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Discussion in 'General Ember Discussion' started by Nakiato, Jul 26, 2016.

  1. KingFuJulien

    KingFuJulien New Member

    Howdy everyone, I'm KingFuJulien and I'm no Hamster! - I'm a Half-Monkey!

    That's very important, so don't call me Hamster! :mad:

    Ok, that being said, I'm coming from a game called Heroes&Generals, before I've played Battlefield Heroes as my first Shootergame, followed by Army Rage. Army Rage was the game, which gave me a lot of skills. Back to Heroes&Generals, someone was speaking about a game called "Firefall", which finally brought me to this awesome game.

    Firefall had a lot of Mobs, I could bash my Sniperbullets inside or just chill playing Bastion-Chess with my turrets. Buffing Teammates in Raids with my Raptor, driving around with my Bumblebee won from an screenshot-event, digging for uranium, doing Warfront, crying about poor Devil Hawks, who died in Blackwater, ... all stuff I'm missing but also stuff which made a lot of fun.

    After the latest Updates, I've been more and more disappointed about Firefall. Today I've played it again but I can't get along with it. Ping always above 200ms, having English Language just to have the Snipersights working, instances don't work, no crafting, Thumping nothing what it used to be anymore, ... :(

    Well, I'm looking forward for Ember and can't wait to play it! ;)
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  2. Djepetto

    Djepetto Deepscanner

    Djepetto here.
    Very exited to be here. How do I back the game?
  3. avalon1k

    avalon1k Emberite - Deepscanner

    Wait for the next milestone. The game is funded for now. And welcome aboard!
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  4. Djepetto

    Djepetto Deepscanner

    Thank you, very much. I'm very excited to be apart of this. I can tell the community is awesome.
  5. KekicaHifR3

    KekicaHifR3 New Member

    Im 25 y old but my brain is 10 y old. Working in pc caffe. Im from Croatia.
    I like going to gym, im sport guy.
    Hello everyone :)
  6. McFini

    McFini Member

    McFini here. McFini in Firefall, McFini on pretty much everything I've ever had to sign up for and create a nick with. It's stuck with me since 2002 and by golly I'm going to keep using it (save for Pokemon GO where someone, somewhere, had the gaul to use the nick before I could... I will find this person... somewhere... somehow... someday... maybe... probably not, but I digress! Actually, I probably shouldn't say that otherwise I'm going to suddenly start finding my nick taken for games/accounts for things yet to be released/made. Then I'll have to pull start adding numbers or additional text to my simple six-letter nick... And there I go, digressing again.)

    So, as alluded to before, I'm a FF vet who first joined during the closed beta (bought a fancy founders pack and everything). Met a lot of folks- many of whom I'm seeing here as familiar faces nicks- and overall enjoyed the experience if not the release version of the game. I tended to favor long range engagements in the game, hanging back, picking off foes from afar while everyone else rushed in headlong to greater effect as I got bombarded by deadly mortar fire. ... I'm beginning to think they were onto something. Ah well, good times nonetheless! Beyond that, I was a Mentor briefly during the release but then work took over and I relinquished the green apple status.

    My resume includes a 1 (or was it 2?) time champ for the old FF Herp-a-Derby, self-proclaimed bartender, sniper extraordinaire, like-button-masher-winner of 2012/13, fiction writer and the supreme purveyor of the Blue Fields of Entralock. Okay, I made the last one up but one tends to do that when the rest of the resume is either not all that impressive or short (or, in my case, both).

    At any rate, outside of that, I play games (video, board, card, tabletop) whenever spare time allows (usually by tearing it out of the jaws of that thing called real life- with mixed success I might add). Lately, I've been playing World of Warships on the PC, a lot of RPGs on the 3DS and some No Man's Sky and Planetside 2 on the PS4 *can already hear the boos and hisses* I'm also trying to start playing Warframe on the PC but, too many games, not enough hours in the day. Then, when EMBER takes off, there will go probably the vast majority of my time.

