FireFall Community Memory Dump


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Happy Kaiju
Jul 27, 2016
Island of Tofu
There won't be any game which looks like Firefall were !
Em8er will be more like Pacific Rim lol.

We can say "goodbye to" beautiful landscapes and to this special universe with Accord against Chosen :/
If only Firefall didn't shut down...

Remember of a lot of fun ...

The music beautiful right i cannot wait for the em8er full ost!

Speaking of pacific rim i need to watch the sequel and other mech related films to get my imagination going :D
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Jul 28, 2016
Oh man how I miss my LGV's in Firefall... It is a shame that game ended the way it did, I remember when I saw the first footage from it in PAX 2010 I immediatey purchased a founder pack, I was so happy that finally a magna-look-a-like sci-fi MMO will be out there. My mind was blown with the graphics and the combat system. Loved it.

Pax 2010 footage:
Jul 27, 2016
I did run a firefall tumblr for a while, and today I was reminiscing about firefall and I remembered I had this account, so I am browsing it atm.
I guess its a nice collection of stuff from the earlier days. art from do you even art bro. and some youtube videos, and fan made music etc.
Maybe you'll get as nostalgic as I did.
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Apr 23, 2017
Well I really hope Em-8er will rule in the same areas where Firefall had the potential. I want my dem dropship.
Yep places in Firefall had some really special, not only always horizontal...yeah, and...the idea of the raids (are most important on mmos and this game has the most huge and cute raids) with cool bosses and good teamwork are also marvelous. Incredible but its tru. Why???

Yes, because end mmo games depends on continuous daily quest dungeons, events and bosses (raids), and upgrades..fixes etc . The essensial sucesors of World of wardraft will teach us that people will be admired by this game, but will cry in end game. Those all maps in Firefall were huge and balanced for a mmo fps.