Which Firefall weapons concepts would you like to see carried to Ember?

Discussion in 'General Ember Discussion' started by DemonSlayer873, Aug 3, 2016.

  1. DemonSlayer873

    DemonSlayer873 Well-Known Member

    The 1.6 one is called DumbCannonMk2 ;)
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  2. acp_ember

    acp_ember New Member

    The original accord assault gun. Long range splash combined in-your-face shotgun action on the secondary. One of the most disappointing things about the firefall update was losing the fun secondary effect.
  3. zdoofop

    zdoofop Terraformer

  4. ObsoleteVodka

    ObsoleteVodka Active Member


    All. Fucking. This.
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  5. SomeUnregPunk

    SomeUnregPunk Emberite

    I even remember them saying it because some idiot running their PvP group decided that alt fires weren't a good fit for the game. Dumbass.

    anyway... I actually liked c0wb0y's version of the flamethrower. It firing gas at people or at the ground and then lighting it up.
    At first I didn't like it but after playing with it.... I found I was actually able to light the world on fire. Very neat. Something like that would be neat here especially since we are going to be fighting off mobs. It would like setting out traps where you could control the length and duration. Unfortunately the gas spills would dissipate too fast which made the traps good for quick setups for faster paced combat than longer drawn out ones.
  6. Thorp

    Thorp New Member

    I'd like to see the medic overcharge beam. I very much enjoyed latching onto turret mode dreadnoughts and swapping on the fly between healing and overcharge beams (not to be confused with overheal). Having to weigh the risk vs reward of keeping them over 50% HP or increasing their damage made hunkering down interesting.

    Not sure I want to see the vampgun...if it dealt less damage and healed less it may be a nice change of pace every so often. It would help keep the medic healing themselves if their biorifle or w/e doesn't self heal. ....honestly I would find it exhilarating if the vampgun was the only way for the medic to heal themselves especially if it was to minimal effect.
  7. acp_ember

    acp_ember New Member

    Its the old Blizzard problem. You can't have skills behave the same or even have the same stat numbers in PVP as they do in PVE.

    To really make things work you need to pretty much build two separate games which is a lot of work and dev resources
  8. Daynen

    Daynen Active Member

    I disagree. It depends highly on the mechanical fundamentals of the game. WoW can't do it because of the nature of tab-targeting, auto-tracking, and crowd control. This is where the concept of a strong design skeleton comes into play. Some games can't do both at once because some features or abilities just do not mix with human interaction and become completely unfair and unfun with very little effort. There's nothing like a full six-second stunlock and a 100-0 combo to turn a PVP event into a single-player exhibition and NOBODY wants to watch THAT bullsh!t again.

    If such situations are actively prevented in the base design, then PVP and PVE can exist quite harmoniously. Otherwise, you get stats like "resilience."
  9. NanoTechnician

    NanoTechnician Emberite - THMPR - Deepscanner

    I loved the lighting on the simpler weapons, admittedly they weren't very powerful, they looked the part.


    I also missed the "Melded Needler", mostly becuase it looked awesome in purple, it felt like it was stolen Chosen tech and felt badass :D
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  10. acp_ember

    acp_ember New Member

    I'll modify my statement to say that it may not be impossible to have pve and pvp with the same skills/stats but that I haven't personally seen any game do it right and blizzard is particularly bad at it.
  11. Silv3r Shadow

    Silv3r Shadow Gatestrider Max Kahuna Kaiju Slayer

    Interesting medic gun with link beam, changes colours when certain abilities activate, particle effects roll down off the beam so it's not like a watergun, like the dragonflys gun did, even the sound effects sound like someone slurping through a straw lol. Hopefully creativity will be enabled, uniqueness is better than comparisons ;)
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  12. Daynen

    Daynen Active Member

    Well, if you're only looking at WoW, then yeah, Bliz hasn't figured that out yet, but that's mainly due to the nature of WoW on a fundamental level. It's a tab-target, DPS-centric, second-gen MMO; of COURSE they had to split the two game types. It's the nature of the beast and they can't escape that, short of scrapping WoW and rebuilding from the ground up (don't hold your breath, though I would be keen to see how they'd handle that in this day and age.)

    The catch is designing both player characters and non-player characters with enough basic functionality that the differences between PVE and PVP are largely those of tactical responsiveness, rather than raw numbers and the ability to shut those numbers down with a single button press; mobs don't care about being stunlocked repeatedly, but it makes a fight with another player quite one-sided. It's a race to deal enough damage to win, and the ability to stop another player from playing, much less dealing damage, is how you win. The only way to fix that is to stop falling into the same formulas that create such a game and rethink the concept from the ground up.
  13. Krhys

    Krhys Player One

    Here's my thoughts on the matter:

    A wise man once said: failing to prepare is only preparation to fail. And choosing the wrong tool for the job means just that.

