FireFall Community Memory Dump

Jul 27, 2016
I don't quite have any memories from FireFall itself... I didn't play it much. My memories are from the forums, particularly the roleplaying subforums. Man, those memories are golden.
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Meh, i ain't got screens any more but, well: Mammoth Rambo!
In my opinion one of the most funny and trolliest classes ever with the thunder dome. Was pretty funny to trap some newbies in the duel mode in it ^^
Or running 'round with my biotech dmger build to crush my friend who had to switch between his lvl 40 frames to stay alive tilli killed him with my poison. (the build was poison perks, poison bio injector (jep, a poison prefix on a poison weapon, works pretty fine), healing wave (pushing around enemies ^^), ghostly triage, blinding poison trail (pretty op cause you could get enemies stuck in the cloud through running through them), normal HKM and run speed core, i was faster than a bike for several second ^^)


The last photo I could get on Firefall before I got banned.

This photo actually is very special to me because It's got 1. My greatest ally Tragedy and 2. Swizza, Someone who I finally made up with after a 2 month long flame war :) Remember guys, we are all different when we speak in person, our forum persona means nothing. :)
Me, @Swizza and @Tragedy at copacabana 20160726190623_1.jpg
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Jul 27, 2016
just a random afk pez

i think this was my record

christmas MGV

observing the wildlife :O

back in open beta when i got my brother into firefall, we had some good times

the chat going nuts on thumpers

and this is one of the oldest i still have on my imgur

it was all so beautiful back then


Jul 27, 2016
Holy crap, someone actually has footage of that?
that one would be me.

Does people here realize this was supposed to be my own personal thread where I was gonna post my own personal screenshots from FireFall and instead of that it was just hijacked for you all posting things not related with what this thread was supposed to be...

This is clear sign people doesn't read at all the first post in a thread and also doesn't give a cupcake about the feelings of other person.

At this point I'll ask a mod what to do, I could even consider closing and deleting this thread just to start again from scratch if at all...
What did it matter if everyone else started sharing their memories aswell?