Old Firefall players, please respond!


Apr 2, 2017
Heyooooo, one of the first 500 invited to beta here. I remember camping the forums for months before just looking for any info I possibly could.

I actually have a funny story involving my original name in game. I was joking around and when naming my character and chose CockStorm thinking I could change it later. Apparently, I couldn't (they were giving original founders pack owners the option before other people or something). Well, when I asked support about it they explained about possibly later giving an option but for now the only way I could change it was if someone found it offensive.

Well then a couple of days later I got a follow up email from them explaining that someone did report it and that I could change it. He said my name became a joke around the office and I was referred to as "ChickenTornado" to be funny/to keep things work friendly or something. 540536_10150720499240902_934031009_n.jpg


Jul 26, 2016
Montana, US
Well, Grummz, we haven't reached the million firefall veterans yet, but when a random day sees that many sounding off, I'd say the recent updates are grabbing attention. That's a good smile on my face first thing this morning.

Hey y'all! Welcome! Everyone here knows that lost in the forest feeling since firefall. But I will say this....if you come straggling out of the woods, don't bother cleaning up.

1: you still smell better than Torgue's napalm breath.

2: you are going to be getting mighty filthy in the first fight anyways.

On a side note, it's ok to gag on the stench from Tsi-hu bowel movements.....happens to everyone their first time.