Firefall Credit Program - Em-8ER to offer full credit for founder packs

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Grummz, Jan 26, 2017.

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  1. Inq

    Inq New Member

    This is awesome, thanks for the credits :D
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  2. Ironside

    Ironside Firstclaimer

    So, I am a veteran. How do I see that it was sync'd? I did it back in February.
  3. PlzBanMe

    PlzBanMe Gatestrider Ember Moderator

    You are trying to double check that your Ember credits went through? I need to check around myself to see how this is done but I know who to talk to.
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  4. Ironside

    Ironside Firstclaimer

    Thank you! - Interesting Mod Alias by the way. Classic. lol
  5. PlzBanMe

    PlzBanMe Gatestrider Ember Moderator

    Just go back and go through the program again. It should tell you that you have already claimed your reward and what it is.
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  6. Bob Squirrel King

    Bob Squirrel King New Member

    Very nice. I bought the Commander pack way back when (near the end of the time it was available) because I felt I had gotten far more than $100 worth of fun out of it by then, and felt it was a game worth supporting. And I feel I got well over $100 worth of gameplay afterwards, and didn't really stop playing until they completely remade the game after the "full release". So, while I don't feel like I was ripped off despite the game changing direction (and then dying), this is a really cool move on your part and definitely makes me that much more interested in where Ember is going. Because this move would be inconceivable to so many game publishers*, and makes me think there's a strong chance that decisions will be based on what most makes the game fun, rather than trying to squeeze as much money as possible regardless of how many people it drives away.

    Really though, all I care about is that it turns into a decent game with jumpjet mechanics that are similar to (or better than) Firefall. I would gladly pay $60 for a good single-player game with Firefall's gameplay mechanics, and while this isn't single-player (which is what I tend to prefer, even though I have player a good amount of several MMOs over the years) I am thrilled at the chance to see another game with similar mechanics. The shear versatility of movement provided in Firefall really drew me in, and the shear freedom provided by Firefall's mechanics has not once been repeated in any game I have played since.

    Just one bit of unasked for advice: don't put too much focus into paying complaints/"suggestions" by the players. I think one of the problems that lead to Firefall's repeated changes to the gameplay was a result of trying to satisfy the loudest voices (yes, The9 were the killing blow, but there were some problems with remaking systems before Firefall was bought).

    And a small suggestion: pirate-themed founders edition :D.

    *who usually seem to be the main source of problems these days.

    PS: When I was about to post, I noticed something about this thread: this is thread number 666. Coincidence?
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  7. Grummz

    Grummz Administrator Ember Dev

    I wrote a 20 page design vision book to make clear what my vision is. Suggestions that enhance that vision are welcome. But the vision is there for a reason. Has to be the game I want to make. I don't want to morph it into 5v5 PVP

    Think about it...would I do a good job if I wasn't making the game that I loved and was personally interested in?
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  8. Aureola

    Aureola Firstclaimer

    Bought commander, didn't regret it. Firefall had been a great game that I'd played for a long time, having lots of fun. Nice to see the purchase is still showing its worth even in the spiritual successor.

    Question, can the credit from these packs be used in the founder perks for this milestone?
  9. Ryoak

    Ryoak New Member

    hmm cannot get it to work.. will try posting see it this helps some. Interesting and inventive concept. Hope Em8er is as good as old firefall was wife and I loved it.
  10. Soraellion

    Soraellion New Member

    My FF account is from 2012 and I had the large pack, I've enabled founder's badge but it doesn't seem to recognise it.
  11. Xeevis

    Xeevis Well-Known Member Max Kahuna Forum Tech

    Can you please verify you have founder upgrade on your account here?
  12. Geargoyle

    Geargoyle New Member

    I missed the chance to be a founder, but my husband and I both got the Launch: Deluxe Digital Edition. Any chance that we'll be able to get some credit in EM-8ER?
  13. Terib.Shadow

    Terib.Shadow Well-Known Member Greeter Omni Ace

    Sorry, but the deluxe digital edition does not count, it cannot be checked and wasn't made by Grummz nor is it related to him in any way.
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  14. NateX

    NateX New Member

    In the Firefall account profile, there is a tab called purchasing. That tab ha a drop down which includes "Purchase History". You can then select the purchase made and "details". For example, I bought the "Package Name USD Digital Deluxe Edition" and "Package Name USD “Rocketeer” + "Racer" Bundle Pack". The details shows a time stamp, reference ID, amount, and a few other things. With all those details, they cannot be checked?
  15. Xeevis

    Xeevis Well-Known Member Max Kahuna Forum Tech

    This is private data and we don't have access to it. Requiring users to give us their credentials to their accounts would be too much of a privacy concern since we'd be dealing with emails, payments, passwords on a service we are not affiliated with.
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  16. Crycious

    Crycious New Member

    Hi there, I am trying to log into the old FF account and for some reason it is telling me email address not found.
  17. phfor

    phfor New Member

    Thanks for the PM on the old forums, good to see there's still honest dev's about!
  18. Andrea

    Andrea New Member

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  19. Tyceus

    Tyceus Deepscanner

  20. Namaslay

    Namaslay New Member

    This is super nice of you guys. I've has my old Firefall account for 6 years and have dumped about $120 or so into the game.
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