Old Firefall players, please respond!

Aug 30, 2016
I'd look forward to participating in a Beta. If nothing else I'd look forward to hanging out with some of my old firefall buds.

Thus far I have buried Auto Assault, Tabula Rasa (Thanx 4 nothing NC Soft!) and now FF. One of the worst parts of a game going away is that your gaming buds vanish with it with often no way on planet earth to re-connect with them later. As it stands I am in contact with just one of my old Tabula Rasa squadmates.

184'th Improbables represent! "Victory through teamwork"


Dec 12, 2016
In case someone wonders: Yes, I am the same "PaveMentman" was the champion of the "Demolishion / Destruction Derby"-community-event we used to have before the "release"-version of the game.
I possibly still have some of the "trading cards" saved that were made of the top-racers but I just can't recall the search-words for those...

(( For those unware, this was a community-organised-event / league in which the contestants used Light Ground Vehicles (LGVs) to demolish other players. And if the round lasted longer than 2-minutes, some Thumpers were dropped in and then it became a survival-contest. ))


"Firefall" still to this date is the only game so far in which I've felt that there was constant progression
( at least in comparison to competition that is ).
(( And just to clarify, I am talking of the 2013-version of the game. ))

Specifically the constant progression was because I wasn't stuck doing just a singular thing at a singular area in order have my gear upgraded:
Making the resources universally available everywhere alongside allowing the resource mix-matching was simply a superb system.

Also the fact that the progression for the most part was not hindered by "dice rolling / randomly-number-generation" genuinely made me feel that my time-investment is being appreciated instead of just outright being scammed from me.
Like for example, the thumpers / "drills" were always for the 5-minutes; no more, no less, regardless whatever was happening around them; no "dice-rolling" to for example to stall the thumping
( E.G. dice-rolling whatever or not specific mobs carrying "batteries" would spawn ).

Same thing was with eh ARES-missions: No dice-rolls to find "keys"; you could simply use the minimap to be super efficient instead.

I also really liked how various "mission-types" also kind of interacted with each other.
For example if you did LGV-races, you got "Mustang Coins" which you could use to boost the rewards in the PvP-matches
( which were super rewarding even if you didn't win; they were still fun especially once the standardised-equipment-loadouts were implemented ).


Replay-file-function that also worked outside PvP-matches was a nice implementation, even if it requires some trickery in order to get running in the first place;
really wish there was other games even making an attempt in order to allow players to record their gameplay-sessions in more cinematic fashion
( or generally record in the first place since the screen-capture-tools can only do so much and live-recordings are difficult to make appealing with all the HUDs and other UI-elements ).


UI-wise there still nothing like "command-wheel" which although took a bit to first to learn, was super efficient in the end.
And the way the items were categorised also were done in a sensible way.


Modding and addon-community-support was also a super nice thing with all the numerous quality-of-life-additions alongside 3rd-tracking-websites.
"Nightvision" and "Glide Guide" and "Thumper Timer" were some of the numerous mods I used to use back when this was possible.


And i guess that's enough Firefall-praising for now.
Now, let's "make Firefall again but better!"

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Jul 26, 2016
open beta player as well...for me 1.6 was the final nail in the coffin...at launch it wan't FF anymore but to me it was still more enjoyable than most games at that time. but when 1.6 came out...that's when i quit...
all i want from ember is for it to capture the freedom from open beta...
Feb 27, 2017
hi ppl!

i haven't read the messages here, i just saw this board and thought to share something thats been bugging me for some time.
why we gave up on firefall? ember is going to be nothing like firefall. in firefall you were a pilot taking back EARTH. no matter how much you didnt like the way earth was pictured in firefall, still the idea of saving the earth gave a big boost in the morale for farming. plus i was dreaming of how my country would look like when that area is unlocked.
so now that firefall is officially dead, why don't the guys here try to buy the rights to the game and rewrite firefall in unreal engine.
i think that if the people here were to vote over ember or firefall reborn, the votes would be in favor of firefall by a lot.

p.s. if mark kern sees this, mark a youtube video says that you never finish your projects. you have to prove him wrong.


Jul 26, 2016
Montana, US
Grummz did offer to get the IP from The9 for firefall. They proved again to be d-bags and said no. Just to clear up part of you un-informed message.

As for "never" finishing projects...my God man. YouTube is your source of truth? I had a roommate in Texas that believed everything on Reddit with the mentality of "that many people cant be wrong". Hell you can Google, wiki, sheesh...anything to see Grummz FULL track record.
Jan 1, 2019
United States
I backed Firefall pretty early on. I even have my Firefall poster. I was really hyped when Day[9] started supporting it because I was a huge Day[9] fan. I noticed that you could link your firefall account to Em8er. Is this still an option?

I loved early firefalls PVP in the Beta and played it a lot so I was kind of upset when they revamped the whole thing but I still had a lot of fun playing the final game with a group of friends. Even with the lack of content.