Which Firefall weapons concepts would you like to see carried to Ember?

Discussion in 'General Ember Discussion' started by DemonSlayer873, Aug 3, 2016.

  1. 0V3RKILL

    0V3RKILL Terraformer

    I always found the recluse and arsenal the most interesting of them all.
  2. Siguza

    Siguza Terraformer

    I'm a big fan of energy weapons, but some kind of Heavy Machine Gun is an absolute must. Anything that shoots fast and plenty.
    I used to be a dreadnaught main for most of the time I played FF, until I finally switched to Tigerclaw for the last few months of my playtime, after I got that sweet sweet soaring afterburner. Brute-forcing my way through enemy waves with the Mammoth was fun, but nothing would beat my Tigerclaw's infinite flight and 15m/s movement speed.

    I never played any kind of Sniper (I always played with my brother, and he'd take on that role), and I did play medic and engineer sometimes, but I used their weapons quite rarely, so I don't care too much about those. Some kind of healing should exist, sure, but in FF I almost exclusively used skills (is that what they were called?) for that, and not really the gun - but then again, in terms of healing there was hardly anything but the Dragonfly. Some kind of sniper rifle and repair gun would also be nice... I guess. What I always wanted to take a stab at, but never got round to, was the Recluse with their pesky many poisons! :D I'm pretty sure that would make a nice addition.

    As for thermal weapons... I think a flamethrower would be really fun if done right, but I wasn't that much of a fan of the Firecat's Thermal Cannon. What I'd really like to see would be something that fires lightning bolts.
    Any I'd absolutely love any kind of music weapon, but... I imagine such a thing might not really fit into a massive planetary wargame.

    When it comes to melee weapons, Firefall really didn't have much to offer. And I'm not too much of a fan, either, but if anything, I'd really like to see something like "Aquila" from DmC... some kind of flying blades. :D And a big axe or hammer might also be cool, I think... but I think there'd have to be something special in order for them to be able to seriously compete with ranged weapons.
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  3. Kouyioue

    Kouyioue Active Member

    That reminds me, Can one of the omniframe kits literally be the Battle Engine Aquila, as a nod to the old Battle Engine Aquila game >?

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  4. Valaetoshiru

    Valaetoshiru Scout

    My favorite weapon was the Assault's Plasma gun. I also loved the Electron's - or was it the Engineer's - lightning gun - it's been a while since I played... And the Dreadnaut's Heavy Machine gun. Something I had always wanted but they never implemented was the mobile turret - it had legs and walked around and could still shoot. That would be pretty cool.
  5. Biz

    Biz Member Kaiju Slayer

    Bio Crossbow hands down, the favorite weapon of all in the game. It is both a Really strong marksman rifle, if you aim properly it kills things in one or two hits and you have 100+ shots to go with it AND a grenade launcher for the times when enemies forget about the concept of personal space.
    Headshots with primary fire, while jetting, took actual skill. Gets a bad rep due to all the rookies who gave up trying to hit things with primary and just used secondary fire all the time.
  6. Nightallen

    Nightallen New Member

    Give me a grenade launcher and a flame thrower and you have satisfied my weapon requirements. Preferably a launcher that we can chose to detonate the grenades with a right click or not, and just let them bounce on terrain and explode on contact with enemies.
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  7. Krhys

    Krhys Player One

    All of which will be available in game.
  8. Galen Ponder

    Galen Ponder New Member

    For starters I would say something similar to the LMG from the Arsenal class, it was a versatile MG that didn't require spool-up, was still effective, but had a smaller magazine and allowed a skilled pilot to utilize accuracy and a fair bit of range for good burst damage with low recoil.
  9. daggoth1408

    daggoth1408 New Member

    There were a few good weapons in the game that i liked, I liked the feel of the sniper rifles, and i feel like some of the concepts with the biotech weapons were pretty cool. Overall firefall had some pretty interesting weapon designs that i would like to see back again.
  10. Pandagnome

    Pandagnome Well-Known Member Happy Kaiju

    The engineer arch thrower/shock rail and turrets
  11. Random232

    Random232 New Member

    More "weapon-adjacent" there were a few versions of the lighting and flashlight combination that made it really immersive to use.

