Milestone 2 is NOW LIVE!

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Ronyn, Aug 29, 2016.

  1. Ronyn

    Ronyn Deepstryker Community Manager

    Alright Reapers!
    It's time to show your support for the creation of Ember. Let's do this!

    Ember is an open-world, sci-fi shooter where hundreds of players wage war to control the resources and territory of an alien planet against an NPC controlled faction of aliens and their tech infused giant monsters (kaiju). Players claim new territory by terraforming new areas of the planet, defending it with player built bases and military hardware, while mining precious resources to fuel their expansion. Ember is being created by Mark Kern (team lead, vanilla WoW. Producer - Diablo/Starcraft)
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  2. Ronyn

    Ronyn Deepstryker Community Manager

    I backed it! Who else?
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  3. PyxelDust

    PyxelDust New Member

    i will :D, though i'm strapped for cash i thrw what i could at it <3

    also, sweet first :D
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  4. Dropdown

    Dropdown Deepscanner

  5. Joe Solo

    Joe Solo Well-Known Member Ember Dev

    HELL YA! THMPR in action!
  6. Mahdi

    Mahdi THMPR Inbound - Gatestrider - Firstclaimer

    Done, done and friggin' done baby! Rawr!

    *doin' my thumpin' dance*
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  7. Btabc

    Btabc Active Member

    Unfortunately couldn't, but I'll be looking/watching videos and photos to know more so I can support once it goes live :)
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  8. Azgrubob

    Azgrubob New Member

    Just did 50 bucks twice. Didn't see the 100 bucks perk till after the first 50. Can you smash those together for me?
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  9. Ronyn

    Ronyn Deepstryker Community Manager

    I will see to it that it does.
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  10. Cadbane

    Cadbane Gatestrider - Frame Founder Base Commander

    I am in for $100.00! Bring it on.
  11. Vedemin

    Vedemin Deepscanner

    I am not supporting because of those prices. Really? At least 15$ for a model with animations? Also, 35$ for all mock ups is still too much for a lot of people, it's like for a full game. Because, you see, in Poland we actually earn about the same numbers as you in US. With the difference, that we earn in PLN. So you earn about 4x more. With such prices, I cannot support the game at this point. If you'd lower price tags, I would, but currently I am not able to.
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  12. ChairFiller

    ChairFiller Terraformer

    So it's only been two and a half hours and we're already very close to 60% of the initial goal for this part. Fun stuff.
  13. Joe Solo

    Joe Solo Well-Known Member Ember Dev

    Ya. It's gone pretty quickly so far. It's number 1 in the gaming section too which is just gonan bring in da peoples.
  14. NitroMidgets

    NitroMidgets Tsi-Hu Hunter

  15. SomeUnregPunk

    SomeUnregPunk Emberite

    oh good. so I still got time.
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  16. EvilKitten

    EvilKitten Gatestrider - Firstclaimer

    Yay, all done. I still don't see the need for all of the physical bling. 14 S&H could have gone towards the game which is where I'd prefer the mulah to go towards.
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  17. Torgue_Joey

    Torgue_Joey Emberite -Death Reaper KAIJU 'SPLODER


    Will the 1,5k perk option also be in the next 2 milestone? If the third milestone will be like in December and has the 1.5k perk option again, I'll get that one, if plan goes accordingly :)
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  18. the forgotten son

    the forgotten son Gatestrider - Frame Founder

    if i get back to work ill get the 1500 but until then just the 100
  19. Ronyn

    Ronyn Deepstryker Community Manager

    Way to go Reapers! We have already surpassed the ending total of our last milestone. Keep this up and its only a matter of time before ember becomes a reality.
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  20. 13umbleBee

    13umbleBee Emberite

    Good on ya!

    I'm in.
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