Firefall Credit Program - Em-8ER to offer full credit for founder packs

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Grummz, Jan 26, 2017.

  1. ArkistGuardian

    ArkistGuardian New Member

    Can;t wait for Em8er ;)
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  2. silvarius2000

    silvarius2000 New Member

    Heard about Em8er in an offchance reddit comment in an unrelated thread. I think you guys need to be much more louder!

    So happy to hear this happening and I wish you guys the best of luck, signed up with founder status.

    Btw I think you guys need to streamline the verification process, lots of back and forth between windows
  3. fumaider

    fumaider New Member

    on it, ty and good look with new projects.
  4. 203

    203 Member Kahuna M.A.X.

    This credit is not transfered to em8er, players are just awarded ingame store credit worth the same as their ff-founder pack.
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  5. halp

    halp New Member

    now that's very nice.
    lookin forward for ember closed beta ;)
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