FireFall Community Memory Dump

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  1. LupeFuentes

    LupeFuentes Active Member

    I lost all my old screenshots a while back, sadly.. So i'll just stand here and sell you all coffee.
  2. iClustaFlux

    iClustaFlux Tsi-Hu Hunter

    Ahhhhh good times. And some bad times. But all fond memories nonetheless!
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  3. Legend57

    Legend57 Emberite Em-8er Contributor

    Ah yes, poses were fun - this was back when customization wasn't even a thing :D
  4. Sud Monkey

    Sud Monkey Gatestrider Base Commander

    If you read the conversation you'll notice he wanted to show us 'something cool'. He then proceeded to kill us with a new cool weapon :D
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    DARKB1KE Well-Known Member

    Was that after he led you down a dark alley?
  6. Bacterial

    Bacterial Deepscanner

    well well, remember when we had /townlean_<number> poses? I used to lean on random players’ thumpers while they were thumping, my gosh, that was blowing their mind at times :D
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  7. Sud Monkey

    Sud Monkey Gatestrider Base Commander

    In retrospect, following a Chosen into a dimly lit room with the promise of being shown 'something cool' may not have been the brightest idea. I'm just thankful the 'big gun' he pulled out was a plasma cannon.
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  8. Fryepod

    Fryepod Active Member

    Ugh that DPS though... for it's time, it was insane. Just ran threw everything

  9. 13umbleBee

    13umbleBee Emberite

    Hmm good times

    Chosen invasions
    Meld thumping, squad thumper
    Firecat deployment AB flying with gliders

    Bwa when it was first released and no body knew what to do.. Lol
  10. Pandagnome

    Pandagnome Well-Known Member Happy Kaiju

    I thought the technology to swim or at least float would be there i found out the hard way :oops:
    The best part was greeted with chums in their mgv as they charged to the next adventure
    Then finished off with a victory tiki torch party until the chosen scum returned with their purplish gases
    killing us with their own spew and fart :mad:
  11. pinkgasm

    pinkgasm New Member

    Luckily, I still have a few Steam screenies!

    Always loved my Raptor, from the earliest beta (when crafting was still amazing), way before Firecat...

    Electrons were pretty fun, too...

    But we all know what was the most fun...
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  12. Earth_Soldier

    Earth_Soldier Deepscanner

    Empty promises...





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  13. HeineSnow

    HeineSnow Active Member Base Commander Omni Ace

    It seem I know too much XD
  14. Earth_Soldier

    Earth_Soldier Deepscanner

    Please PM me the next lottery ticket numbers, much appreciated.
  15. 13umbleBee

    13umbleBee Emberite

    Found one in the folders... :)

    Gliding/Flying, one of my fav activities. Screenshot Firefall.png
  16. Daskrieg

    Daskrieg New Member

    I remember the invasions that happened at the major areas in coral forest, my favorite was a invasion at thump dump that ended and tiki tourches were dropped everywhere, we also had about 3 or so towers of battleframes.
  17. Deso

    Deso Member

    When i look at all this Firefall stuff, i really miss it and want it back. :(

    FF as Singleplayer could be nice.
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  18. KingFuJulien

    KingFuJulien New Member

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