FireFall Community Memory Dump

Oct 26, 2016
I loved the trick with some of the pre-steam versions where I could reset the glider pad's cooldown by logging out and logging in again. As long as I didn't exit Firefall, my character would be in the same position and the glider pad would be ready to use again.


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Some serious world stuff...

Some less than serious bugs...

And getting where I was never supposed to go...

Man I had a ton of fun back then. Got out of every PvP map, outside of the map every major patch... you name it I broke it, and enjoyed it. Playlist of some of the ones I put on YT.


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Mar 2, 2017
I don't having any screenshots, but wow was it fun just learning and exploring the game. Several of my friends started playing about the same time I did, and we got on skype together and ran around learning everything the hard way. The groups first attempt at thumping, I call down a thumper, and one of my friends walks over and says
"Hey! What's this yellow ring here?"
Just then, **WHAM!** the thumper drops and kills him.

Or the funny yet frustrating experiance of trying to get somewhere and finding all the dropships have lived up to the name derpships and are endlessly circling, or flying upside down, or heading for space.

Or the feeling of working with a group of other players to repel an invasion, or to push back the melding and thump in the temporarily exposed area.

The fantastic chaos of repelling an invasion. Knowing that if we as a group failed, we would lose Thump Dump or Sunken Harbor to the melding for a while. And the feeling of accomplishment when we took a city back.

Or the mysterious and utterly creepy experiance of doing Blackwater Anomaly for the first time, back when that voice talked to you and taunted you the whole time. And the rush of escaping it.
Right when it was switched to that titan at the end, my husband and I accidentally duoed it (long story) and defeated the titan through sheer persistence. Everything on my frame was broken at the end of that, and I had started with everything new.
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Nov 13, 2016


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Jul 26, 2016
One of the nicer ideas that wasn't fully implemented was the medic. It seemed to not be OP enough, in fact I can't think of a game that got it better than FF even did.