Introduction Thread


Aug 30, 2016

First of all, I have a statement to make. Occasionally I'm good at forums, other times it's like I don't exist. I'm always hoping it will turn out good; other times, I just disappear. I plan on making an effort to stick around.

My gaming history...

First of all, I don't know FF. At all.

I started playing Pokémon Gen III; Hoenn is my home. Everything else is tourism.

I have PS2 that I use sometimes. Ace Combat 04 was my first. I think. (Currently, I'm playing Ace combat 6 using a friend's Xbox 360.)

The first MMO I was involved in was RuneScape, don't play anymore but I think I can still log in.

I played Minecraft from really early until it was officially released, at which point I quit. I'll still play of someone wants me to. (That's only happened maybe three times).
I built my castle out of obsidian because I got fed up with creepers. It took forever, and the place looks mediocre.

I played LoL quite a bit, until the person whose Internet access I was using told me I can't use it to play games. (The logic is horrible. They think I'm wasting so much of my time, but they spend more time watching sitcoms.)

That's about it, unless you want me to talk Nintendo.

I don't have Internet access at home. I have to go somewhere to play online. Right now I'm writing on cellular connection. That's usually too expensive to play games. Guess what, I'm writing this and I'm having fun doing it.

I love reading. I won't write about that because I'll probably bore you all hehe.

Artemis! I almost forgot. I played Artemis for the first time a couple months ago, and I haven't played since, because I haven't found anyone to play with.

I love DnD. I can totally lose myself playing a role, though I'm aware most people aren't that intense.
Currently I don't have a group to play with, though I'm looking.

I'm pretty shy, but I can make myself outward since I started acting.

I better stop writing before this turns into a full bio. It's getting pretty long, and it pains me to stop. I haven't mentioned so many things. That might be useful to people.

Well, I hope this works out...
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Aug 31, 2016
Hello, Caveman here, after years of following Firefall, I simply couldn't pass this one up. Hope this game fares better than it's predecessor. Also feels like I went 6 years back when I signed up for FF forums.


Aug 29, 2016
Hello, my name is heikki, i am 26 old young man who study 3 years ago for media-assistant job. I am interested lot about scifi, mech and action type games and some survival 2D games like terraria and starbound, i followed firefall over years but after between 1.0 and 1.5 update game turn broken for me i could not even open with lowest settings. I support for ember because i really liked that content in beta test of firefall (defending thumpers idea) and wanted see it in firefall but it was forgotten one point.

So i hope this would turn better than firefall was :D


Jul 29, 2016
New York
Hello, everyone! I'm David but if you see me anywhere my screename is Lazorkitten (i was 11 leave me be). I think along side Oblivion and Fallout 3, Firefall was one of my most played and most invested in games and I am sad to see it go but I am super hyped to see this starting. I cant wait to jump into ember and play what firefall should have been. I look forward to being a part of this community unlike my time in the firefall one where i just played and never talked to anyone.

Happy Thumping!
Aug 1, 2016
Sup guys I'm Ashley. I'm 17 and live in the US. I'm pretty chill and quite awesome if I do say so myself. Haha jk I'm a major loser who does nothing but sit in her room and play games all day. That's all I guess. Peace out home slice.
Welcome to the losers.. ahh hem ... winners circle. ;D


Ember Dev
Forum Tech
Jul 26, 2016
Utah, USA
Let's see. By trade, I'm a software engineer turned manager of engineers. Our main project right now is an isometric game for elementary school children. The children earn points by doing various educational activities, which they then spend on items to decorate the island their avatar lives on. It's a fun job.

As a gamer, I started on the Atari 2600 (Kaboom! is the bomb), spent years on my NES playing Mario and Zelda, upgraded to the N64, then gamecube, XBox 360 and finally the PS4. I've had a PC for through most of that time. My taste in games is eclectic, and I honestly spend most time playing mobile games lately.

I was never a part of Firefall, I'm here because I was following Grummz on Twitter after the work he did towards WoW Legacy Servers earlier this year. I liked the picture he painted of what Firefall was supposed to be, so here I am.

I'm looking forward to getting to know you all. :)


Death Reaper
Sep 6, 2016
Lets see here, background... oh here comes the list. Im the definition of a gamer. loves gaming, if it wasnt for life id prob no life on games, get easily irritated when someone plays cheap or hacks and wishes I could make a game. As for my list...
Gen 1 pokemon trainer (im an orig)
Alpha/CBT for Maple Story (yes the one thats ancient)
CBT Cabal Online NA
OBT Rumble Fighter NA
CBT Lost Saga NA
CBT Gears of War 3
CBT Battlefield 3
OBT Planetside 2
CBT Dirty Bomb
Beta vanguard/Founder Firefall
OBT Smite
Alpha tested Ghost In The Shell SAC First Assault (just went open beta last month)
And im sure im missing afew off this list but im pretty sure my total lifetime gaming hrs has to be nearing 50k by this point.
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Sep 10, 2016
Hello, I'm Ranger (Ranger302 in FF). Was a Founder. I had not played in a long time. Went to the FF forum to see what was up and before I even opened the forum I had a message about this. Thank you for that. Hope this turns out well.


