1. Nubilus

    Ideas and Thoughts on Weapons/Abilities

    In the recent Chief Chat @Grummz asked the community to share their Ideas and thoughts on weapons and abilities, as well as our favorites from FireFall for EM-8er. This is the Thread to post them in. Feel free to add any media you can find on old FF stuff for Grummz as a reminder/reference.
  2. Tyler

    Will Primary Weapons be Dual-Wield-able?

    Catching up the posts, and while reading one from March there was something that caught my eye (copy and pasted from https://em8er.com/omniframe-gameplay-systems/): Medium frametypes: Medium frametypes have an additional slot for both their secondary weapon, allowing them to dual wield guns...
  3. GarettSlayer

    Visual/Damage/Armor Upgrading for the THMPR-Mech

    I was looking at the artwork where the THMPR was fighting a mini-kaiju, and a thought occurred to me... what about in addition to upgrading the armor/weapons/stats of the Omniframes, but also doing so for the THMPR. Giving us the ability to increase its survivability, and in addition to the stat...
  4. MattHunX

    Should Frame Parts Affect Offensive Stats?

    While I definitely make use of it in Firefall and am decked out in battle-frame parts that all give a +10 to e.g.: Ability Potency...should they? Should an arm-part or omni-frame head or leg parts affect offensive abilities in such a way? Defensive stats, resistances and mobility, yes. But...
  5. MattHunX

    Avoid Over-Balancing

    Could've put this in the thread about the suggestions for games to play until Ember is playable, but it needs a separate thread. Mainly because I'm pissed off about it. So, I tried Blacklight Retribution and to my great disappointment, anger and annoyance, it played the same way as another game...
  6. MattHunX

    Dual Weapon System

    I wanted this conversation to be separate from the one about what weapons we'd like to see in-game, their behavior, balance, customization...etc. Would it be (eventually) feasible to allow for such an expansion of the gun-play in Ember? I'm not just thinking of wielding two identical weapons...
  7. MattHunX

    Shooting Range/Combat SIM/Training Hall...whatever you'd want to call it

    A la Borderlands 2. In the back of Marcus' shop. Ember should have something along the lines of this. Places where one can have instant, consistent feedback, floating damage numbers with status effects, the usual, without having to go out onto to the field and where they could tests every part...
  8. DemonSlayer873

    Which Firefall weapons concepts would you like to see carried to Ember?

    Firefall had some of the most unique weapons i've seen in a game. From weapons shooting toxic clouds to weapons shooting shielding balls and im sure that we all loved at least 1 of them. So i wonder which ones would you like to see in ember(if any) and why. http://www.strawpoll.me/10904164 (you...
  9. Vedemin

    What weapons would you like to see?

    Hello everyone! I'd like to know what weapons would you like to get. Weapons are divided into their damage types: - Thermal - focuses on AoE, DoT and is good vs unarmored targets, deals less to no damage to armor. Plasma weapons, flamethrowers, explosions, Michael Bay, stuff like that (also...
  10. F

    Weapon Customization

    Wanted to open up a thread about the biggest game-breaker for me Personally, I like the way games like Zombie Party, Magicmaker, Warframe, and even some MMO's style the weapon customization. Mods/Artifacts/Weapon Addons are always fun and interesting for me, and being able to swap stuff out...