Milestone 2 is NOW LIVE!

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Ronyn, Aug 29, 2016.

  1. bedauri nenion

    bedauri nenion Death Reaper

    ^#1 Thread mod, that Guy^
    seriously, the level of forum replies from you Senior Kern is astounding! XD
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  2. Rocket

    Rocket Gatestrider - T.H.M.P.R. Max Kahina

    There's a poll for it somewhere here on the forums, and 500% was my somewhat random guess for the same poll. Mathematically however, it was a poor guess. Knocking on 400% is pretty cool, given it required all 5 Kahunas to do. You'll notice that @Grummz actually put a limit on it, by virtue of the limit on the number of the two higher tiers of pledges.
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  3. Despair

    Despair Firstclaimer - Death Reaper - Frame Founder

    The lower tiers actually shows the general interest in this game.
  4. TGVirus

    TGVirus Firstclaimer

    well, if you look at the graph, it looks pretty linear (of sorts, if you average the percentage). ofc im no statistics expert, but thats how it looks to me, that taking into account that we are half way in. it is alo a wish :p
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  5. Ronyn

    Ronyn Deepstryker Community Manager

    20 k reached! 400 percent of goal.
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  6. 13umbleBee

    13umbleBee Emberite

    This community's capacity for generosity and support truly humbles me, and it makes me proud to be part of it.

    Well done guys!

    Now, we just need to let Mark (and crew) get to work. :)
  7. Ronyn

    Ronyn Deepstryker Community Manager

  8. Darkwolf

    Darkwolf Death Reaper

    As a beta vanguard and founder of Firefall id love to see this redone properly and hell id love to contribute if possible more then just buying a founders pack.
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  9. avalon1k

    avalon1k Emberite - Deepscanner

    There will be more opportunities down the road to fund development.
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  10. Torgue_Joey

    Torgue_Joey Emberite -Death Reaper KAIJU 'SPLODER

    would fund again
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  11. Joe Solo

    Joe Solo Well-Known Member Ember Dev

    Like a boss!
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  12. SSH83

    SSH83 Firstclaimer

    Damn i missed out. I like how Kern wrapped it up and not just go "yes! maor monies! must make random stretch goals!" lol.
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  13. Btabc

    Btabc Active Member

    @Grummz , I have to admit that I like how you display/tell us (other people, not me right now) how the leftover money is spent. That's a nice touch! :)
  14. Ronyn

    Ronyn Deepstryker Community Manager

    We have broken 21 K ya'll. The awesomeness keeps on coming.
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  15. Despair

    Despair Firstclaimer - Death Reaper - Frame Founder

    And still some time left. Hopefully each Milestone will generate an additional fanbase for this game idea :)
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  16. NitroMidgets

    NitroMidgets Tsi-Hu Hunter

    As it the potential fan base grows there will come the need for ever more engagement, details, images, etc. At what point will Mark need larger amounts of money to satiate the demands of the community? That will be interesting. At that point I will no longer be saying #stalkRonyn2016 but #blameRonyn
  17. Silv3r Shadow

    Silv3r Shadow Gatestrider Max Kahuna Kaiju Slayer

    Hopefully the content created will attract players, ;)
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  18. Sn0wfIak3

    Sn0wfIak3 Active Member

    Also Grummz, what's with all the advertisement on the THMPR?

    Canon. They exist in that universe too? Hey, if you're going Michael Bay on us that's fine, just asking.
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  19. 13umbleBee

    13umbleBee Emberite

    Just checked the funding page. Looks like we've plateaued at just over $20k.

    While this is a fantastic effort by all of our 255 backers. We really need to continue to build a strong community base through various social media channels.

    I've started sharing ember related news successes and general coolness with a #emberthegame hash tag and hope that you too can do the same as we work towards the next milestone.

  20. Silv3r Shadow

    Silv3r Shadow Gatestrider Max Kahuna Kaiju Slayer

    2P publishers will probably be interested, I was asked to be one a couple years ago too lol. 2P may not get many likes of comments at all on their website but I have a few FB pages that share from the site. Probably cause IGN is more critic news than news news lol

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