    Below are some ideas on weaponry I would love to see for the Omniframe(s), some are old, some new but all worthy of their place in wreaking havoc upon the enemy:

    Handheld, projectile based:

    Heavy Machine Gun – a 7.62mm heavy machine gun. Frame assisted, this standard weapon can be fired with the same accuracy as a 5.56mm rifle in the hands of your usual infantryman, only a bigger round equals more damage. Numerous ammunition types can be used on this weapon.

    Combat Shotgun
    – another favourite, devastates at close range and can affect a group of tightly packed targets at once. Possible upgrades include a side by side, double-barrelled version (aka, The Mule) for some serious group pwnage.

    Sniper Rifle – you all know the score with this one, low RoF, high dmg and devastating headshot kill power. Numerous ammunition types can be used on this weapon.

    Submachine Gun – the lightest handheld weapon, it is by no means a popgun. Armour piercing rounds give it some serious dmg output at closer ranges. Numerous ammunition types can be used on this weapon.

    Anti-material Rifle – a devastating weapon, fires shaped charges which liquefy as they exit the barrel, causing extreme damage at close ranges. Scoped, this weapon can punch holes through modern armour with amazing accuracy. Slow to fire as the barrel needs to be cooled between shots.

    Burst Cannon – fires a three round burst into the enemy. Has minimal recoil to enhance accuracy. Numerous ammunition types can be used on this weapon.

    Flame Thrower - useful for very close range encounters, the flamethrower can damage multiple targets in one blast. Being directly hooked up to the promethium fuel tanks means that there is no reload times involved. Comes fitted with a choke, which can be opened or closed to change the range and concentration of the flame.

    Assault Rifle – a lighter, shorter barrelled version of the heavy machine gun but makes up for its lack of range and dmg with an underslung grenade launcher for some AoE damage. Numerous ammunition types can be used on this weapon.

    Ripper - fires off spinning titanium discs with sharp, serrated edges. The discs cause sudstantial kinetic damage to exposed flesh but struggles against armour, however they can bounce off objects and damage multiple targets in tight corridors. While a disc is waiting to be fired, its edges are exposed and the weapon can be used as an effective melee weapon when enemies get too close and ammunition is low.

    Nanobot Rifle - fires a large, bullet shaped projectile that contains a canister bearing a small concentration of nanobots. The nanobots have been programmed to perform two roles; when they are fired into an enemy they literally eat away large amounts of their armour (followed by the body inside) while hampering their armour's ability to regenerate for a short duration. However, on contact with a friendly suit, the nanobots will repair some of that user's armour points.

    Handheld, energy based:

    Tesla Rifle - discharges differing power levels of electricity directly into targets. While the high power discharge does not affect armour, it bypasses it completely, directly damaging the organic tissue inside. The lower power discharge pumps power into friendly suits, boosting their energy. When used on enemy turrets, the lower power discharge neutralises its circuitry, rendering it inoperable for a few seconds, while targeting friendly turrets will boost their circuits, improving their tracking speed and rate of fire.

    Photon Blaster - a later generation energy weapon, fires concentrated balls of highly charged photons. Although these rounds are not the most damaging to modern armour, the weapon fires them at such a high rate of fire, sustained hits on a target will quickly take it down. The weapon is prone to overheating though and excess heat energy will need to be vented regularly during repeated use.

    Shock Rifle - designed as a precision weapon out to longer ranges than the Anti-material Rifle and delivers a violent stream of charged ions into targets, causing substantial thermal damage to both armour and flesh. It is also highly effective when fired at shields. Suffers from a slow rate of fire as each charge needs to be built up before being released.

    Starfire – a very light laser rifle that does minimal damage but the shot can be charged up before release to increase dmg output.

    Frame-mounted, projectile based:

    Rail Rifle - an extremely powerful weapon, projecting magnetically accelerated tungsten steel fleches at speeds unmatched by chemically propelled equivalents. The rails do take time to charge up between shots so the rifle is best employed at range and against slow moving, heavily armoured targets. The fleche travels so fast, it can pass through multiple targets.

    Silkworm - a micro-missile launcher that fires explosive projectiles out to long ranges. The missiles explode on impact, not only causing substantial damage to any targets struck but all enemies within a small radius of the detonation.

    Mortar - a mini artillery cannon, the back-mounted Mortar is used in providing indirect fire support for teams of allied troops. A predicted aiming arc on the HID is switched on before firing, allowing the user to adjust the round’s trajectory before firing. Can lob high explosive shells over objects.

