reactor Overclock: Provides Vastly increased speed, mobility and energy regen at the cost of X health/s -if kept up for more than XX amount of time then Overclock will shut off and you will have a penalty to max energy as well as max speed for X seconds (aswell as cause your mech to vent black smoke).
Flight Mode: Energy cost for jump jets is cut by 35% for X Seconds while providing a free hover. movement will cause you to slowly drift back to the ground, cease of movement will pin you to your current altitude until you move again. (looking around and firing doesnt count as movement.)

5) Dumbfire MultiMissile pods.

6) Laser rifle (Pew, Pew)
Energy Lance. (small bracelet thingie that forms a energy blade for a quick melee strike that hits multiple targets.)

7) Gundam Harpy. id stick the most Gundam-y head on it and then color it red white and blue as my brain basically made a Gundam. hard driver is also on. (can that be a toggle by button press? that way when im in the middle of a thump i could just hit P to toggle without having to run over to a garage/equipment terminal/magical space tome just because i got tired of looking at my mech.)
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Jul 27, 2016
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I remember a character called switch blade from global agenda so this is inspired by switchblade

Sam - short for samurai

1) Light frame incredible agile and speed to dice and slice single targets can also target small mobs too.
2) Defense - 10 , Offense - 40 , mobility - 50
3) Reactor size light/med) med to improve on abilities but make it slightly less mobile and slower or light for increased speed lower duration but more spammable.
4) Ability 1: Dimensional tear - this makes your blades spin at ultra fast speeds tearing a hole to another dimension while damaging if caught in the blades the rest could go to another dimension getting pulled into the rift. During this time of ultra fast speeds you are invulnerable to damage to an extent.

Ability 2: Raptor this ability makes you leap far enough to a single target from above then chop chop chop away

5) Shoulder cannon - fires an energy beam that can go through lines of enemies in a straight line the longer you charge the more stronger
or further it can go but too much and you could cause yourself damage :O

6) primary weapon - Boomshot a boomerang that fires projectiles the projectiles have to be selected before a game so an example using heavier projectiles could effect the boomerang but lighter ones might not affect the boomerangs speed and trajectory taking into account the weather too is something to consider as well.

The boomerang can stun enemies if hit at vital area such as the head or other vital parts in the crotch and it will stun for longer lol

secondary weapon - Dual High frequency blades like in metal gear solid that grayfox uses but 2!
chop chop chop chop chop and nice energy effect

7) Name is above, & the mech is incredibly fast with low defense.

Another one i want to focus is guns and bows

Will call this one Bambamnator.....i know its bad but lets just go with it for now :p

1) Medium frame depending on your playstyle
2) Defense 33 offense 33 mobility 34
3) Reactor medium to heavy depending on power requirements this also can effect mobility medium not so much
4) ability 1 wing-man this ability thrusts you in the air to the nearest friendly in your radius while above you are linked to that friendly where ever they go, can delink if needed but this will set the timer on cool down. While linked you are giving a small boost of dps to the friendly and yourself covering the friendly in the air and pew pew away.

ability 2 gun kata doing epic equilbrium style kata moves you fire as long as you aim at the directed target your shots are super concentrated most things in line with the rain of fire will have a tough time unless it runs out then just retreat :p

5) shoulder cannon [matryoshka] like the russian doll this fires a Huge energy ball that gets smaller and smaller the further it goes
the risk is firing too close can seriously causes damage having someone with a nice shield for example and firing the huge enegy sphere could be a nice tactic hmm

6) Primary weapon Double trouble just like the law givers of judgedredd with the sexy voice when it changes ammo fires burst or auto mode

secondary is a hunter tac-bow this is for sneaky attacks and also good for single targets

7) Name is above but is bad, an all round mech with emphasis on support and gun fire