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One a scale of 10 to 10, how awesome would you say the THMPR doing a divekick in game would be?

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  1. Terricon4

    Terricon4 Active Member

    Ah, so that's the model that someone else made. Couldn't find it when I did a quick search. He's clearly spent much more time on his models than I had, would be interesting to try and rig and animate too.

    Poly count is WAY higher though so I wonder how it'd handle in engine. Curious what it would be once the chains are removed/replaced with opacity mapped planes, along with some of those spikes on the body and other parts. Doubt he'd want to pass off a model he's worked on but I could ask him. More so makes me want to stop and really spend some time on the models for my own... but given my current time/range of focuses I doubt that'll happen with much beside the buildings/omniframe at this point.
  2. Nunaden

    Nunaden Well-Known Member

    well, it can be that he would give a copy to you, as far as i know him he's a great guy, so let's hope he will give you a copy or even will help you with some models. ('cause if i was so good like him, i would absolutely do it.)
  3. Terricon4

    Terricon4 Active Member

    I feel like this goes more in this thread than any of the others, but it's not a perfect fit either so... eh.

    While continuously jumping around from one thing to another trying to learn the basics of various parts of the current unreal engine, and also just good old building stuff, I have spent a fair bit of time away from the THMPR and the Kaiju that it was fighting. Still have some of their fighting animations and stuff that I don't think I ever got around to showing that I finished before having started on my next project series. Oh well, sort of getting back to the THMPR and Kaiju now since I'm messing around with AI at the moment. I am currently thinking of making a little level with constantly spawning baby kaijus charging in after a mining THMPR, that will mine if no enemies are around it at that moment. The enemies will by default target the THMPR, but can be agroed by the player as long as you keep attacking them. I will also likely have a dropship hovering nearby with a turret pod firing on the kaijus and helping to kill them (probably doing most of the work actually, I plan to make it have very big AOE clusterf*ck attacks with like 50 submunitions going off at once if I can manage). Maybe also some AI omniframes that follow the player or the THMPR and shoot at kaijus... idk.

    Either way, vague idea, that may never actually see the light of day but that's just what I was thinking I might do while working on stuff tonight. Did a lot of looser messing around to learn some different bits of stuff, didn't really do any polish or refining on anything though, but here's a clip of the kaijus chasing after me... and me having to stand there and play like an idiot because they can't keep up with me atm, and they can't track flying enemies yet.
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