Old Firefall players, please respond!

Discussion in 'General Ember Discussion' started by Vedemin, Jul 27, 2016.

  1. ShadowManji

    ShadowManji New Member

    Shadowmanji, previously known as ShadowAsian reporting in. Founder since 2011.
  2. SolarWraithe

    SolarWraithe New Member

    NightHawk specialist SolarWraithe reporting for duty! Locked, loaded, and ready to pop heads and drop 'em Dead!
  3. Sorho

    Sorho New Member

    Another salty Beta Founder reporting in.
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  4. Silvulnar

    Silvulnar New Member

    Hello everyone, Silvulnar here. I knew about EM-8ER for awhile but forgot to make a forum profile until today, whoops. Been following Firefall since early 2012. Extremely excited for this game! Awesome stuff I've seen so far.
  5. Ankuno

    Ankuno New Member

    Add another 2011 Founder to the group.
  6. Calliiope

    Calliiope New Member

    Calliiope Reporting for Duty SIR !!!

    Calliiope~Sep-29-2014~Diamond Head~1~p1.png

    Founder Oct. 22 2011 But played in the Alpha and First Open Beta. Along with Mark/Grummz and Faded Pez
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  7. VitaminK

    VitaminK Deepscanner

    Was Bukkha on FF since April 2011. Hope to see you all in game in Em-8ER.
  8. Sanhar454

    Sanhar454 New Member

    Sanhar454 here, Founder as of the last week of CB (so 2013). Mammoth player and aiming to do more of the same here.
  9. iBooL

    iBooL New Member

  10. SgtAwesome97

    SgtAwesome97 New Member

    SgtAwesome97, reporting in, been a while hasn't it? Can't remember when I first signed up, but I think it was 2 or 3 years ago during the summer. Looking forward to seeing y'all in game in Em-8ER!!!
  11. Sagesmith

    Sagesmith New Member

    Ayy. Sagesmith reporting in. Started playing Firefall back in 31 Jul, 2014. Only learned about em8er today. Signed the petition ofc. Really looking forward to this one.
  12. mibberz

    mibberz New Member

    all right now to download and log in
  13. starweaver

    starweaver New Member

    Starweaver reporting in, founder since 2011 if my old brain still remembers correctly.
  14. Bacterial

    Bacterial Deepscanner

    да ладно? )
    Grummz was Mark's nickname lol
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  15. Deo Fayte

    Deo Fayte New Member

    Deo Fayte. I played from day 1 of closed beta. Was greatly disappointed in the final product but had a blast and met some good friends along the way. Here's hoping this game doesn't end in disappointment as well.
  16. Torb

    Torb New Member

    Commander Founder Reporting in, Ares Pilot ID:Icepanther
  17. Angel

    Angel Tsi-Hu Hunter

    Played for the first hour firefall had a taste to public view. I have been following Since. Forum account created Jan 9, 2011.

    Ig name: Angel

    Boy I hope I can get that name reserved. I can show proof of ownership. It will be harder to find previous people I played with without that name.
  18. Yourafail

    Yourafail New Member

    Gliding in slowly, and all cool like....

    Unfortunately account created September 2014, but forum account in May 2016... so no gift.
  19. Attar

    Attar New Member

    Attar, raptor (i know, i know, if you didn't roll mammoth, you did it wrong)
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  20. Vorton

    Vorton New Member

    I've played Firefall sense 2014, IGN: Vorton. I really do miss the game and I hope EM-8BR really does stay around longer.

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