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Discussion in 'General Ember Discussion' started by Nakiato, Jul 26, 2016.

  1. Crynidemth

    Crynidemth Deepscanner

    Friend wanted to use Finish, which was taken, so tried Fin, Mcfin, then told him to try Mcfiny but he wanted an 'i' instead. Turns out he got bored of PoGo a couple days after :D
    Edit: also because we were at McD's at the time and the inspiration was a fillet-o-fish
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  2. Tachikomatic

    Tachikomatic New Member

    Tachikomatic here!
    31 year old map engineer that loved FireFall in the earlier stages.
    Super excited about Ember!
  3. DemonWolf

    DemonWolf New Member

    Lieutenant Semtex here,played Firefall starting 2012,grabed a founder pack for the Arclight poster ;) (still have it and enjoying it ),enjoyed the game for a long time,tried to play it last years but was so period was exp valley for the pure "rush" in said valley,favorite warframe was the recluse(I will alway remember my full purple high quality mat and gold high quality mat weapon in exp valley time) and the firecat after exp valley
  4. FailDRE86

    FailDRE86 New Member

    Hi I'm FailDRE86 and I'm a casual player of F2P games
  5. ZeroGrav

    ZeroGrav New Member

    Long time beta tester of FF, poking around, waiting, listening, watching..
  6. Vedrit

    Vedrit Member

    Hi. My name is Vedrit, and I have Firefall withdraw.

    What's that? That's not what this thread is about? Oh.
    Hello EM-8ER friends, my name is Vedrit and I'm a computer enthusiast! When not doing IT for a living, I do the occasional work on my own game. If I'm not doing that, I'm probably reading, spending time with my wife, or having a flareup of my mild case of being imaginary.
  7. Dean Cyrus

    Dean Cyrus Member

    Hi alex nice to meet you My name is Edward My game name is eighter zentique or Dean Cyrus L:D i love open world games and mmo :D and i am hoping this project will become so much more than unique i currently am doing nothing and have no job im 20 going 21 soon yay im getting old and currently play guild wars 2 and some early access games on steam :D..
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  8. PittPyro

    PittPyro New Member

    Hello all...My name is Benjamin but I'm PYRO on the PC. I am 42 and I am missing Firefall to no end. Just heard about this new game and figured I would take a look and try to get up to speed. I started firefall in the early days and I hope to be apart of Ember as it gets going.
    Good luck to all involed with its creation there is room for a good replacement for what firefall was. Build it...and...they will come
  9. Vatheril

    Vatheril New Member

    Hello I'm Vatheril, I'm an ex-Firefall player and future 3D Artist/Animator. I loved the game in the early days and I have high hopes for EM-8ER. Good luck to all the Devs involved and I look forward to seeing great things :)
  10. ZogTiger

    ZogTiger New Member

    Hi yall. I'm an old gamer. Started with tabletop RPGs and got into computer games with my C64 before modems were around. Been playing ever since. Loved FF at the beginning as I'm sure all of us did. Really looking forward to EM-8ER and meeting yall in game. Take care.
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  11. Gabeux

    Gabeux New Member

    Gabeux here. I played the hell out of Firefall back on beta, even finding a bug that would let you have way more people on your squad than you should. If you played back on beta and remember playing in big squads that would even break the UI, chances are you were playing with me or with one of my Firefall mates.

    Then I took a break from Firefall and when I came back it was broken and horrible. Yesterday I wanted to show it to my girlfriend and we got instakilled because we walked a bit too much to the south of Copacabana, which is a "Level 20" area. It's a shame what they did to the game.

    The Beta Firefall was one of the best things I had ever seen, and the first experience I had feeling proud for supporting a project. I hope we can achieve that feeling again, one day. Thanks!
  12. CosmicD

    CosmicD New Member

    Hello. I just joined. After 2 years of cooldown into being a bit dissapointed that firefall died, I wasn't ready to jump into this "hey check out what we are going to do next" mood.. I have put my heart and soul into the firefall community and I didn't really want to see it go, wanted to see what the crafting system would offer us and journey 2. I loved some versions of firefall more than others and I always wanted to give positive feedback on what I thought would improve the game. I participated in event and stuff.

    But now I think the feeling is right. I've done a few years of "other game playing" and now I'm having fresh courage to come back to see "the firefall that should have been". And I'm ready to accept that the old firefall was kind of a rehersal. So I'm on this boat. I'm curious how we are going to finally be able to use thumpers the intended way, to make them interesting, to have an open world strategic game like firefall was supposed to be intended. yet I hope the open world will have contained action scenes, like the incursions and the roaming events but more elaborate and more tied into the over arching world dynamic. dynamic raids (if the melding is still a thing)...

    But I'm curious what this will become!
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  13. ZenLestStehum

    ZenLestStehum New Member

    Hello I'm Zen I went by the name BetaParty in Firefall but I changed it multiple times. I'm a PC gamer and I LOVE MECHS AND SCI-FI STUFF! I'm 22 years young born in United Kingdom, I spend most my time staring at the screen watching livestreams, browsing reddit and playing Steam games I drink coffee/tea most of the time and I eat whatever is given to me. I'm not so good at conversations so I stick to myself but I open up gradually if I'm given the opportunity to do so!

    Nice to meet all of you and hope you have a nice day! :D
  14. Lexakit

    Lexakit New Member

    Hey there! I was known as that one Dragonfly that had the pair of celestial wings flying around all of the cities~ I went by the name of Yorky and was on every day for a good year. I loved every moment of Firefall and was sad to see it die. I absolutely adore free-roam MMO's, and am very excited for Em-8er. I am usually sitting around either playing myself some CS:GO or Overwatch! Let's hope the launch goes well. See you in game guys!
  15. SolarWraithe

    SolarWraithe New Member

    Hey All. Name's Jeremy but I go by SolarWraithe. I really enjoyed FF way back in its heyday. Found this game from a user review on the Steam store page. Looks great so far and can't wait to jump in and Rip and Tear some Kaiju!
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  16. Redtir

    Redtir New Member

    Name is Chrys. I am primarly a PC gamer been playing since I was 9, began with games like Sonic and Dune 2000 on Sega. Now playing anything that peaks my interest and since FireFall had my interest back when it was in Beta but was let down by the FireFall of now I stumbled upon Ember and here I am. Hopes are high but preparing for the worst as you do :)

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  17. Skunkie

    Skunkie New Member

    Hi All!

    I'm skunkie - former Firefall founder who just found this and the Founders program. I was so excited that something similar to Firefall would come along again.

    Played a ton during the early beta, then my machine broke and I stopped playing for a while. Picked it up again right before it went on Steam. Played a bunch... but never got anywhere interesting. Found I still had 1000+ Red Beans when looking through old emails. And that brought me here.

    Anyone know what I can splurge and do with 1000 Red Beans on the current Firefall servers? :p
  18. Deltar

    Deltar New Member

    I am Deltar, leader of the Delta Ring Army. The toughest, roughest, most fanatical group of mercenary skull fuckerz around. We live to frag and frag to live. General Demonhunter and Wrecksh0p are dedicated to making sure that new recruits have the stomach to be a DRA member. If you don't like blood, guts, gore and veins in your teeth then you can't join the DRA. We put the MERC (Murderous Engineers Raping Cheaters) in mercenary. Do you have the brass to join? We'll see.
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  19. Torgue_Joey

    Torgue_Joey Emberite -Death Reaper KAIJU 'SPLODER

  20. Powerthirst

    Powerthirst New Member

    HEY! Do you wanna feel SOOO Energetic? Try Powerthirst!
    I went by powerthirst817 in FF and like to play a heavy.

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