Firefall Credit Program - Em-8ER to offer full credit for founder packs

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Grummz, Jan 26, 2017.

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  1. Soketh

    Soketh New Member

    I have an original Founder Pack (backers back) from way back in the day round 2011/2012, yet the founder packs you guys are giving credit for are the ones released back in 2014, My account is from 2011, as stated an Original Backer full pack with the Bike from back then, back when all we had access to was the beach outside the Starting Town. Firefall Account age..jpg
  2. NotSoMadCat

    NotSoMadCat New Member

    Heyo, kind of behind the ball on all of this, though I did have a founder's pack for Firefall.

    I went to try and do the founder's credit program, but woe to me, I never actually made an account forum-side on Firefall, since I never touched the forums. So while my account page lists having the founder's pack since nover 12th, 2012, my forum account is aged about 10 minutes ago when I was trying to plug in info for the founder's credit thingy.

    I'm hoping there's something I can do about this, and I'm not just a fool for not having dug around enough to find that there's already a solution, but would love any input on this matter.

    Edit: Just saw the bit in the FAW about not being able to verify things like my current situation. Ahh well, my own fault I guess for not being social.
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  3. VitaminK

    VitaminK Deepscanner

    Got Commander back ~4 or so years ago. Appreciate the 100$ reward! Definitely will be backing or buying whenever I can.

    April 11, 2011

    Still have my original beanie and poster.

    Is there a way to see the link in the forums or anywhere?
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  4. ryuzero

    ryuzero Scout

    So how do i check i did the program correctly.
  5. Terricon4

    Terricon4 Well-Known Member Base Commander

    Try to do it again and see what it tells you about the reason for not being able to do it again being.
  6. 203

    203 Active Member Kahuna M.A.X.

    they're giving credit for the beta backers. I bought it on the last day it was available and got my reward.
  7. Synapsis

    Synapsis New Member

    Does'nt work. page just sits there awaiting input. why am I not surprised to see something connected with firefall does not work as intended..
  8. Hyper

    Hyper New Member

  9. Angel

    Angel Tsi-Hu Hunter

    I just did it..... January 9, 2011 forums account created. Wow. Six years.

    Edit: I had the basic 20$ pack.
  10. Dem0n

    Dem0n New Member

    I do have a Firefall account that is years old, but I do not have a forum account. Am I not able to receive anything?

    Account Age
    over 2 years
    (created November 07, 2014 03:55)
  11. Death

    Death Member

    So is it ONLY if you have a forum account? Is it the only way you can verify the old Firefall players? Oh well. My name ingame used to be ''Formicidae''
  12. Skie

    Skie New Member

    I just about fell out of my seat when I read that Em-8ER was going to be a thing. Major kudos to Grummz and Staff!

    Now onto business. I'm a little behind with the news, and I hate to sound like a pleb... but screw it, I'm going full ham! I purchased a Small Starter Pack back in July of 2013. Does this entitle me to FF Founders status, or am I considered a Veteran?

    The reason why I'm asking is that the Credit Program site cant find my badge. This might be due in part that the FF Forums look like they are messed up (big suprise). I have ticked "display founders badge" in my profile and saved it, but since no-ones avatars are showing up, I'm going to guess the badge itself also isn't showing.

    Do I just have to wait and keep my fingers crossed that the forums come back up so I can attempt to validate? Or is there a way to push forward my validation?

    Please assist! Thanks!
  13. Terricon4

    Terricon4 Well-Known Member Base Commander

    If you go to the discord and tech support area you can get some help with stuff from Xeevis.

    That said (and I don't recall for certain) I think 2013 was after Founders packs (they were sold earlier on in beta) so you might just not be eligable. There were several other types of packs sold after them that wouldn't count.
  14. Skie

    Skie New Member

    That makes a lot of sense to be honest. I was looking back at my purchase history, and there's nothing there that specifically mentions any of the Founders Pack tiers. Its curious that the forum does have the option to list a founders emblem under the profile page, but this is most likely a blanket setting.

    All the same, thank you for the help and support suggestions!
  15. 1DerangedWarrior

    1DerangedWarrior New Member

    Whoop Whoop took me 3 days to figure out this cos firefox has a b***h fit over it n i dont like other browsers.....

    i finally gave in & used I.E then threw up....did it...celebrated...and then un-installed I.E. again lol
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  16. Xeevis

    Xeevis Well-Known Member Max Kahuna Forum Tech

    Sorry to hear that. I got no reports of any page being broken on Firefox or any other browser. But to make sure I've tried it with latest stable version and everything works as expected. In logs I see you were trying wrong UserIds, perhaps the script that is extracting UserId from profile url didn't work? Don't you have any extensions that could interfere with javascript code execution? Can you give me more details so I know what to watch out for in case someone has the same problem in the future?
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  17. AgentSmith5150

    AgentSmith5150 Gatestrider - T.H.M.P.R.

    Proud Firefall founder and member #12286 and EM-8ER member #45 checking in!

    Mark, I deeply thank you for this! Completely unexpected. I was in full support before this and I am humbled that you would do this for all us "old timers" from the early days.

    I remember that trip to R5 Studios when your original vision for Firefall was still strong and pressing forward. Meeting you and the old team was easily one of the highlights of my life.

    Moving forward I am excited for this new adventure!

    Thanks again,
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  18. 1DerangedWarrior

    1DerangedWarrior New Member

    im using firefox 52.0.2 (32 bit) on windows 7 SP1 no mods installed on it except an ad blocker. I tired with n without ad blocker and got knowwhere. I used the same names on IE as i did with fire fox but Ie made it work straight putting it down to a bug caused by FF forums as the page showing the badge didnt want to show up on firefox eithier but it did on IE... on a side note...that info page with ur badge didnt show the picture of my badge on IE or Firefox so there is/was at least 1 bug on that forums page
  19. Grummz

    Grummz Administrator Ember Dev

    Really happy so see you here :) Working hard to bootstrap this thing. We'll get there!
  20. Feather Fay Dust

    Feather Fay Dust New Member

    Long time Firefall player here, am more excited for this game than any other game ever, seriously when I found out Firefall is having a spiritual successor and it has mechs I was so excited! I only found out about this about a week ago, I remember wishing I've gotten the founder's pack all the way back when, and now I've gone back to regretting it again since it would've meant supporting this game! D: Either way I'm looking forward to supporting Em-8er's development in any way I can <3 even if having gotten a founder's pack isn't a thing I can do anymore unfortunately.
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