    Spinning around catching glimpses of things scuttling in the dark only to fire at shadows from plants waving in the breeze was exciting.
  12. Vedrit

    Vedrit Member

    Yeah, the environment definitely helped. Night was actually dark, and flashlights were legitimately useful, rather than the dusk that most games have as night
  13. Random232

    Random232 New Member

    Yes. Having it limited to some areas and not all might make it more tolerable for people who want to be able to see without pumping their gamma. Or a way to illuminate an area so you don't have to necessarily "deal" with it for X minutes until sunrise.
  14. Dreamin

    Dreamin Member Base Commander

    <-- Selfish intent

    Thought about rotary weapon concept. As a tank type player mostly, having the rotary was super cool for me. A concept if this is to be included would be to;

    Decrease barrel count from six to three, or maybe say it keep the triple barrel concept and ditch the six barrel.
    Extend the barrel on kinetic models to increase range and peak damage (stat increase is arbitrary, none of that exist yet I'm sure)
    Apply damage drop curve (especially if using laser/palsma/photon weapon concepts)

    Multi-turret bot deployables (max deploy limit, outpost repair and reload only [if collected after battle], max collect limit, max equip limit, max repair-ability limit)
    concept- player really acquires an multi-turret nano/micro-replicator/factory they feed resources to fabricate the disposable multi-turret bots. (Smaller than the FF video bot)
  15. Nunaden

    Nunaden Well-Known Member

    rotary turrets on player won't happen, even when the heavy MEK can carry a shoulder mounted weapon, it won't be like a spinning auto gun. Ever saw the clone commander in Battlefront 2? i think it will look a bit like that.
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  16. flyinhigh

    flyinhigh Firstclaimer

    I hope we keep a lot of class feel moving forward. The cuts in FF for class identity and play style felt really good. From charge rifle to spamming as a recluse to going full mammoth tank. They all played well and I really enjoyed them.
  17. Nunaden

    Nunaden Well-Known Member

    well... there are just "kind-classes" that got different kits and are like three different templates, but even a heavy can be a sniper or a light MEK the one that runs around with the chaingun in the first row. The existing archetypes just ask you: How many hits do you want to take? How much energy do you want to have? How fast do you want to be? How many weapons do you want to have? How big do you want your guns?
  18. Siguza

    Siguza Terraformer

    Looking at the results of that poll again, I love how there's not even a 10% majority. ^^
  19. Dean Cyrus

    Dean Cyrus Member

    I like the raptors full auto sniper and the firecats signiture flame thrower to burn away the heretics and melding :D
  20. Krhys

    Krhys Player One

    I would like to see the ability to craft a rotary cannon with anything from 3-6 barrels, with additional options to increase/decrease their length. This would give the player the chance to play around with the stats to build something that suits their play style.

    3 long barrels = medium weight so you can equip more/better quality goodies plus weapon range and accuracy is increased. However, RoF is obviously reduced. You also will need less ammo if you are spewing lead out at a slower rate, so less weight needed there.

    However, if you prefer a close range, crowd sanitisation type of weapon, increase the barrels to improve RoF. Obviously, you'll need to cut down on barrel length to keep the weight down which = less accuracy and range but hey, you've got some extra weight on your rig to boost the armour to compensate. Carriage of ammo becomes a bit more of a problem so you might have to go with 2 space magic abilities instead of your usual 3. So lets go for 5 barrels instead to give our frame even more armour.

    In fact, f*** it, load me up with 6 short range barrels, slap on as much armour and ammo as possible with only 1 space magic abilitiy - I'll wade into a mob and kick @ss from melee range!!!

    So it wouldn't be about 'leveling up' your weapon, it would be all about modifying it in a variety of ways and ensuring it fits in with whatever constraints your suit comes with.
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