    I'm probably no longer the posting maverick I once was, but I will promise right here, right now, to mash that like button like my life depends on it (usually on semi-legit things) whenever I get the spare chance.

    I could probably go on at length like this for pages like this was an episode of Seinfeld but they say first impressions are everything. Then again, I failed to make a first impression since my first two posts were here and here. *crosses fingers that he sitll remembers how to use bbcode*

    So, in closing, if you knew me back at FF, I like to think I haven't changed that much so expect much the same from me as you had to witness/bear back on those forums. To those of you who don't know me, um... well, they say actions speak louder than words so let this post and what little information about myself I've so far posted serve as a guide.

    *just had a brainstorm*

    Yes, I tend to digress a lot, and write things as though I were speaking them out loud. I'd apologize, but as GLaDOS says, "it's not nice to lie."

    Old Introduction snippit from the FF forums
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  7. MajorChuah

    MajorChuah Member

    Just found out about Ember today, played Firefall since closed beta and back then I was a teen that couldn't afford to support the game. Right now I have income and ready to back this game when the next milestone launches. So please hurry and take my money. Peace
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  8. OneThousandDead

    OneThousandDead New Member

    Hey just logged into the firefall forums for the first time in a while (was quite sad) and a message lead me here. My name is Ian (OneThousandDead) and i played firefall since closed beta. I play more on my ps4 now a days... Overwatch, Destiny and ESO for the most part. I am excited for Ember and as MajorChuah put it 'Take my Money!!!!' I loved firefall for so long (i am currently wearing the beanie you got for getting the top founder package... still lol)
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  9. omer wexler

    omer wexler New Member

    I'm omer likes to play hockey and gaming of all kinds.
    found out about ember today through a post in steam and I would love to see FF back from the dead, I also play COD black ops 3, PVZ GW2, gears of war 4 and all kinds of other games on my xbox one s and I would love, if it's possible, to see ember on xbox some time. I started playing FF in about 2013 and would love to get those old FF moments and meet ya all.
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  10. RacerX

    RacerX Player One

    I am KILLBOX, mostly because RacerX is never available. I am a Firefall founder and plan to support this game, too. I'm not a big forum poster, but I do lurk. FPS's are what I gravitate toward, starting with GoldenEye 007 that I played with the children of some good friends (yes, I'm old). Half Life, Halo, Borderlands, Fallout, are the types of games I like playing. Firefall was at one time my all time favourite. I'm planning on installing ARMA soon, but i keep logging into Firefall for the few players l'm friends with there. Hope to see everyone in this game in the coming year.
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  11. RacerX

    RacerX Player One

    Thanks for that video link and fond memories. When I heard "fobos inbound" I looked up to make sure I didn't get crushed
  12. Poocifer

    Poocifer New Member

    Poocifer signing in. All around horrible shooter and glutton for punishment.
  13. Oskar581

    Oskar581 New Member

    Greeting all, I was Oskar581 back on the FauFau took me awhile to get on here My real name is Josh, but most knew me as Kermit do to my impression of him. I was want a founder but I was a beta. I can only hope Ember fills that hole firefall left.
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  14. Destination

    Destination Member

    Hey there. Feels good to be here, happy to see this is starting to happen. Played for two or maybe three thousand FF hours, despite all its flaws and how it all turned out in the end, I could always see the huge potential in that game and I have faith you guys will deliver. If I liked FF, I'm gonna LOVE this, I know it!
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  15. Nalessa

    Nalessa Active Member


    Was a mentor back in Firefall and I recognize a few peeps here from back then!

    I'll keep an eye on this from time to time and see how it develops, I still enjoyed Firefall untill the end for good and for bad, hope the core gameplay of this will be similar and it will be quite promising indeed.

    Just don't remove any Arsenal style mech or ... armor ... or thingy this time if you are going to make one, that frame was my bebbeh :<
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  16. Kyan Johansson

    Kyan Johansson Boss Boss - Gatestrider Base Commander

    Huh, nearly missed this thread.

