Firefall Credit Program - Em-8ER to offer full credit for founder packs

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Grummz, Jan 26, 2017.

  1. Ronyn

    Ronyn DEEPSTRYKER Community Manager

    We can only work with Founder packs because its the only thing we have a way to verify en masse.
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  2. Daegoth

    Daegoth New Member

    That's a shame, though I'd think the Beta Commando title I have on my Firefall forums account is easily verifiable? The refund would have just gone towards additional backing here anyways in addition to my Firstclaimer pack.
  3. EmJay

    EmJay New Member

    So my title is Beta Commando and had purchased ARES Starter Pack back in 8/27/13 2:22pm. Am I a founder of any level? Do I need to change the title within the game (Firefall). I remember you could change something similiar to it in the game (Firefall) after your name but would it be shown on the forums too?
  4. Xeevis

    Xeevis Well-Known Member Max Kahuna Forum Tech

    Technically title can be verified, but very few people have necessary title and enticing people into downloading and launching Firefall was deemed too evil as it would be immensely painful for them and us, Firefall barely runs and doesn't even launch with newer OS updates and drivers and people would seek support here, R5 support is gone. This is meant to be a reward, not a torture. :cool:

    Also it's important to note, not a single dollar spent on Firefall was transferred to Em-8ER and all the rewards are offsetting this game's future earnings. We are all extremely grateful @Grummz made this offer to Firefall veterans at all.
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  5. Daegoth

    Daegoth New Member

    Not sure why you are mentioning the game client at all, as the title is shown on the Firefall forums, not in-game. In fact the moment you click my name to view my profile here, you can see my Firefall profile linked since we had to do that for the Veteran status anyways. Literally 2 clicks from verification.

    And no need to lecture on the funding aspect as you did. If you had read my full reply instead of skimming, you would have seen me mention that any rebate received would have gone right back into the game anyways. Active listening (reading) is a good skill to practice for someone with a "Forum Tech" badge. I'm not demeaning you by the way, just giving some friendly advice.
  6. Xeevis

    Xeevis Well-Known Member Max Kahuna Forum Tech

    Please refrain from personal attacks, I tried to explain to you why is founder credit offer set this way. Titles displayed on forums can be set only through game client. We have to think about all players and even though you have your title set, other people don't. If we permitted title validation it would convey a message that it's necessary to install and run Firefall in order to be able to claim higher tier reward and in turn that would lead to a lot of frustration and support requests to get the game working.

    Boundary had to be set at criteria that made most sense for everybody. Many suggested stacking of packs, providing credentials and parsing total of all payments made etc, yes there are those who spent $2000+ and got no reward whatsoever. In bigger picture it doesn't matter if someone spent $5000 or $1 on Firefall, bought this pack or that pack, it makes same difference here. Better reward was extended to founders simply because they were the first pioneers and can be automatically and easily validated just as veterans with little to no extra effort required.
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  7. Ronyn

    Ronyn DEEPSTRYKER Community Manager

    The reason I said "verified en masse" is because of the limitations Xeevis laid out. There are certainly some folks out there, like yourself, with certain titles visible, but many would be required to go into the game client to make it visible on the forums. With no intent to disparage the current state of firefall, it is simply difficult for most to properly log in to the game these days.

    We are doing our very best to give the backers of firefall what we can, but please keep in mind the best we can do in that capacity is to make a game that will offer the same magical feeling.
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  8. TheSlaya

    TheSlaya New Member

    Its a shame. I was a beta player, and I can show where I added it on steam in 2014, but I never joined the forums until 2016, so I'm not eligible for any of the rewards
  9. Twitches

    Twitches New Member

    Pretty cool, honestly, doing all this for previous founders, and from the outside, as it were. Respect, all around.
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  10. Namaslay

    Namaslay New Member

    I bought a founder pack WAY back in the day for $20 but turned around and spend another $100 on another pack that I guess isn't considered to be a founder pack and I only got the $20 credit. Which sort of sucks but I guess I will take it.

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