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Discussion in 'General Ember Discussion' started by Nakiato, Jul 26, 2016.

  1. Cepheus Antollare

    Cepheus Antollare New Member

    I'm AceAccess from Firefall, I joined the game sometime after Open beta started and left after it turned into a generic vanilla uninteresting mmo. I'm drawn to Em-8ER by the prospects of a spiritual successor to Firefall

    Nationality: India
    age: 22
    Psychological Traits: Slightly insane
    Games currently playing: EVE Online, LoL
  2. MyLaw

    MyLaw New Member

    Hello all! MyLaw reporting for duty
    i wish the team best of luck with creating a beautiful game. Allready miss firefall...
    stats: 200 days gameplay of firefall, dindu afk.
    age: unknown
    origin: Wayana
    skills: any vehicle and weapon
  3. Mongoose

    Mongoose Tsi-Hu Hunter

    Formerly known as Ripsaw Bill, now as Mongoose (had the name Mongoose in-game FF since early beta). Looking to make Em-8er my new home. Best of luck to the team. Good Hunting all.

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