Old Firefall players, please respond!

Discussion in 'General Ember Discussion' started by Vedemin, Jul 27, 2016.

  1. ZeroShiba

    ZeroShiba New Member

    ZeroShiba reporting

    Joined around Sep 2014

    I'm lost, send help
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  2. Re4per

    Re4per New Member

    Re4pers here, patiently awaiting further orders
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  3. zorick

    zorick New Member

    I guess I'll say hi. Here from first rounds of beta
  4. Davladd

    Davladd New Member

    Yo! I made it. I remember firefall with a checkerboard floor! lol
    Founder 11-19-2011
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  5. Rayanleann

    Rayanleann New Member

    HI Reporting in!! 10-02-2010(2011) Beta Vanguard Player here ! :)
  6. Davladd

    Davladd New Member

    I remember this!!!
  7. ComradeZ

    ComradeZ New Member

    Joined Firefall in early 2013. Probably wouldn't recognize me unless you played a lot of PvP around that time, if even then. I'm hopeful this will go better than last time.
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  8. yiLuxiON

    yiLuxiON New Member

    Excited to see this succeed
  9. Rabiator

    Rabiator New Member

    Rabiator here (same forum name as in Firefall). Can't remember the exact date I joined Firefall, but I remember I snatched a closed beta key. My oldest post on the FF forums where I talked about my observations in-game was this. So I certainly was already a Firefall player on Aug 15, 2012.

    BTW, I just visited Firefall again, starting after login at Shantytown, where I was last leveling my char. It was pretty deserted. I flew around for a bit and tried to defend Skydock when the usual call for help came in.

    But there was nothing to fight. Skydock was just bugged again, and pretty deserted too. I met one other player who was also responding to the Skydock alert, and we ran around the otherwise deserted Skydock for a bit. Somewhat sad, I logged out again...
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  10. CmdrCharles

    CmdrCharles New Member

    Greetings! Firefall member since November 2012.
  11. Adragan

    Adragan New Member

    Reporting in, enlisted in 2014.
  12. BuffaloKick

    BuffaloKick New Member

    Old and very secluded BuffaloKick reporting in. Although I doubt anybody remembers e, lol. I was a rather lurky in game and forums.
  13. Lexakit

    Lexakit New Member

    Yorky reporting in. Commander Founder since 2011.

    Pleased to know you all here again.
  14. Pandagnome

    Pandagnome Well-Known Member Happy Kaiju

    Sorry i do not know many of you, as i tend to fall in lava and wreck my vehicle often although have enjoyed much of the time when successfully completing a side quest and placing a tiki torch :p

    This Em8er Legion is growing!
  15. Ichigo

    Ichigo New Member

    Registered for firefall the day it was available and played the shit out of it! :D I love Marks vision for the game but you guys know what then happened and others took over and changed the mechanic to the boring 0815 MMORPG thingy. Glad Mark is back with his vision and we can only expect greatness for Em8er ;)
  16. Crow

    Crow New Member

    Commander Jailcrow here, active CB commander since feb 5 2013. I wish I had joined sooner, as the time I had in closed beta was incredible and I wish it had lasted longer. XP valley, baneclaw, and the fun times with my squad dropping a bunch of thumpers together for massive lewtz and hilarious splatter everywhere. ^_^ I miss those times, and I really hope this game becomes what firefall should have. I'll be sticking around, hoping for the day that the spiritual reincarnation of CB firefall becomes a reality. :)
  17. Mienso

    Mienso New Member

    I must say that I'm truly amazed by the idea to re-make firefall. It's funny. The thing that finally convinced me to play this game was log-in screen music.

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