    Hello everyone, my name is Kyan Johansson. I am currently working on getting my own Youtube channel started that's gonna deal with mythology, narration/story telling and video games.

    I've been a gamer for 25+ years now, played many of the classics like the Warcraft series (god knows how many hours I sank into WoW), although it's been a bit less recently.

    I'm really looking forward to the world and lore development of EM8ER, since that kinda thing is my jam (and hopefully soon, my bread and butter).

    KUDOS to Mark for this ambitious project. Looking forward to the journey, and if all goes well, to play EM8ER with all of you online.

    Best regards.
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  17. Crynidemth

    Crynidemth Deepscanner

    Just doing my occasional pop in, there's an Introductions thread now!

    Lots of familiar names from FF, hey you all! :)

    What if I told you I know who?
    Also, gall, gaul is/was a religion :p

    Back to me, ex-ff appletor, main'd Tigerclaw (till forward roll removal), bastion (till penta-squad-thump abuse), dragonfly & rhino (till passive swap), mammoth gravitypull-necro-raid-trolling (HERD and some others will know this well!)

    So IRL, 26, based in Singapore GMT+8 & an asst. coach of a junior team for a swim school. Ex-paramedic, and bartender (Wiki Whackers anyone?)
    Copious amounts of time spent food-hunting & gaming, currently Fortnite/PoE leagues/any-random-time-filler.
    As for my DQN name, don't ask, won't tell, but call me Cry or Cryn in short.

    Tldr: Terrible at precision shooting, part troll, part water-dwelling sloth, love 3rd person shooters, scifi, jetpacks & gliding.

    Edit: Love Em-8er's team to bits but whatever frame/abilities come back, I'll find a way to troll with them, just pleasepleasepleaseplease bring back the original cussing-spitting-dad-F***ing Merch!

    PS: Someone PLEASE notify me when Em-8er's next kickstart happens, was overseas previous times and didn't get round to checking :( I pledge to give you the first crystite-ish currency i make!
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  18. Wemoksoid

    Wemoksoid New Member

    Hi, I've finally decided to sign up too after I completely forgot about this project for months and read the reddit post about free stuff for vets.

    Like many others here I've wasted hours and hours writing text wall after text wall of feedback, hoping Firefall might return to what it stood for in beta. I decided I need to stay away from anything Firefall related after all that.
    Also, I didn't agree with the whole "boycott Firefall" movement. Yes the game was ruined and the devs didn't listen. But the way the early supporters of this project tried to gain members was the wrong approach to say the least.

    Anyway, I'm pleasantly surprised how many people are actually here now which does give me a little hope that this project leads to something exciting after all. Sorry for not hopping on the hype train or anything, but I've been burned twice now and I don't intend to have a third time.
    I will certainly give Em8er a shot though whenever it's playable and provide plenty of feedback.

    And a little bit about me:
    I'm 23, german and I tend to write too much.
    I first heard about Firefall way back in a little forum (mostly) about Battlefield Heroes which is the game that brought me back to PC gaming back in 2009. And the first title that introduced me to how much a developer studio can change over the years due to the struggles of Free to Play.
    Other games and game franchises I enjoy a lot include Guild Wars 2, Warframe, Fallout and Pokemon. Metroid too but seems like Other M killed that franchise off.
  19. myxaplix

    myxaplix New Member

    I go by Myxaplix. Played Firefall early on and clocked a lot of hours. Really looking forward to Ember. Early Firefall was one of the best sandbox games ever developed and I would still be playing the game today if Red5 didn't go on some never ending development star trek adventure. The last 6 months of the game was completely unplayable.

    Please stay away from the suits offering big money only to gut the product by demanding the game become WOW clone.

    Good luck
  20. McFini

    McFini Member

    I'd probably be intrigued since I've never had this issue in the past, though to be fair, it's the first time that happened to me.

    Shoot, and here I was going for Rome-era France! (I've never been good at spelling... :oops:)

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