1. Remixthispurple

    Em-8er Holiday update Video

    Sorry I'm late getting this one out. Hope you enjoy.
  2. Remixthispurple

    August Update Video

    Catgirl and a new Game Engine!
  3. Remixthispurple

    Em-8er Update April 2021

    Hope you all don't mind me posting these updates here. Feel free to DM if i'm violating any TOS. Hope you enjoy!
  4. Result

    Video Game Border Control in Em-8er

    Im sure that from the title you are probably thinking that this is going to be another political post. No, thats not the case. Instead I want to talk about something that some of us gamers hate the most in open world video games, and that's poorly made boundaries. Some developers tend to...
  5. Result

    Will Aero make a return in Em-8er ?

    I was just thinking, will Aero come back as an assistant/adjutant in Em-8er ? I really liked her in Firefall, even though she never stopped talking. If not her, maybe a AI can fill up her position, I would like to see what you guys think !
  6. Result

    System requirements

    Do you guys have any idea what the system requirements will be for the game? Unreal Engine 4 is way better than the engine Firefall was build upon so I believe it will be more optimised both for performance and graphics.
  7. Sorrow2u

    A little bit of ideas on Em-8r game play(movement/combat only)

    So i was looking on yt for some mech games, and i found this channel and his work. Looks emberish to me ^^ And those drones are interesting for a pet class/sub engineer write what you think. O/
  8. Nunaden

    What is coming AFTER Ember?

    Well... Hey. I just want to ask one question (in the moment): What s going to come after Ember? I mean not after Ember failed or something like that, but after the development of Ember is finished. And i also want to go for one specific case, the case where The9 is ready to sell the FF IP. Are...
  9. AODSpagex

    Ember on Steam?

    I am well aware that it's very early to ask this question but I want to hear what you guys think about this. So, basically, should Ember be put on Steam? Or work like Firefall did at first (with a separate launcher)
  10. DemonSlayer873

    Which Firefall weapons concepts would you like to see carried to Ember?

    Firefall had some of the most unique weapons i've seen in a game. From weapons shooting toxic clouds to weapons shooting shielding balls and im sure that we all loved at least 1 of them. So i wonder which ones would you like to see in ember(if any) and why. http://www.strawpoll.me/10904164 (you...
  11. DARKB1KE

    Hype can lead to disappointment if expectations are not met

    Hey everyone, While it's great that everyone is super pumped up for the successor, just keep this in the back of your mind while moving forwards. Hype can lead to disappointment if expectations are not met. Let that sink in for a bit. Hype can lead to disappointment if expectations are not...
  12. yapushkin

    Any bonuses for Veteran FF players in Ember?

    Just curious. Will devs give to old FF players some special bonuses (like xp boost, unique titles or some good starting gear etc.) ?
  13. DemonSlayer873

    Ember's Discord Server

    Lets move the flamewars to here shall we?
  14. MattHunX

    New Concepts, Alpha Prime, Aesthetics and old Aero

    I was already thrilled to hear Aero's original, cute accent in that brief still-image trailer. I also gather from that single image that the look of the game will be slightly different to that of FF, but still very much reminiscent of it. Which is good. I read complaints about the character...
  15. Vedemin

    What weapons would you like to see?

    Hello everyone! I'd like to know what weapons would you like to get. Weapons are divided into their damage types: - Thermal - focuses on AoE, DoT and is good vs unarmored targets, deals less to no damage to armor. Plasma weapons, flamethrowers, explosions, Michael Bay, stuff like that (also...
  16. Valaetoshiru

    Ideas for combining Crixa with Ember.

    I know Ember will conceptually be in the Crixa universe, but wouldn't it be cool to combine them somehow? Like an instance where players go to play the RPG. It could be as simple as their characters sitting around a table, within a private instance, like they would be in real life if they could...