Death Reaper
Sep 11, 2016
Hello -waves-

Phyrak here,
Nice to meet y'all

23 y.o Aussie
Been through a few alpha's/foundings - firefall, warframe, starbound, Albion online and saurian along with probably a few I can't remember XD

Am also looking to get into game design/concept art + game writing in relation to npc interaction and game mechanics

Am currently writing up 2 games atm but in the best circumstances would be at least 10 years before full release #hopeandoptimism XD

Anyhow, to learn and see how concepts grow and if my art is up to scratch, maybe see if I can inspire or help with Embers growth in any way shape or form

Nice to meet y'all,

Jul 26, 2016
Hi Guy's,
Beta FF player and old to boot. Did not care for WOW so as FF changed I played less & less. Got great hopes for Em-Ber if I live that long. LOL


Player One
Sep 14, 2016
Howdy! Most people call me Arcxsum, but you, you can call me Arcxsum. Anyway, I was a big supporter of Firefall, had the highest tier founder and a few other packs, which hurts my heart to know it was flushed away. I hope I can support Ember just the same now that I have discovered it! Heres hoping for a good Kaiju hunt!
Sep 18, 2016
Hello my name is Turbofreak i usually also go by my other ign aka: Lego8_bit but in this case id rather stick with Turbofreak. im 22 and live in the US.

I found this forum after I started digging on why fire fall was so broken (Played it for 3 days and immediately got done with it after finding out how poorly maintained it was in its current state :/ what a shame but anyway im currently going to college to get my bachelors degree in applied sciences and technology. and i actually got to play around with solid works and auto cad as well as drawing on the side as a hobby of mine :)

You also might see me post some of my art stuff and then watch me convert it from 2d to 3d i just hope i execute it properly XD

Games that I play well, I do play a alot Of them, but the only limitations are money, Time, and computer specs. Mainly my graphics card being a GT 610 its Way behind the curve, but is still able to play most games up to direct x 10 that is :/

tf2, gmod, overwatch (when it was free to play haven't played it since then ), minecraft, space engineers, star-made, unturned, STO, spintires, Left for dead 2, etc....

I play those games genres long enough to understand the game mechanics and how they work on a basic to moderate level

Anyway I hope this little insight for ya thank you for your time reading this little post,



Jul 26, 2016
Clinton Area
Hello all,

very late intro considering i have seen and followed ember for a bit..just from the shadows. .

Duke here :D heyo all!

Like many of you I have played Firefall and was disappointed quite a while ago and have occasionally popped in on and off Firefall only too see that the game has gotten worse and worse. Kinda made me second think buying founders for most games now as you will never know what direction it will take. .

I seriously look forward to what EMBER has to offer and cant wait to see what the environment will be like.

I have been gaming for a while but i am a causal gamer unless i really am into a game then i kind of go nuts and all in. .
Some of the games i play include but are not limited to Skyrim, Overwatch, Jade Dynasty, Twin Saga, NMS, GTA V. I have played way too many MMORPGs to mention. . .

I can't wait to see you all in game <if created> and see what the Ember Universe will offer!!

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Death Reaper
Sep 22, 2016
Baltimore, MD
I'm Taylor and I'm another FireFall transplant.

I've worked in sundry capacities supporting the gaming industry. I was the owner of Stratics, the longest-operating MMO fansite (turns 19 this October), until 2014. Founder of The Noobist, a nerdy news website and YouTube partnership community. Founder of The Shapers Guild, the largest Dawngate fansite until EA pulled the plug. Sold my last community in late 2015 and finally starting to enjoy playing again. Work and play just didn't mix for me.

Looking forward to watching Ember's development under Mark's leadership.
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Tsi-Hu Hunter
Sep 21, 2016
The World
Hi ho everyone!
Name's John but online I go by Guardian548. I'm a FF vet played the beta for almost a year before my computer kicked the can. I played primarily as a scout finding all the hidden nitches and problems in the terrain, usually by getting stuck in it. I can honestly say that I knew every little secret corner before I had to stop playing. I hope to do my best working out all the bugs here and helping set up an immersive community.

In life I spend my vacation time doing what I love in game, exploring the whole wide world. I hope I get a chance to talk to each and every one of you and that we can create the greatest community in all the internet.
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