    Heavy Repeater - normally found on the sides of attack vessels, this huge gun fires massive tungsten steel alloy bullets out to good ranges, which cause horrendous damage to targets. While it is quite slow firing compared to other projectile weapons due to all of the heavy machinery involved, anything caught in the bullet's path will end up with large holes through it. The rounds fired are also caseless, which means that several bullets can be lined up in the barrel and fired at the same time.

    Mine Launcher - an automatic loading mine launcher fed by a large drum magazine. The mines are designed to adhere to any surface and when detonated, cause damage to all targets caught in the blast radius.

    Frame-mounted, energy based:

    Industrial Laser Cutter - originally designed as a heavy construction tool, the industrial laser cutter has been tailored as a military weapon. After a short charge up time, it projects a high intensity laser beam out to a short range, which can cut through spacecraft hulls. All the user has to do is keep the beam on the target. Requires a large amount of power to run and is prone to rapid overheating. Has a secondary fire role, which emits less powerful pulses of laser energy, reducing heat build up as well as extending the range of the laser.

    Death Ray - the aptly named Death Ray is a highly specialised emitter that creates a stream of high energy neutron particles, causing substantial damage to enemy targets at long ranges. When scoped, the weapon takes time to charge up the particles for release and when fired un-scoped, will emit smaller bursts of particles, making the weapon useful at both close and far ranges. The beam emission is so powerful, it can pass through and damage multiple targets.

    Plasma Caster - one of the most devastating energy weapons in use, the weapon barrel projects a tight graviton field to hold the plasma round while it is being generated, then ejects it at high speed. The weight of the plasma round causes it to drop during flight, as well as reducing the weapon's range compared to chemically projected rounds. It is a dual role weapon, either firing out a small plasma ball to maximum range or lobbing a large cluster of plasma balls closer to the user. Both types of round explode on impact, causing additional splash damage to any close targets. While there is a substantial build-up of heat within the weapon system, this is compensated somewhat by its slow rate of fire.
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  14. Pandagnome

    Pandagnome Well-Known Member Happy Kaiju

    I would like to see more selections of non lethal weapons/utilities for stunning, slowing and incap say if there was a target that needed to be interrogated or someone mind controlled your allies and needed to retrieve something back from them without killing etc etc etc

    * Caltrops/sticky foam for slowing down target(s)
    * microwave gun heats up target could even over heat internals of mech
    * pulsed energy projectile plasma wave that stuns the target and knocks them off their feet
    * Jammer - interferes with comms/gps
    * Smoke screen - unable to see for a short duration for get away
    * psychochemical weaponary designed to have a disorienting effect when used during combat or interrogation
    * Sleep gas -zzzZZz
    * Hacker kit - depending on what lvl can hack and take over things e.g. sentry guns, open doors/hatches and even cameras
    * non-lethal mines to make targets fly or disarm
    * virus biological/synthetic depending on the target causes involuntary movements and confusion !

  15. Naku

    Naku Deepscanner

    Well as Dread main from FF as long as i get soem nice minigun-liek wepon i'll be happy.

    I actualy liked FF HMG, especialy when they enabel;d to use alt-fire shield while firing.

    Other wepons i woudl liek to see:
    - shotguns(close no.2 on my favorite list)
    - Flamethowers (i really liked 1.6 FC primary with it alt-fire shooting nonignited fuel.)
    - Something simialr to HPMG - basicly HMG but with much lowe rof, much higher dmg per bullet and (optional) some splash. So more auto-cannon, than machen gun.
    - some melee wepons - since from what w saw heavy frame will have shield, hammers are basicly mandatory at this point ;p
    - shoulder-mounted rocket launchers.

    Also i like ideao of makign energy wepons not using ammo but energy from our frame.
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  16. Bandana

    Bandana New Member

    Kana Reward Weapons :)
    Have your usual run-of-the-mill weapons and then introduce some legandary ones from raids.
  17. I loved using the Bio-needler because of its dual use. Rapidly fire accurate shots from range or use the shotgun blast in close quarters.
  18. NoahDVS

    NoahDVS Deepscanner

    I'm not sure I'd want anything to be exactly the same. It's not that I think it shouldn't be the same, but that I'd be open to new ideas. I really think the developers should follow their own vision rather than try to fit in weapons from an older game.
    I would like to see some weapons with similarities though.
  19. HighCaliber

    HighCaliber Member

    I liked most of the weapons in firefall. I'd be happy to just about all of them brought to Ember.
  20. Kerberos

    Kerberos New Member

    So, I was a Medic in Firefall. I liked the Medic Guns, but the Recluse's was my personal favourite. However, I would absolutely not like to see it's old 1.3 incarnation back. As annoying as the last incarnation was(less accurate when using ADS), it was far better than the old "spam RMB" gun the Recluse used to have.

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